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  1. If you don't have the tools for animations (such as mocap gear, even software), I would probably leave that area as your last area of interest. As such tools will be necessary to really get into that market. It may not be as easy of a market to get into as some might think, so, I would personally leave that one for when you have the resources to really dedicate to it. Scripting is a really good area to get into, but it depends entirely upon what it is you're scripting. It can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. It can also lead to a lot of collaboration which can help bring people who are relatively new to having an "sl business" as it were, together with those who have an established (newly or otherwise) business. The mutual relationship between them can be pretty profitable. So the question you really need to ask yourself in this area is what, specifically, do you want to script? (btw, the scripting forum here is fantastic for getting information, I highly recommend checking it out). Scripts are a higher demand area, dependent on the type of scripts/their purpose, as while many can tinker with them, not nearly as many can create them from scratch (especially complicated ones). As for mesh, that is an area that, provided you have the tools and skills, can be relatively easy for some to get into, yet terribly difficult for others-depending entirely on the desired market. But objects and their textures, regardless of the type of object (wearable or not) are the very backbone of what sl is, how it has come to be what it is, and the vast majority of what people want/are looking for. Objects and their textures, although a very wide and quite saturated market, is the largest market there is for a "creator's skillset", so you could do very well in this area. What you may want to consider is what, precisely, you want to create. Do you want to create full perm things for other creators? Do you want to create end products? Do you want to create textures for others to use? It's not necessarily a matter of going with the one you like best, but rather going with whatever vision it is you have for what you desire to create. Be specific with yourself when you ask "what do I envision myself creating", it'll help tremendously with choosing which area to pursue. That's also the hardest part though, the specificity of it all. You've already narrowed it down somewhat, which is a really good start. Now you need to narrow it down further. Look at each category and determine what it is you would actually do with them....what will you create...what will you offer....what do you WANT to create. Then you can decide which area would feed your creative urges the best. You'll also then have a plan should your initial one not pan out (and prepare for that, it happens sometimes, lol), or even if it does pan out and you decide you want to branch out further.
  2. Shall I introduce you to the pot? Literally everything you post is cynical, everything, lol. You have a much longer history of adding nothing but cynical posts to the forums than I. I'm not sure why you believe otherwise. But, like I said, keep being you. No, really, that's not a reasonable expectation for most folks. My post was clearly aimed at someone concerned about traffic numbers, like the OP. Your post was not concerned with traffic numbers, therefore, not addressed to you. It seems pretty simple to me. I didn't do any of that, try reading it again without your cynical shades on. I actually praised his system, his products, because they've been quite largely successful for a very long time. I don't have to personally like someone. and certainly not all of the time, to be able to recognize the work they've put into something, or be able to contribute to a thread. Not everyone gets their hackles up about something and then forever remains that way. His concern, along with bots, is about traffic. I read through every single reply, not only his, before I even posted. A huge amount of focus was being placed on traffic. I, quite directly, addressed traffic, specifically. Yes, I do commiserate with them, whether or not I have personally experienced it. I can certainly understand why something would be so frustrating. Many, many people are quite capable of doing the same. What an odd thing to get on me about, lmao. I can't explain why they haven't fixed it, no, and neither can you or anyone else, so we're in the same boat on that one, aren't we? I am curious as to how they intend to fix it, like I said, it's problematic for people and has been for some time, so, yes I am curious. How on earth do you know what I imagine? I never once said it wouldn't or couldn't affect me. Just because it hasn't yet, doesn't mean it never will. Like I said, even when people agree with you, you'll argue til you're blue in the face that they don't, lol. Have an awesome day
