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  1. I don't think you did anything wrong. If you look above where it says "five weeks later", "one month later", "two weeks later"...I think people are saying nothing is going to change. It's still the same problem. If it were me in the OP's shoes, I'd still be wondering what the person hoped to accomplish now that we are real life other than to upset me in real life and make what I thought was our loving SL, and how we met, a bad memory now. It's a double whammy. For me, it would be. Again, seriously why say something now...is it because they want a clear conscious or are they trying
  2. I see this is an older thread. I cannot understand why she would tell the OP that? All it's going to do is make waves for the relationship. Also, what was the reason she needed to see other people in SL all the while it seems the OP is saying they had an understood exclusive relationship and/or even a love relationship. She's a wave maker, in my opinion, both in SL and RL. She may lack confidence in herself or it could be many reasons, perhaps she liked attention and money (lindens) from guys. But, I think she shows a lack of maturity for an exclusive relationship just in makin
  3. I saw a bit of irony and then thought not really because SL is not actually going out in RL wearing what we might wear here. Many of us can sit behind keyboards in sleepwear. I currently am all snuggly in my robe. Speaking of sleepwear, it never bothers me to see people in sleepwear and robes and slippers and curlers in the Supermarket. I just figure they may be ill, perhaps fighting a cold, and it's not for me to judge.
  4. They are probably a mixed economy. Most economies are mixed in today's modern world; many simply will not admit, however. As far as the fed funds rate at zero interest, it is somewhat set through 2022, however, the article I read said the money will be tight and only go to it's most prime borrowers, most likely so I don't understand the rest of your post as far as more money/less money. Banks with negative interest most likely will not be able to weather the coronavirus economic fallout. America banks the article said will be barely hanging in there. However, there is no way to
  5. We were posting at the same time, I answered above. We are talking about two different things. I am taking about loan interest rates, you are talking about savings account interest. I don't like this idea of negative interest rates. Having cash in savings accounts is good but all banks could collapse due to the coronavirus. Having no cash in a bank means it has no assets. That doesn't sound like a good plan, it's more like a band-aid for socialist countries. “Negative interest rates sound like fun, but it’s nothing to wish for,” McBride said. “It hasn’t even proven to be
  6. I don't know about that Molly after reading just a brief bit. Yeah, it sounds like fun and all as the article says but... “Negative interest rates sound like fun, but it’s nothing to wish for,” McBride said. “It hasn’t even proven to be effective,” he added. “Parts of Europe have had negative interest rates for seven years and it hasn’t done anything — their economies were reeling then, they’re reeling now.” And even if the federal funds rate, which is what banks charge one another for short-term borrowing, fell below zero, that is not the rate that consumers pay.
  7. I have never heard of that. I will have to read up on it. But in America, we have never had negative interest rates nor have I ever seen interest rates so low as they have been since The Great Recession and banking debacle and now 0% and 0.25% is one word - shocking. The Federal Reserve has never brought its benchmark rate into negative territory and, according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, the central bank is not considering going to negative interest rates now. Experts agree.Jun 10, 2020
  8. Seeeeesh. Come to America and get free money. This figure above is ominous. I see it recently dropped from it's pre-coronavirus low of about 1.75% to free. Of course, that's the banks interest rate...but The Feds won't make much money at free percent interest rate. What an eye opener. Free money.
  9. We needed police reform here. I don't see that as a bad thing. Am I for non-peaceful protesting, no. Nor do we really hold any power how anyone chooses to act. I don't know if your country needs police reform or not.
  10. We brought "that" and somehow forced you to support BLM in the Netherlands by your own people? So, if American's all start wearing green, you all in the Netherlands are going to start wearing green and then blame us for what Netherlanders themselves do by their own decision to wear green?
  11. I've more or less said they'd most likely like to provide selling drugs as a job and jail as housing. And, not only like to, did, are. 99.8% of people in prisons are because of drugs. Provide APPROPRIATE jobs period and get rid of the drugs. But taking appropriate jobs alone, who is going to do that when there are jobs overseas for a penny or a nickel a day plus meals and transport?
  12. You're using a blanket "old as the hills" statement I've heard before too many times called "riding the system". Man, conservative is an understatement. I think you are out of touch with reality and need to widen your view before we could even begin to have a discussion let alone a solution. You are so boxed in and 20th Century.
  13. Nope. That's what you are doing. And, an outdated box at that. Trust me and others, we've heard what you've said for years. It's a blanket statement based on nothing to put other's down and declare some kind of righteousness.
  14. Is this "supposed" people riding the system working in Detroit? I don't think so! I think you imagine an invisible boogeyman plus, hate to say it, have a narrow right-wing "boomer" view that is out of touch with reality.
  15. Who and whom do you suppose is "riding the system"? As Luna said it is harder than hell to get and that is the truth. It could take years.
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