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  1. I did not mean to imply that exercise is a cure all...I simply mentioned Jack LaLanne because he overcame a mental illness through diet and exercise. Though this seems one of the healthiest things he could have done for bulimia. Perhaps a better word is he managed his bulimia through diet and exercise. Joseph Pilates has helped countless thousands through his mind/body techniques some of which are adapted in today's modern physical therapy. However, I did not mean it as generalized for one and all. There is also the chronic pain sufferer who may have associated depression. Often the two are occurring at the same time and it is not known what came first - the depression or the chronic pain....and some doctors cannot even answer this. This leaves a lot of gray areas in science. What is causing the chemical and hormonal imbalances are a myriad of things that it often takes a whole team to get a patient on the road to regaining a sense of good health. Sorry I do not express myself well. I wish the OP feels better and let your doctor know how you are feeling and what is their best advice.
  2. Yes, it can be addicting as can sex and even SL. It's when something destroys taking care of your day to day needs and/or personal relationships...then perhaps it's an issue.
  3. You have to live your life first for yourself. Though I believe if there is a vaccine that works it should be available to all regardless of income level...but for minors I really can't say what to do if a parent disagrees.
  4. I'll have to ask my own doctor about that. And, it's a chemical and hormonal imbalance. But, I will ask him.
  5. Are you a doctor or a clinician? Because, it is possible to develop any illness at any time in one's life as far as I know. I'm not sure if it's all inborn or not.
  6. Exercise works very well for me too. I was unmotivated at first to do "my homework" because with physical therapy each patient is sent home with exercises they are to do at home and I did my home exercises probably like once or twice because I thought it was bogus and nothing could help me. Then, after yet another course of physical therapy prescribed by my doctor, I began talking to my physical therapist about all aspects of my road to regain the best health possible and I finally decided to just do it and give the exercises my all, and it began to work. I became more active in all aspects of my life and a much happier person overall. Pilates is often taught in classes with a personal instructor and/or you can purchase your own Pilates machine which has in a way a personal instructor talking you through how to do each move and encouraging breathing, etc. on a tape that you play as you are using the machine and it is little to no impact. I know what it's like to not exercise. I couldn't do it for years either until I started talking to my physical therapist and then researching some things on my own about the benefits of exercise. Pilates is low impact and really focuses on flexibility. Just the tight hamstrings many of us have due to lack of stretching can be a cause of terrible pain. There are books to read about Pilates to gain knowledge.
  7. I don't know how to answer all those questions bit by bit via the quote thing. But, I was told by my physical therapist that Joseph Pilates was the inventor of physical therapy because I asked him. I am not stigmatizing medication. I said all people do not need medication. I mentioned pain pills losing their effectiveness because all medications can lose their effectiveness. And, if you read my posts, I said physical injury often leads to depression. Both need treatment for the injured or in chronic pain person. People need to make their own informed decisions about the treatment they want which can involve several things. Per Henrick Ling invented Swedish Massage and gymnastics including balance beam, horse, etc...which is vastly different from the Pilates method and the physical therapy of today. Though massage can be part of modern physical therapy and is covered by insurance, gymnastics...balance beam and other gymnastic type exercises are not. Physical therapy and Pilates are related because both use low to no impact methods. Although the ball for balance is a part of gymnastics, Pilates also encourages balance as does modern day physical therapy and physical therapy can involve time using "a ball". But, through my experience Pilates is more related to modern day physical therapy.
  8. You can believe what you want to believe. Jack LaLanne cured his bulimia through diet and exercise. But, I believe Jack used his positive attitude and his humor along with his family as his most help as I have listened to some of his recordings and he is funny and talks about his wife a lot. Bulimia is considered a mental illness. Jack also started the first work out gyms in the 1930's and are now Bally Total Fitness. As far as the total fitness part I do not believe anything else is encouraged other than a healthy diet. The rest is up to you in regards to not drinking too much caffeine nor eating too much sugar and exercise increase the hormones that help regulate sleep as well. Joseph Pilates works through Pilates alone. Whether he'd recommended things other than a healthy diet is not very likely as Pilates is a "method". Medical doctors prescribe physical therapy every day which is a modified form of the Pilates method because pills have a tendency, especially pain pills, to reach a threashold and are no longer effective. I do not believe nor have I witnessed every depressed person needing medication. That is a misnomer. I just wanted to add that I asked my physical therapist who invented physical therapy. The answer was Joseph Pilates. This is how I began to study about the Pilates Method.