  3. Did you actually read anything I posted, or possibly consider that my response was actually directed to the OP's inquiry and not your specific problem (which is a grid wide problem for many)? Or does the world still revolve around you and only you in your neck of the woods, so all topics must relate to you personally, lest you make them so? You nearly always assume everyone is addressing you and your issues when most of the time, they aren't, lol. It's really weird and I have yet to actually understand it, not that I have to, of course. Even when people agree with you, you seem hell bent on believing they don't, then arguing about it. I have no clue why. But, I don't have to know why, and you certainly don't have to change, for anyone, including myself. Keep being you I use search constantly, personally, who knows how many times a day I really use it when I'm on, but it's a lot. I wander the grid a lot. I KNOW it's broken, I have never once said it's not broken. I have been adamantly saying it is broken, has been broken, and needs more attention from LL for a very, very, very long time. My post, and nothing within my post, had anything at all to do with your issue with search. Most of the time, when I personally search for something, I actually can find it. But, that is probably because I use a different viewer than you do, which we all already know and I am not in any way judging you for, because you have your reasons for not wanting to use it (it is LL's fault their viewer doesn't work as it should, not the users' fault, not your fault, not my fault, but LL's fault, period). I tend to search places for places, people for people and groups for groups. Sometimes I search for very specific terms, such as a specific name, place, etc.. and sometimes I search for more non-specific stuff, depends on my mood. That's how I personally use search and find things, and unless someone/something/some place isn't listed in search at all, I nearly always find it, or at least I think I do. I have had little issue with it. Despite my own experience, I do know that, overall, search is still very much broken. I understand how much it frustrates other people. I understand how problematic it can be for business owners. I can understand how infuriating, irritating and frustrating it can be, because LL has yet to actually fix it even though they know all of these things. )I need to put that emphasis there because I understand that MY personal experience is not that of others, nor would I ever suggest it is. This is merely MY experience, I know that yours is not the same). I, nor anyone else here on the forums, actually have/has an answer that will please anyone, or even really address the issue. Only LL can fix it, and, clearly, it's not that high of a priority for them. It's one of the areas in which they are severely lacking, especially when it comes to communicating the problem, and communicating with people about the problem. The OP's entire premise was very much about promotion and traffic, not search. Your problem is, while occasionally somewhat related, not the same thing. My post was addressing the OP, not you. (this part is super important....super super important)
  4. I need to preface this with.....no hostility, no grudges, no hate, no denigration, whatever else, intended, just merely facts and information. The main reason people likely believe (whether they are wrong or right in their assumption) you're posting about this, has very little to do with the whole of sl, but rather focuses primarily on your own personal business model. You sell products on the basis of increasing traffic for landowners/renters, and the like. (again, not denigrating your business, it can be a solid business model, please don't get your hackles up about it). Unfortunately, this type of business model relies quite heavily on traffic being far more significant. Traffic has not been significant for a very long time. There is no changing this, LL has made up their mind, has stated countless times why they made up their mind, has discussed how things were going to change, when they changed, and has discussed it ad nauseum since then. Traffic is never going to hold the significance you desire again, because LL does not want it to. One needn't work for LL to know this is a fact, because LL has told us it's a fact. All the wishing and hoping it were not a fact, won't change things. People do still purchase and use your products, they can be helpful for exposure, primarily when coupled with other events/existing businesses and not singularly left out without such, but semi-effective much of the time otherwise as well. Though truth be told, without doing events, and offering more of your products, landowners aren't quite as successful as those that do (which is expected behavior, of course)/ Gimmicks work, both in virtual reality and actual reality, and these are a gimmick like any other, that's not a bad thing, but it is what they are, much like sales, events, etc.. are all gimmicks too. People still do use and purchase other similar