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  1. There are a LOT of people in sl that would fit this description, far more than I had once imagined there would be (outside of those you might expect to find because you know their purpose is to remain within a smaller scope of sl, that is). More often than not, they don't realize how small their bubble really is. Sometimes their experience is so limited that it forces a smaller bubble than they're willing to realize (distinction there is important) too. I run into people like this a lot more than I used to. Mostly they're people that get the vast majority of their information from group chats and specific sims or people (small scope of sl, really) and they think it represents the whole of things, when it, in fact, doesn't. Some of them are pretty cool people, despite their limited experience/knowledge, actually quite a few of them are, super nice people even. Some of them, are not, but I have come to realize over the years that a huge part of why they're not is because they're so self-limiting, while being insistent that they're not. That whole social/self awareness thing can be a huge hindrance for people that don't, or worse won't, realize they lack it. It's pretty neat when you see someone finally break out of their bubble, and that awareness opens up a whole new vast world for them, though It doesn't happen nearly as often as it should, but I've seen more than a handful of people manage it, and it's like sl becomes anew for them. It's awesome spending time with people like that, because then you get to explore new (to them) ideas, places, experiences. I like that kind of stuff, or perhaps I'm just amused and entertained easily, that's always a possibility too.
  2. See, this is the problem.... NO many don't actually think that at all. I certainly don't, and I doubt anyone on the forums actually does. The vast majority of tinies are not in human form at all, and NO dinkies are. So, no, that's really you just projecting, and although I'm not sure why, I do hope someday you realize that everyone around you isn't so stupid that we need this explained constantly, lol. I think this might be part of why you get what seems like crabby responses from people, because you harp on this issue a lot and constantly have this need to explain to everyone what a dinkie or a tiny is. I get that you love being a dinkie and I really do love that you love being one and love the community. I am glad you have this awesome experience and love sharing it with others. But people aren't idiots, so treating us, even in word alone, all like we are and that none of us knows what one is, or what a tiny is, can often be seen in a very negative light when it happens over and over again. I have seen people try to explain this quite subtly, even not so subtly but in a very kind way, but it doesn't seem to register. I'm not trying to make that sounds like I'm denigrating you, but maybe you can see it from others' perspective someday, especially once you're feeling better, and it'll make more sense I absolutely do not have a halo, and feel I am far more flawed than most people posting here. I think you're seeing slights against you from everyone because you're not feeling well, or having a bad experience with someone else so you're painting literally everyone with the same brush, even people that agree with you. I do judge some things some people say harshly, the same as pretty much anyone else here does. I can absolutely admit that and would never deny it. Some commentary deserves harsh judgment. There are very few PEOPLE I would judge harshly, but some commentary, absolutely. There aren't many folks on the forums that can say they don't, and be truthful about it. As for the rest, it's irrelevant to me, really, not my business, and I didn't comment on ANY of it, nor would I. I still hope you're feeling better soon.
  3. I loathe most inworld shopping, so when I do it, it's with a specific purpose in mind. An enormous amount of my actual purchases are made on MP and yes for many merchants that is very much their primary source of revenue. Some folks prefer purchasing on MP because it gives them the option of leaving a review (those folks may be fewer and far between, but they do exist). I like it because I don't have to wander all over some place to find something specific (forced landing point, widespread store, etc.. etc..). Even many occasions when I go inworld to look at something, I may still very well purchase it on MP, especially if I am looking at multiple items from different sellers to find what I want. I can see it inworld, but might tp out somewhere else if I find another merchant selling it. To ultimately make my purchase, going home is the more sensible option, since I can then rez/use it immediately. Then there's also the enormous amount of items I buy that aren't available inworld at all, lol.
  4. Yeah I look at their descriptions and such too paying little to no attention to traffic numbers, because I know what sorts of things can inflate them, and how. I'm more interested in WHAT is there, really. But, that's just my approach.
  5. I didn't say they don't add value to SL overall, they very much do. I enjoyed them quite a bit myself, I know how valuable they can be. What I said is they have the same effect on the traffic of the location as unmanned avs do (which also includes avs often called bots but not actually slated as registered bots). In that regard they have the same effect on traffic....not value for sl, but traffic numbers. So if one breaks it, they both do.
