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  1. The internet is a cesspool of ripped off, unauthorized use of digital content, especially YouTube and social media. In regards to these books, they look so professionally done, I'm wondering too if the writer herself might have allowed these. It's a very cute idea and I hope it all gets sorted out. As far as Disney though, what laws changed?
  2. There have been so many changes recently in the world that have brought a lot of stress, so I'm on a bit of a burn-out. I feel it would take me several hours of reading all those links and this thread perhaps to start to understand it and "see it" as to what all is actually going on here but I'm too burned out right now. I wish someone would just spell it out with an A/B/C/D is going to happen. But, whatever happens, I hope it's not "bad". It's been a stressful time since Covid-19.
  3. But, Linden Lab could give us full ownership of our items too then? I think LL really owns all the digital content here and we waive all rights as to how that content is used or abused according to the TOS or something along those lines. I read it as trying to make the digital goods we buy the same as tangible goods we buy in real life.
  4. What does this mean? Does this mean the digital goods we own now we can sell? Say what? “We strongly believe that the future of games and digital property is true ownership; giving players full control over the digital goods they spend time and money acquiring and allowing those goods to retain value in a fair and open marketplace,” said Idan Zuckerman, co-founder of Upland. “This partnership helps us fulfill that true ownership promise.” Available cross-platform via browser or as free, downloadable native apps for iOS and Android, Upland is a virtual layer mapped to real-world addres
  5. I've been trying to catch up here but there are a lot of pages to read. However, I can see LL having a need to acquire those companies, but this new investing team is not a virtual world, so why would it want Second Life in order to have it die? They don't have another virtual world to merge it with. Any further idea why you think these two mentioned investors would want Second Life and, of course, Tilia too? add: When I first heard of a potential buy out, my theory was the Lindens want to retire. It may just be their time to retire.
  6. It was the other way around...plus, you were the one twisting words ridiculously to make your so called perspective. But, knowing Kim, she'll have the last laugh. Kim is like "Hello world, here I am". Open your minds to the fact that there are blacks doing great instead of painting it all one way with a stereotype.
  7. See what I mean about laughing at it. Luna said she isn't but I see she choose the laugh smiley. Whose gonna have the last laugh, probably Kim, if I know her. And, right Beth, Kim is the only black when I've said I lived in a multi-ethnic community. Right, yeah sure.
  8. Oh, good grief. I spoke about my black boyfriend already. I give up.
  9. No, Ceka's post was more balanced and Kim is not the only one who is leading a good life as one of a bunch of nice families. It's not something that needs this put down.
  10. I'm sure Kim knows she's black like I know I'm Polish but we have equal housing, equal jobs...but at the end of the day, we're really all just a bunch of nice families dealing with the ups and downs of life like most in the world do. Kim is gorgeous inside and out and brimming with life. I don't see too much dragging her down. The loss of loved ones is what most of us have to deal with and lean on each other for. I know most Polish presidential candidates would be thought to be secretly communist. I can't change that but I won't let it drag me down either. I just look at tho
  11. I'm not trying to discredit you. I glanced over what you posted because I don't want to go over slavery nor Nazism from WWII either. You keep reading things into things that aren't there but I do challenge you to think outside of your box and celebrate the fact many blacks have a very fulfilling life. It's like this country is going to assume that Polish people are communist. Is that true? No. And, that is because all Polish people are different. Some are communist, some are socialist, some are capitalists, some are mixed. Blacks could have those levels as well. Some have tremendo
  12. Others of us have brought it up that their lives are great but it's laughed at and that is offensive. They are enjoying their lives just like anyone else in this multi-ethnic community. It's a great community. We wouldn't have noticed we were multi-ethnic if you hadn't brought it up. The constantly pointing out our differences isn't going to help. If you keep pointing out a Middle Eastern person, how is that going to help? I have engaged with Middle Easterners all my life, now I need to look at them differently. Our lives in multi-ethnic communities are on a pretty even kneel in our nei
  13. You did present a study to me that was from 80's years ago from the 1940's and I knew it was old, but I was thinking it was from the 1950's perhaps from a perception of television and I said so in my post even before you told me how old it was. I am not dissing anyone, I simply think you do not know nor speak for all blacks nor should they be stigmatized that all there lives are so horrible. There are under-privileged people of all colors in this country but I think you paint black people as all the same and/or it's very old data as you did present me with something I thought was prior
  14. Ditto except in reverse to "your area". This is what I am trying to say. This whole country is not the same. Certain issues will have to be dealt with on a state to state basis but it's still not right to lump all blacks into one category like they are all the same. We are all leading unique and varied lives.
  15. What does this really have to do with today? It's like saying the Poles cannot get over the Nazis because of all they have endured. Well, you know what...we not only could overcome, we did overcome; and, if need arises, we will overcome again. We are all over-comers as this whole planet and especially Eurasia was barbaric. We hopefully aren't barbarians anymore although restitution to certain Native Americans still needs to be done. What good would it do to keep perpetuating things about Nazis that aren't occurring today towards the Poles? In your final paragraph,
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