products that also boast the selling point of increasing traffic. They do increase temporary traffic to some extent, and certainly exposure (which really should be your primary selling point, to be honest...because it's WAY more important and means far more to the average being than traffic which it seems everyone but you knows, is of no significance), although in varying amounts. What they don't do, at least not very successfully, is increase one's standing in search because traffic plays little to no role in that these days and hasn't, as I mentioned above, for quite a long time. This goes doubly so for the broken search some folks seem hell bent on using. They also don't increase overall traffic, for the very same reason. The only time most people pay attention to actual traffic numbers next to their search queries is when using the legacy search and specifically sorting via traffic number (one can surmise they may think higher traffic increases likelihood that people might be present). Still, those numbers don't always, or even usually, mean what people think they do. I can search for rock club right now, find a whole lot of places that have high(er) traffic numbers, that are actually empty or mostly empty much of the day and night. One 2-4 hour event will increase their traffic number quite significantly if numerous people are there for, we'll say an hour or more each. That doesn't mean the overall general traffic of that place is high, it just means it was for X amount of time, and Y number of people helped get those numbers there. BUt, again, most folks don't use even the legacy search in this manner, so traffic numbers will mean very little to them. This is what people are trying to explain to you...what you want traffic numbers to mean, isn't what LL wants them to mean, nor is it what LL has set them up to mean. If they did mean what you wanted them to mean, selling your products on the basis of increasing traffic would be quite truthful, and also even far more successful endeavor then you've already got on your hands (which, is, as I said before, already quite successful). As it stands, however, because traffic isn't as significant as you want it to be, or think it should be, the increase traffic line is, while still truthful, a bit of a stretch. If you instead focus on the exposure (which is not actually the same thing as traffic) your products can give, you can stop all this worrying about traffic significance which LL has stated numerous times is never going to change. LL is, after all, the ultimate authority and while they may be piss poor at doing plenty of things, I'm a firm believe that they probably know more about how they should handle traffic than you do, given that you didn't even know traffic significance changed over a decade ago, lol.
  5. Wow, you really do have a huge ego don't you? Can't admit when you're wrong at all, can you? I have told you, now twice, that I also own the coin hunt and fish buoys, and have for years, and THAT money is what was wiped clean. I don't really give a ***** about any money that was on my rod, lol. Actually, February of 2017 is when I got the landowner supplies and began investing in your product. So, clearly, your records, and ability to check them, still sucks butt. Ok, I'm done with you and this load of horse manure. You really are a piece of something I can't say on the forums. Adios.
  6. I have actually had the very painful experience of dealing with a rl company that had a data breach. I wouldn't wish it on anyone else either. That's part of how I know you handled it poorly, and why I think your continued action of brushing off the effect it had on others because you are now currently back whole, is also a poor way of dealing with it. Check your damn system again buddy, because I am, very much, in it. Nice try at deflecting the real issue, but now I know you're simply full of your own crap and nothing more. Wow you are......something else, let me just say. I tell you that my account was wiped of all funds, and you come back with..."I don't think you were ever even in my system". Yeah, you sure do know what you're doing there buddy. I own both fishing and coin hunt items...so, your system is more messed up than you think if you don't have those records, and I have had them for YEARS. I used the product as a simple consumer, coin hunter and fished, before I joined as a landowner. I invested quite a lot of money into your system, actually. I don't have much hope for your future ventures anymore, and I don't wish you luck with them either. Have a fantastic evening.
  7. Lmao, oh dear, no one could possibly confuse me for anyone else. Well, they could, but probably not a smart idea, lol. I'm an odd duck. There aren't many of us on these forums that type up entire books for most of our responses, either. Plus, my typos are damn hilarious, and I rarely ever fix them. Most people probably care a lot more about those typos than me. I'm blind as a bat and dgaf about them