  6. Nearly everyone I know does indeed use search in this manner. Everyone I help find things, uses search this way. Every new person I encounter that is searching for something or asks for search assistance uses search this way as well. When I want to search something, commercially or simply to visit, I too, use search this way. I suspect there's probably a lot more of us that do than don't (those that use legacy search anyway). In fact, I don't use classified for anything and don't know anyone that does. (I know those folks exist, I just don't know them )
  7. The results of the product is the same as someone having a bunch of avs (unmanned, whether slated as bots in the legal sense, or not) parked on the sim. Most of the people that use his product, and similar products (there's a whole bunch of them, really, lol) are not at these locations to patronize the locations typical wares. They are there, solely for personal gain. That is why he advertises his product as a means for increasing traffic, because it DOES inflate traffic (most of the time it can take about an hour or so to fish a buoy, depending on things like lag, if there's an event, if there's enough funding in it, etc..). Those fisher folks are contributing to traffic in the same manner that any avatar, manned or not, would be. Not all unmanned avs are actually bots, in fact, most aren't, they're just unmanned-which is how so many places get away with using them to increase traffic. I'm not slighting him, or his products, but a duck is a duck, whether it's white or multicolored. Unmanned avs-quite often called bots but not actually registered bots, have the same exact effect on traffic for a location as fisher folks do. Very, very few of the people using his product, the end users (not the location owners) will offer any benefit to the landowner aside from increasing traffic. I'm pretty sure, and he'll correct me if I'm wrong, that this is what Phil is getting at. The end result is the same for both instances...increased traffic. Which is good for the landowner, but that doesn't mean one method is better or worse than the other. 25 unmanned avs standing around and 25 manned fisher folks standing around have the SAME end result. One can't seriously be breaking search without both doing that.
  8. Please stop being, well, whatever this rant was. I speak for no one but myself, unless specifically stated so. I know what a dinkie is, I know what a tiny is. I don't need to be told constantly, no one does, most of us truly are well aware, as evidenced by numerous threads in which they're mentioned. You seem to have this thought process that none of us could possibly know what they are or what you're talking about. I spend half my time in sl as a hamster...ftr. I also know that anyone, that is the person behind the avatar, regardless of the type of avatar they choose to have inworld, can have a very large ego at times (whether they realize it or not). I also know that such egos are rarely becoming on anyone, and attempts to gently point this out are about as successful as trying to nail prepared jello to a tree now, apparently. It was an attempt, albeit it a failed one I don't know if maybe you're not realizing the irony or hypocrisy in your posts or if maybe you're having a bad day because you're not feeling well and things aren't really coming out the way you think they are. But, hopefully your day gets better and you realize the shenanigans in all of these broad brushstrokes and paint flinging going on.
  9. Mine's empty, I haven't forgotten a single person that's not on it
  10. A big ego can exist even on the smallest of creature, and it's rarely becoming on anyone (and this is what I meant about letting some balls just roll....lest you intend to make things worse or be perceived in a light you don't intend).
  11. Oh my I had and have nothing, whatsoever, to do with any of that, and don't particularly care about it either. Nothing I said had anything to do with it. I agree with Rowan, bringing some things up every single chance one gets is rarely ever productive. Sometimes (most of the time) beating a long dead horse is a bad idea. Sometime discussing an issue while it's going on can lead to a better discussion of a problem, but in some cases, it's really, really not productive and can only lead to further distance one's self from the audience which they're trying to address (and make things much worse). It tends to give off a really bad impression too, which, again, will only further complicate things. Some balls are just best left rolling alone til they disappear
  12. rolling eyes I'd use it in a "knock it off, you're being ridiculous" sort of way, far more frequently than I use the reactions now, because it's super fitting for some
  13. Ditto haha though perhaps maybe not for the same reason, I'm particularly fond os this emoji and wish it were one of the reaction buttons. I would definitely use it (and I don't really use the reaction buttons, so that's saying something)
  14. Sometimes people can irritate the crap out of others, even just temporarily, and I think it might fuel some of the responses people see. That whole "I'm fed up with you at this moment, and I need you to know it", effect. Sometimes people find slights in everything someone says, or thinks of everything someone says as a slight against them anyway, and will therefore respond with that frame of mind, no matter who they're talking to, even someone that agrees with them. At that very moment, they allow that frame of mind to cloud every judgment, so the entire world (forum?) becomes an irritant and open platform for argument-senseless or not. Bad days happen, ***** happens, life happens, it affects the way people respond to others, especially somewhere that text (and therefore context, misused/misrepresented, or not) is the only form of communication available. It's easier for most folks to be reactive in text than it is in person, voice, etc... Most of the people that post here, even if I don't agree with them all of the time (or most, in a few cases) definitely don't irritate me. Those that do get me to the point of being irritated by their posts more often than not (even seemingly innocuous posts) don't get responses from me anymore. But I think that has more to do with being more self aware than anything else. If I know someone is irritating the ever loving stuffing out of me, especially with posts that really shouldn't, I punish them by never responding to anything they have to say. They'll never know they've had that effect on me, and I feel vindicated, without doing them or my own self any harm. It's a weird method, but it works (I still reserve the right to respond to people that only irritate me some of the time, on occasion....mostly in equal measure to the irritation they've caused me, but they never really notice, which is also a weird method, but works).