  9. I think Jack LaLanne would think differently on that but Jack would include diet and exercise. But, I think Joseph Pilates would definitely prove you wrong if he were still alive...although Joseph Pilates is still "alive" in many ways. Physical therapy rehabilitation has helped me greatly. I was slow at beginning my rehab and then really worked at it. I don't need pills. Not all people need pills. That's a misnomer. Just wanted to say to the OP...hope you feel better soon! Love, Jan Beth looks confused. Jack LaLanne and Joseph Pilates have both passed away. Jack LaLanne was nearly 100 years old when he passed away. Regarding Jospeh Pilates, his methods are taught world wide even after his death. Pilates involves not only body but mind/body connection which improves both physical and mental health. Pilates can also be used for physical rehab alone and one does not have to go into his mind/body connection aspect. Maybe I can explain a little more. Joseph Pilates is considered the inventor of what is know today as physical therapy. Physical therapy are exercises a person with an injury goes through in hopes of alleviating the pain and gaining strength. A person with an injury can also be depressed due to the fact that an injury can cause a loss - a loss of the things they once were able to do or other losses that occur from a life-changing injury. Thus, with Pilates, both physical and mental health are addressed. Or, one can just choose the physical rehabilitation alone. Jack LaLanne started the first go to work gyms. He was bulimic as a teenager and overcame it with diet and exercise.
  10. There were Yahoo chat rooms? Like what? Do tell. Voodoo Bamboo what exactly is hip-hop? Got a couple of favorite videos to share?
  11. With a teleport, is it kind of like "data processing with a lot of 0's and 1's involved"? Or am I off base and simplifying things too much? Also, is there any resource I can read to understand it more?
  12. That's amazing. Where do the triangles come from? And, who was the first to generate triangles like that in the picture? Do you know? I wonder how somebody came up with this idea. I knew it involved math somehow too but wasn't quite sure what the math was doing exactly. The teleporting amazes me. But, from what I understand of what you said below about teleporting...it's computers relating to the viewer and a mathematical sim number to make placement of the avatar? Is that somewhat correct?
  13. Aside from textures, what are avatars made of? For instance, take all the textures off and just have a gray form and explain to me what it is made of please. Next, how does an avatar move (teleport) from place to place? What is moving the avatar? And, by move...I don't mean the animations...I mean teleporting. These questions are coming from a non-Geek so simplifying would be helpful if possible. Thank you. Love, Jan
  14. Okay...I'm reading and listening, but our items can be pulled if it's stolen goods...so it's a mess and I need to sleep on it and read some more tomorrow. It is making a little leary of making purchases right now until I have further information. Disclosure: I resell Gacha once in a great while. I am not currently selling any now and am nearly cleaned out from my last sales but I still have items I'd like to keep and those are my Gacha items and not for re-sale.
  15. Yes, this is complicated to understand. Just look at all those sub-links in my post above. Who has time to read all that? FROM WHAT I AM READING FROM THE EULA for DAZ3d is there are different kinds of "content" Content refers to that which DAZ3d creates. However, PA refers to items created by third-party published artists or libraries. From what I read of DAZ3d's EULA, the content cannot be used but with other's (I gather it's the third-party PA's) there are exceptions if you receive permission to use them. But, again, when reading below 'content' is one thing, PA is another thing. And, this is very confusing and really something that should be talked about in secret and not brought to the forum because it is a private matter between one DMCA holder and another, and I don't think SL users should make sweeping accusations such as those brought up in this thread. It is very disruptive to the community who can do nothing about someone who has a DMCA claim. That needs to go to court from my understanding. Because I really do not want someone saying to me "have fun" and then pulling the rug out from under me and taking my items I purchased. laws and treaties. DAZ and its library licensors retain all rights in, title to, and ownership of the DAZ Content. The applicable third-party published artists and their library licensors retain all rights in, title to, and ownership of the PA Content. DAZ gives no rights or warranties with regard to the use of any objects, names, trademarks, service marks, or works of authorship depicted in any Content and User is solely responsible for separately obtaining all such necessary rights or consents that may be required for any particular use of objects, names, trademarks, service marks or works of authorship.
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