  8. I have no idea what the hell that means, lol. If you're asking if that's my name, it's not.
  9. Man, I hate when people outright lie.....sigh. You're probably not going to like this post. But since I refuse to fuel your system with any more of my money on the off chance that you won't know what to do if something goes awry again (and it probably will, ***** happens), I don't much care if you do or don't. Super long, but you're into super long diatribes full of verbose drivel, so.... (feel free to ignore my drivel folks, it's a doozy, as per usual) Not true, I know a lot of folks that complained, and have since stopped using the product because of the poor way it was handled. Ftr, I am both a user (collector, fisherperson) and supporter (ie, investor, by providing a space for others to use your products, from which most, except you, won't see much benefit other than traffic, the entire purpose of course) of your systems, and also quite friendly with a lot of folks who also fit into both categories, so, before you assume I'm talking out of my rear and know nothing about it..don't do that. A lot of people lost a lot that was invested in the system. A lot of people complained. Most were never made whole, please don't act like they were. Even through it all, few blamed you personally, and why would they, because they understand these kinds of things can happen to ANYONE. What you were blamed for, and people ultimately shushed for, was the piss poor handling of the whole thing and the way you're treating others' losses, while having not actually lost a dime that people invested, yourself. All payments people made go to you immediately, you didn't lose that. People lost money they paid for your products and things to use with your products when the system seemingly "wiped information out due to a hack". Yes, you comparing it to Pearl Harbor was absolutely disgusting, a horrid comparison and you really are being daft about that, which is where the socially inept opinion people have of you comes into play, I believe...please stop. You don't have to care about what others think of you, but you should care when the reasons for why they think the things they do are because you're being careless (that's the nicest way I can put this) with your thoughts, words, and actions. You and those you employ as your CSRs are the only ones that believe this line, none of us do, lol, even people that do still support you and will for a very long time don't believe this. They simply enjoy the product, at times at least, lol. Many of us who left have chosen not to continue using your products because of the issue and because the money we had placed in these products, both dormant and active products (in the case of dormant, it should remain on our account within your system, but did not, and you know it, it didn't just disappear though, it went right into YOUR account the moment we paid it, so, that part was not "hacked") was deemed "lost". Some of the new landowners you have aren't actually new at all, they're landowners that have owned your product for a long time and have either allowed them to go dormant (not funding them, or taking them into inventory for varying amounts of time) or moved the product to a different location. This happens all the time with not only your products, but all of the similar systems as well. It's pretty common knowledge. That doesn't make us new landowners, it simply extends our relationship with you, as the sole business owner. No, it's because people were counting on you to restore those immaculate records you have always claimed to have to return the money we/they were rightfully owed by placing it in your system, linked to our accounts. Most of them have never been made whole, so please don't pretend they were, and please don't discount their experiences because you want the world to think everything is hunky dory. It's not your fault the system was hacked, but it is your fault that you handled it poorly. You tend to do that, and so do the CSRs you employ at times with the "we're only human" line (this applies when they're being treated unfairly, yes, they should never be treated poorly by anyone, it does not apply when people simply want answers, which folks can't discuss in group chat, you don't allow it, end of), they tend to shut down ANY negativity, ANY questions that question the way this was handled, and ANYTHING that could potentially anger you. Then other folks (friends, perhaps?) join in and gang up on the person daring to ask questions, because, god forbid, they want answers. That mob mentality is real whether people want it to be or not, it is. We can only all assume it's because you're a lot more negative than you want people to believe and those folks know how you'll respond if you get cranky (and who wouldn't be cranky after dealing with a hack, but it's not the community's fault and you all need to realize what the community lost too, not just your own wallet, which only served to benefit from all the lost funding players and landowners basically handed over to you with no return). It's a risk to invest in a product like you offer, everyone understands this, but that doesn't mean treating the community like the risk is irrelevant to you because "things happen", is a wise move, especially if you're going to try and push some new idea like you know what you're doing. You're trying to build the faith people have in you and your ideas, and you're doing a very bad job of that by blowing off the negative attributes of existing business ventures. That's not true and you know it. Almost every linden I had in dormant products and my account is gone and I have no way of even figuring out what the entire amount is anymore, even though that used to be possible, which is why I've personally washed my hands of your products for good and decided to simply eat the loss. I'm a