  15. Have fun, create, explore, spend time with friends and sometimes even meeting new people. I also used to spend an enormous amount of time here with hubby when this was the only option we had (well, online in general, really, since we met somewhere else long before we came here). The first question addresses this, but, for all the same purposes. Everything I already answered No, if I did, I wouldn't be here. I have the wisdom to know there is always something else to do, if I actually put in the effort to look for it. Sl is never dull when you make it not so. It's not nearly as difficult to find things to do when you take this approach, or so my experience has told me. There is literally ALWAYs something to do, ALWAYS places open to explore, ALWAYS going to be places I've never been, and ALWAYS people around, somewhere, if that's what I seek. Most things, I'm more than 85% blind, the vast majority of what I do in sl, I can't do in rl. Of course the vast majority of what I do in sl, I don't do right either, lol. I can't drive in rl...well, I CAN, but it's not wise to put a blind person behind the wheel of a real vehicle (or so I've been told). I can't climb Mt. Everest, I can't parachute down from heights unknown, I can't travel to parts of the world I've never seen without the financial means to do so, I can't teleport, I can't fly by pressing a button or jumping in a random aircraft, I can't sail across vast swaths of open waters with or without a boat, I can't golf to save my life, I can't ride the vast majority of amusement park rides, I can't build amazing things with the touch of a few buttons and a tweak here and there....there is a lot more I can do in sl that I can't in rl, than there isn't. I'd love to see them implement an inworld mesh building tool, but, I'm a realist and I know this will never happen, pipe dreams and all that. LL lowering land costs, and increasing incentives to own land (without increasing the cost), is something that could also benefit the whole of sl, allowing even more people to "own land", which could offer more experiences, boost the economy in far, far better ways, allow for more exploration and better use of what we already have without even having to necessarily increase the size of sl (think: make better use of abandoned land which exists 24/7 and largely sits unused...yes, I know, people can appeal to LL to "purchase" it, but that's not what I'm talking about...abandoned land need not exist at all if more people could afford land). We could see more use of homesteads (without the need for a full sim first) too, which would be nice. Have LL actually start to listen to people more, communicate better, hire people that know what they're doing in ALL areas (not just think they know what they're doing), revamp the entire MP properly from the ground up (or perhaps allow some other party to fix what they've messed up royally..MP is a crapshow, really, no matter how much people use it, LL screwedthe pooch when they took it over). If LL stopped trying to nickel and dime people and actually got someone in there who was better versed at how to increase revenue, steadily, without making it nearly as obvious that they are going to milk every last ounce of money out of every aspect of the platform, it would be beneficial for all too. As much as I'd love to see LL remove people who lack both self and social awareness, those folks also play a role in sl, as they do every facet of society, so keeping them around benefits sl as much as it harms it. No matter how difficult some folks seem to make conversing about subjects, how angry they might make people at times or how unaware they are about just how unaware they are (lol), because they fall into this category, we can still learn from them too. Even if sometimes the only thing we learn about them is that some folks will never change, no matter how much they profess to have changed (or not need changing, lol).
  16. As a fisherperson, I can honestly say...no, you really can't interact with most people fishing, because they don't want to interact (and there's really nothing wrong with that) Some do, yes, and you can meet some fantastic people that way, on occasion. But largely, nope, folks want left alone, that's their quiet time, their me time, their down time, or their "I'm busy in IMs or doing something else" time, so interaction is, very much so, unwanted and will largely go not acknowledged. I've rarely ever had to block anyone in all my time on sl, but three of the people I have had to do so, even temporarily, it was because they wouldn't stop pestering me with the idea that all of us there fishing were there for their socialization (wonder where they got that idea? lol) There's nothing wrong with either approach, imo, but I think people need to spend a lot more time with folks that use these kinds of systems, possibly contrary to how they themselves might use them, to actually understand HOW we use them, and not just assume based off something maybe a few people have said or some expectation. We're a small pond here in these forums, among the vast ocean that is the sl grid, as such we represent a minority of sl users. Fisher folks that interact with others regularly while doing so are very much also a small pond, and represent a small minority of users. Some areas, some crowds (group of people, really, some like to fish in groups), you might find more socialization, but largely, it's definitely not present. If you only take into account one area(sim/region) or the group chat, you might think there's a lot more socialization than there really is. There's nothing at all wrong with not socializing while using the products, of course. Just as there's nothing wrong with doing so. But the former is far more likely, because folks tend to be doing their own thing. (That has nothing to do with the system itself, nor is it a slight against said systems in any way. There are a few different systems that work in a similar manner, not just fishing, and all experience the same thing, really, not quite as social as some might think)
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