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  1. I agree. I'm in the same camp. I have better things to do than to make sure I have given likes and such. I'm busy. I just don't have the time.
  2. I think most of us agree with you Innula. I just wanted to say one post but then make myself clearer on what I meant by my one post. If we all continued posting, it would be just a back and forth like tennis that never, ever ends. I also have work to do, so I am out of the thread now as I don't have time nor the luxury of time for internet "tennis". I knew the poster would not listen to me anyhow, but stuff they were saying the vaccine would do is actually what not taking the vaccine would do and I found that rather ironic. Done. out.
  3. It doesn't matter if people are paid if they'd have to quarantine, it's the fact that it makes the business unstable and possibly lose money and/or even have to attempt to hire temps which is utter chaos. What you propose by not vaccinating is apocalyptical.
  4. Test, quarantine, contain is outdated if and when vaccines are available to you or anyone. Many people in certain areas are vaccinated now and they don't want to quarantine as who would do their job for that long of a quarantine? Quarantines are outdated and people want a stable working life. I do not think you will believe me that what you propose is outdated; however, I just wanted to say that. Your idea above puts people and businesses on a rollercoaster, and it is outdated by vaccines.
  5. Pro-war propaganda or phishing scheme? I'd say phishing schemes. Your best bet is to not click on those as all you will get are more phishers.
  6. I was trying to remember if I was correct about free phones when I was a little girl. I always thought the phone was free when I was a kid. I am mistaken about that then. Greed is prevalent in this world there is no doubt about it. Money is a made up thing where man decided to place a value on just about everything.
  7. I don't know why you would stop playing AM/FM radio as it's free for the listeners not the broadcasters though. The radio stations pays the royalties and all can listen for free. I don't remember water ever being free but I do remember free TV and free phones. I think the cable companies want an absolutely outlandish price for cable TV. And, now we all have to pay for phones too. Radio is free though and mostly paid for by the advertisers. I never pay for radio. Cable and phones pay out the ying and the yang. I never minded free TV and it's commercials which used to pay fo
  8. No, we don't. And, furthermore, if I buy a copy of a movie, the whole world can come to my house and watch the movie. Sorry, topic went off topic. I have not more to say either except I know the whole world, even if it took decades, could watch at my home a copy of a movie I bought or hear music I own. There is no clause that say "if you purchase this, only you can watch it or hear it". There is no such thing.
  9. Yeah, way too much off topic about the Netherland's especially which is neither here nor there really. No DJ in SL is going to ask people coming into a club, are you from the Netherlands because I don't have a special license for you. That's just not gonna happen. But, if you want to continue with this @Alwin Alcott, make your own thread.
  10. Why blather on about blathering? Why not just state your opinion instead? This ^^^^ is just as much off topic as any of the posts about licensing for music in SL. Some are saying because there isn't proper licensing then no payment should be given or that people shouldn't even go.
  11. I do not believe every individual has to have a license. If a club has one stream and license and DJ's have to use that, it's legal. It's like a radio station or even a church, they have several using the stream, not just one. I was told I needed a license most likely because I didn't have a job yet and more or less would have started out as an independent DJ, one not hired by a club with said license already.
  12. What? The license and service do pay royalties. What else is copyright law on the internet in a nutshell besides royalties according to YOU as I don't have time to read threads and such.
  13. Just to further clarify, I was going to be a DJ in SL and studied up on what to do a bit but real life plans changed for me so it ended up not a plan for me. But, I was told I would need to get a license. From the SL Wiki, it does say, one needs to get a license. Remember that streaming copyrighted music across the internet requires a license from your relevant national licensing authority. (It says this in the first paragraph in the SL Wiki below.) http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Streaming_Music
  14. I edited my post above but I'll add another link here too... This is the link on Shoutcast where it says to get a license from Sound Exchange. https://help.shoutcast.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000936894-Where-can-I-find-more-information-about-music-licensing-
  15. There was no live link there in your post. I looked up Shoutcast and I see it says to obtain a license from Sound Exchange. I remember this vaguely because I had wanted to DJ a few years ago and remember reading the Sound Exchange page briefly. I am not a DJ in SL though so I'm not familiar with all the goings on within the music here. https://www.soundexchange.com/ This is Shoutcast's page where it says to get a license from Sound Exchange. https://help.shoutcast.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000936894-Where-can-I-find-more-information-about-music-licensing-
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