small potato in the grand scheme, but I'm definitely not in the minority when it comes to an almost complete lost investment. I have seen this happen to quite a few landowners, both small and large amounts, I have witnessed them get shut down by mentioning their losses, I have seen them get berated and told, well, the same shpeal you're spitting out here, lol. This is why I have no faith in any idea you propose which involves others investing in your ideas. You don't really value the investments others make as much as your words try to say otherwise. You don't take it as seriously as you should. Let's not pretend you haven't made a mint on your products here. I mean, we all know you have, and honestly, good on you for it, really. That was a lot of hard work and you deserve to be paid for that hard work, obviously. You should be proud that it has been as successful as it's been and made you a pretty decent chunk of change. Not many can make that same claim, it's definitely worth being proud of yourself for it. But, with that pretty big chunk of change comes a decent amount of responsibility too, and you lack it, entirely, when things don't quite go right. You're not ready to create a new product, or propose a new idea, much less ask others to help you raise capital, until you can do much better with what you've got and make good on promises already made That's a crock of poop and a half. Many other creators who also relied heavily on using avatar names versus UUID do not charge anything to make changes for people, no matter how much of a pain in the rear it would be. LL's name change charge has nothing to do with you updating your databases and code to work with a name change that you were well informed was coming. You knew you were using a method that soon would be obsolete, knew just how many users you had and could easily surmise that if even a small percentage chose to change their names you'd be in for some work, but didn't want to put the effort in to change it. It's okay to admit that, you know. You don't have to make things up. You could've fixed the issue preemptively for everyone across the board well over a year ago in less than one day, and not tried to turn it into yet another means to make more money off people. Sure it might've taken some thinking on your part to figure out exactly how to work the new handling of accounts in your system, but it's not an impossible task. One would think having to go in and individually make the change on repeat for the...however many years sl exists...would be a lot more tedious than going in once and doing it for good. You're not a bad person, fyr, I don't hate, I don't dislike, I don't offer constructive, albeit it maybe not the most pleasant, criticism just to be a jerk. I just know my experience is definitely not a singular event, and there are a lot more people out a lot more money than you're letting on. You're trying to make it seem like it was less of a problem for people, and it really wasn't. I'm not sure if people realize how much money others put into these systems, or how much was really lost (and how could they?) It sucks that someone hacked the system, not only once, but then again once they did it successfully the first time. It's tremendously difficult to deal with such issues, especially when you have a very large community of people that you are going to hold you accountable. I don't blame you one bit for that issue, it's not your fault that ***** happens. I just don't like the way you've handled it and by pushing this new idea with the repeated mentions of raising capital and investing in all of your posts, I thought it prudent to point out that you already have difficulty handling investments made by people. Should something go awry again (and I do hope it never does) will it be handled as poorly? One can only surmise that it very well might, no matter how prepared you are, because you don't take to heart what people say, and you really haven't learned anything from any of this. Best of luck on whatever ventures you seek in the future, but personally, I dope LL nixes whatever idea you've proposed until you get a much better handle on your current ventures.
  10. I don't usually like discussions like this (and don't like this one either, actually) because the word organic always gets thrown into them. One thing that all discussions about sustainable living/eating have in common is that the general public doesn't seem to understand what the word organic actually means, or at least they can't come to a consensus on it. In fact, it has more definitions than it does letters, or at least that's been my experience with people discussing it. People seem to believe that organic means that no chemicals were used, no pesticides were used and that the creation/production/harvest/delivery/storage, etc.. of said products is somehow less taxing on the environment and/or humanity, among other things. None of those things is actually true on global or even widespread scale. Some of them might be true of some things, sometimes, but none of them are true all the time for all things, or even most. In fact, "organic" produce and meat (for example) can actually be even MORE taxing on the environment, contain MORE chemicals and pesticides (just a different variety), and often cost far, far more in resources (and money to the consumer). Organic foods do not improve sustainability in the way people think they do, at least, not the vast majority of things labelled as "organic" (and this goes for products far beyond that which we eat, too). While the processes, chemicals, pesticides, etc.. may differ from that of non-organic, organic is not inherently better, never really has been, and it's only getting worse as more and more products are given the label. It became some weird fad to call everything organic, and brag about eating/buying organic some time ago and it kind of snowballed from there. Now everything has some "organic" counterpart that people seem to think is somehow better, more healthy, lends more to a sustainable lifestyle, and, most of the time, people are wrong. Unless you control every aspect yourself, ie, grow, make, etc.. your own "organic goods", or can somehow get a firsthand experience of seeing the goods you purchase/consume go through all of their processes (or anything remotely like that, ie, knowing who grows your veggies, produces your meat, etc.. etc..)