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  1. I suggest, for anyone running Singularity either on an older PC or simply for the classic interface, that you switch to Cool VL Viewer until the Singularity devs resolve the issues. Yeah you can use one of the nightly builds but those are essentially alpha releases and probably not good to rely on for anything important. Cool VL Viewer is stable, actively maintained (by Henri Beauchamp) and runs very well on underpowered systems. Cool VL Viewer is NOT in the third-party viewer list for reasons that Henri outlines on his website, sldev.free.fr.
  2. I have been told over and over in SL by various friends and acquaintances that are database experts that all of these requests really aren't that hard. It infuriates me that Linden Lab ignores things that have the potential to improve the customer experience exponentially AND increase their own revenues. Improvements to SLM would enhance sales, not subtract from it.
  3. Probably worth reporting to the JIRA as a bug if it's not already there. But in general, SLM search is pretty bad. And don't get me started on stale, useless listings like $1L system bikinis in 200 color ways from the same vendor.
  4. Another thing. If I want to CHANGE the search terms slightly, search starts all over from the TOP instead of there at the DRILL sub-category. Example: maitreya NOT demo Example: maitreya AND slink NOT demo
  5. Right. What happens is if you start with the search terms at the top of category, Marketplace responds as SEARCH - DRILL - RE-SEARCH - DRILL - RE-SEARCH etc. until you get to the desired category. Each "RE-SEARCH" reloads all the new found items. It would be easier and faster (and use less server resources I'd guess) to just do DRILL- DRILL - DRILL - DRILL - SEARCH (once). It's how Amazon and eBay both work. I don't need to be searching ALL Apparel for a bikini when that sub-category is 6 levels down from Apparel.
  6. You guys all missed the point of my original post! You should be able to DRILL down to the subcategory you want AND THEN search from there. Not put in search terms THEN drill. What Dakota stated was incorrect. You cannot DRILL first then search. It always pushes you back to what's in the dropdown box. Read below: Now see what Dakota said and then my reply. Does it make sense now?
  7. Sorry about the late responses here. Didn't see this reply. Anyway, Dakota, as much as I'd LOVE for this to be true it's simply not. Please look at the two screencaps below. The first shows drilling down through Apparel to get to Formal Gowns. I typed the search parameters into the search box. Then I hit enter. Then next screencap shows the results. They have popped back up to the top level main category of Apparel. The SEARCH IN category next to the search bar NEVER changes from whatever top level category you've selected and you can't select a drill-down category from it.
  8. A few things that need to be addressed.... No mention of the use of operators such as AND, NOT and OR. Yes they work. Really all this time and you still can't choose a sub-category FIRST then search in it. You always have to start search from the top category then drill into the sub-categories. Grrr. So when is Linden Lab going to start actively removing phony listings like concealing DEMOs (deliberate misspells such as DAMO or D*E*M*O or D E M O) etc. Marketplace is almost unusable because of this and other listing garbage. And thanks for all the fish.
  9. One can still offer it inworld. If the noise from 1000s of junk and abandoned products drowns out the good ones, they're not being seen anyway. If it costs a merchant even $1L per quarter per item to keep 25 junk red, blue, flowered, pink, whatever system bikinis, they'll be gone. I actually want LL to make money so they'll keep this crazy place alive. While SLRR things are nice, fashion pays the bills.
  10. Let me add a few other ways of doing some of this. Suspend merchants who game search for two weeks. Don't just remove the item. There's no excuse for DEMOs not being listed properly. If you spell it D E M O, you know exactly what you are doing and it's called gaming search. If you don't like my idea about charging monthly for listings, then charge quarterly. Just SOMETHING to get rid of garbage, stale items. Or how about your listing is free for 3 months THEN you charge something for it quarterly? Let's be able to start search from the drill down category and not be forced to start globally. It will save time for the searcher and be less frustrating. Some say it doesn't matter but it does. If you start search globally (maitreya AND vintage AND top), you end up restricting your final drill down to only those with the keyword "Top". If you thrown just Maitreya AND vintage at the top level search, you end up with mega results and now you have to force search at each drill down to refresh everything. It's slow.
  11. Wishlists are nice, favorite sellers are nice but they won't fix a fundamentally broken SLM. Until you have a mechanism for getting rid of unlimited listings of minor variations of a product (like 200 colors of a $5L bikini), ensure that DEMOs are properly identified and can be filtered out (no more D E M O s), can filter Gacha resales and finally allow listings that support color ways (drop down item selection), SLM is just a mad, jumbled mess. I used to be against this idea but the more frustrated I get shopping on SLM, the more I think THIS is needed: CHARGE a very small monthly listing fee for ALL items except $0L items and true DEMOs. Once dead sellers see their accounts slowly leaking $L, it will force them to clean up their outdated junk that no one buys any more.
  12. OK, just to keep the weirdness rolling, here's my latest avatar project. I'm calling it Pink Yakuza Girl.
  13. This is just a general observation on how Linden Lab seems to treat JIRA items. I put in a specific JIRA complaining that the Boolean search did not work any more to exclude DEMO items. So many merchants have figured out that if you list an item as SHIRT_DEMO (concatenate the word DEMO into another word), the search term "NOT demo" no longer functions. So I was a bit surprised when my JIRA got flagged by a Linden as a duplicate and tied to another. Well the other JIRA item is wrong and non-specific to the Demo issue (merchants CAN flag items as DEMO). And it doesn't really address the overall issue of marketplace searches and organization. It's like the surviving JIRA item is vague, incorrect and unhelpful but the ones that got flagged as dupes (which are more specific to the issues) get closed. It's annoying because my item is a bug while the surviving JIRA is a "minor" feature request. Mine: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-134209 Survivor: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3529 It makes me wonder if LL actually understands how their own product works. (I'm guessing no.) OK cue the nit-picking now that my JIRA wasn't any better, didn't help, Lindens got it under control, blah, blah. Anyway, it goes to my point that the Marketplace has become almost unusable. Would be nice to see a meta collection of ways to improve it and actually have Lindens buy into it. (I know, dream on Snick.)
  14. At least you're "of age". Doing the same thing my distance shot shows me as 14. Eeep!
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