....you really don't have any idea of that "organic" label is as truthful as you think, or means what you think/have been told, anyway. You also won't really know if that product being "organic" actually makes it overall better, at all. It's far more likely that it doesn't. It's one of the weirdest misconceptions I have seen when it comes to sustainability, and yet it's the most common one and people have this weird NEED to hold on to it as if it's a truth. I will never understand it. That's why I don't usually discuss such things, because I usually offend someone by saying "organic doesn't mean better", or something along those lines. As to the OP, if I could live a more self-sustaining lifestyle, I would, including my diet. I limit my junk to only certain junk and I don't over purchase crap that is more resource intensive when I can avoid it, regardless of my desire/like for those things. I do make an effort when possible to support local, but local is rather limiting and definitely not sustainable (ie, it would be more resource intensive both on consumer and planet, than non-local in enough cases) here. I could do better in this regard, I'm sure most people could. If I HAD to do it, it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as some make it seem. Global sustainability versus individual sustainability can be vastly different, though. On a personal level, it would likely be far more costly initially, and take quite a while to truly be consider sustainable, but it's certainly possible given the right circumstances (which aren't present, at the moment). I make a concerted effort to do what I can with what I've got. When I can do better, I will. Until then, I try to keep my footprint as small as possible. I certainly won't pretend I live a very sustainable lifestyle as is, and I won't do things (like pretend organic, or a specific type of dietary habit for that matter, is universally better) to try and make it seem like I do. I do intend to have a really lovely garden again this year, but given where I live, that garden is only so sustainable, or, rather, for so long towards that. I do other things that help a more sustainable lifestyle. I don't buy unnecessary crap, I don't drive which helps a lot with my carbon footprint (more than most people realize), we use until it can't be used anymore(and then we repurpose whenever possible), we take on a barter lifestyle whenever possible (services and/or goods for likewise). I, and by that I also mean my family, do our best to limit the footprint we leave on this planet in the ways where it has the best impact (especially when combined with others' actions), but may not get us the most "popular karma points from people who...."(I probably shouldn't finish that statement, so I won't, but you get my point, lol)
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder In this case, I'm not beholding. There is literally nothing I find breathtaking or beautiful about that pic, the model, the pose, any of it. If you like it, that's awesome, but not everyone is going to agree. Most of what you see there in the pic can be achieved in sl as it is, including poses that work right. The things you can't achieve as easily, you can in at least in photos of sl, which is pretty much what that is...a photo, lol, and nearly any photo of anything in sl can be made to look more realistic by someone with the knowledge and skill to do so. Although most people probably won't see what you do, even if you could achieve that, graphics/systems/etc.. varying as much as they do between people.
  12. Mine likes to go galavanting around the city and countryside in search of new adventures. She's rather fond of swimming, flying, a fantastic bowler, has some of the most amazing cars ever, creates with such finesse the world has never seen before, and is loved by all she encounters. She's a magnificent and adventurous being, exploring every nook, cranny and hole in the wall place within the confines of sl boundaries. She's scaled the tallest mountain, dove into the deepest underwater caverns, ran through every rolling field of wheat while the wind brushed back her silken hair ever so gently, and she never tires. She's also the President of the Northern Chapter of AWAO (Avatars With Absent Owners) having been elected into the position by a unanimous vote back on July 1, 2008. With this position comes great power, and great responsibility. She recruits new members who find themselves lost without direction, meaning, purpose, and she redirects them. She helps them get settled into their new lives, with all the information they need to flourish. She is single handedly responsible for ensuring that all goods and services are free for all AWAO members, while their owners are otherwise occupied. The moment owners are no longer otherwise occupied, the AWAO (nd their personal possessions) fade into a blissful peace and serenity, while awaiting their turn to be emerge from great slumber to once again enjoy the perils and joys sl affords them. Helping new AWAO members understand the intricacies of being an AWAO is one of her most prized responsibilities. She also oversees the International Coalition of AWAO Chapters, in addition to her Northern Chapter duties. She's humble as the day is long and would be as red cheeked as a Geoffroyus if she saw this post.
  13. If you read the "award" that IMVU got from Lifewire, it literally describes everything Sl offers on a much larger, and grander, scale, lol. Even AW (Active Worlds) scored higher than IMVU, lmao. Not much worth bragging about, really, though, they aren't even actual awards, it's just a product review. The link for the "awards" https://www.lifewire.com/best-virtual-world-games-840474 Any company, like IMVU, that has to intentionally advertise that way is only doing so, because they're hurting in some fashion. Likely, they are tired of losing players to other products, so someone suggested some kind of aggressive marketing tactic aimed primarily at people who use SL, which is their biggest (and most successful) competitor. They know most players venture away form IMVU to SL, and seem to think they can stop that, or somehow lure SL residents there, with this tactic. In reality, it'll backfire and make people question them more than desire to join, lol. It's a rather stupid tactic when being used by a company on somewhat shaky ground, as they currently are (lots are, not entirely their fault, but they've offered a subpar product for a long time now). Makes me laugh and feel sorry for the employees of IMVU more than it bothers me. They're trying a wee bit too hard here.
  14. For some of us, it very much does hold a significant amount of gravity. (not that I expect the majority of sl holds the same opinion, of course) The problem with this only arises when people of different sides of that fence try and mingle cohesively. They often end up in a tussle over who's right and who's not on the matter, both quite determined to be the former and not the latter.
  15. No, I didn't misunderstand you. Only part of my post was directed at the part of yours I quoted, I was agreeing with it. The rest was for the OP, lol.
  16. This, right here, is what turns a whole lot of people off from the "family dynamic", in sl. So many people are all "if you mess with one of us...", "if you mess with..." and take it VERY seriously, to the point that they (as a collective, not just individuals, family, if you will) alienate/annoy/irritate/whatever people around them. That. in turn, gives off a horrible impression on other people in sl, of the individuals involved, of the collective, of the "family". That can also lead to some people choosing not to take such a "family" quite as seriously as others do, or simply not have that same connection you think you have with them. MCs have the exact same effect, actually, most "collectives" or "cliques" if you will, do. It's one thing to joke "oh, mess with, such and such..." but not take it too seriously. But, many "families" (and I am using quotes, repeatedly, because this is defined so widely by those involved, it's hard to seriously call them all family, without the quotes, most are just cliques, lol) take it super cereal, and it's ridiculous, to say the least. The fact that you feel like someone has been dropped like the proverbial hot potato so easily tells me that you likely took/take that connection with that person, or the connection they had with someone else(or a group) more seriously than they did. Some people think of "family members" more as friends than REAL family, in fact, I'd say the vast majority of people do. Sure you can have actual feelings, actual emotions, actual connections with people, but those can all fade just as easily as they do in rl for most folks without causing nearly as big of an emotional response. For most people, the connection isn't quite as real, for lack of better terminology on my part, as you might think. I have some very good friends in sl that I also know in rl and have for, well, over 14 years in most cases. Only a few of them are "family" per se', but there is still a connection, a bond, with all of them. No one is knocking your own personal connection with the collective you've determined as your "family", the defensiveness really isn't necessary. Usually, it's only present because there's some truth in what others are saying and you don't want that truth to exist. I can say, with absolute confidence, there are people within your own "family" that don't take it nearly as seriously, or personally, as you do (just as there is in ALL of them, rl, sl, doesn't matter). So this whole "we're not like THAT in our family" spit is just that, spit. Enjoy what you've got, while you've got it. Be grateful you've found what you have. Don't question others and/or their motives, unless you want to be the potato dropped off the back of the truck on the next sharp turn (cuz that's what happens when you start making waves for your general "collective" the way this thread probably will)
  17. Umm.... yes? It resembles a lot of my sl road incidents too! (very well loved, and heavily used, table, lol) But, really, I do actually, lol. This year's back yard project will be largely based on something I've built in sl, specifically so that I could recreate it in rl. Sl makes for a great testing ground.
  18. In no real particular order, actually, only bulleted because I'm being fancy, and stuff uploads (textures, mostly, but other stuff too)-after first using the temp. test to make sure they'll look right so I don't waste money uploading animals, I love them, I own a lot, especially breedables (I do have way more than any reasonable human should including thousands upon thousands from creators/companies that no longer exist, none rezzed atm though) weird things, novelties, stuff I can rip apart to figure out how they work for later re-creation, or re-purposing when/if I have enough, or just need to, cash out to pay rl bills What I don't spend money on...because I don't shop for them clothes hair skins makeup jewelry or other accessories houses ummm, probably most things others spend money on lmao
  19. although, I'm pretty sure this one fits the subject matter a bit better, it's a whole lotta wtf too
  20. No, and how many times do you need people to tell you this wasn't the premise behind the move, even if it could be a potential effect of such a move? And being wrong about some of those things, which were already as bad as they currently are before uplift took place (whether or not it was your personal, or even my personal, experience). Not one single person has ever denied that, quite the opposite, but you missed every single one of those points, hence, kretecake. That was your interpretation, but not the main purpose for moving to the cloud. Making certain things more efficient doesn't necessarily always equate with better overall performance. It's an assumption people made, and apparently still make, when they don't want people talking about the "techie" side of things because they haven't the inclination, ability, desire, whatever have you, to listen or understand that side of things. You don't like that side of things, you've never made any bones about that, but continuing to poo-poo it away won't make the things people have said any less true.
  21. Hmmm, tough call for me. My life is both literally and figuratively at stake (heh, I typed steak, I think I'm hungry) every day when I wake up, in rl. I still prefer to do so, even knowing the risks, though I do try to limit them beyond that point, if only to lower the probability that the dastardly evil doers of the world, in whatever form they possess, don't get the, I presume, charmed pleasure of ending my very existence. If sl were somehow also involved in the master plan to off me, as rl so very much is, I would probably learn how to do a LOT of things way better. Things like driving, parachuting, golfing, hell, even walking. I'd probably stop playing with dragons so much, throwing myself off high objects just to watch me splat, walking into walls just because I'm too discombobulated to walk around them right the first time, using ANY spiral staircases or bridges for that matter, throwing things up in the air and watching them land, swimming in unchartered, probably even chartered, waters...oh so many things. I have developed this amazing skill for being able to do just about everything wrong in sl, most of which would likely lead to my demise if it were possible. Now is this a "if you get hurt in sl, you get hurt in rl too" scenario, or merely "if you die in sl, you die in rl" scenario. That might change my answer a bit. A few bumps and bruises might not kill me, after all.
  22. I have probably used search in more ways than you ever have in sl. You have a primary focus, or primary focuses, for most of your sl-which I am not denigrating in the least. Whereas my sl has no primary focus, which means I use quite a bit of sl, in a lot of different ways, including search to do far more. Neither wrong, or right, better, or wrong, they just are how we use sl. I don't expect that you'll know or understand how the programming, or as you have pointed out numerous times over the years, the geeky/nerdy side of things in sl work. But, plenty of people on these forums DO actually understand it. I don't know why it's so difficult for you to accept that, lol. Again, I already stated that about the map. The land list of names will likely have more to do with a specific location's performance, which can be affected by the uplift (as in, overall loading slower, not that the queries of object owners themselves are difficult or even slower at base function), than the map which should NOT have been affected by the uplift in the same way. The fact that LL can neither pinpoint the actual problem, nor offer an ETA on its fix, even still, indicates to me that there is more to the map issues. But, again, I don't expect you to understand, or even want to understand, the more technical side of things. I just wish you didn't deny they existed even before the uplift and will continue to exist after until LL gets to the root of the actual problems. Simply saying the cloud has caused everything, or made everything worse, is no solution and not even true in many cases. I have no idea what the hell you're talking about here. I didn't mention anything about edit, or an edit window. Maybe you need to go back and read what you quoted. No, it's not a new issue. Deny it all you want, you'll still be wrong on the matter. It's a very old issue and hasn't been made any worse, or any better, by the uplift. The latter is why people take more issue with it now than before, because it was assumed, wrongly or rightly, by some that it would get better. It hasn't gotten better in years, it has nothing to do with the uplift. It's an ongoing issue that's probably going to keep getting worse until LL fixes it.
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