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  1. I'm afraid to get into bakes on mesh after last week's glitchfest at my favorite bar where several people's avatars were smoke for the day because they had bakes on mesh stuff going on.
  2. I've spent about 1000L trying to find socks that work like socks should! I just want some basic socks that are skin-tight, preferably fitmesh, that aren't thigh-high, high-foot, or covered in ribbons. Help me please? I can find plenty of system socks but I need socks just for Maitreya or Belleza.
  3. I resolved my own problem. I had set my camera in front view. Setting it to rear view made me go in the preferred direction again.
  4. I took off the skates and rebooted SL and I'm still having this problem. When I use my moving pad I go the opposite direction that I clicked, for example when I try to move left I go right. This is very difficult and unpleasant. How do I reverse this?
  5. I don't know if they could hear me. I'd been meaning to ask them. But they could hear me last week when I used the mic. Then again, last week I could hear them too.
  6. Thanks. Okay, I specified the speakers as my output device. I'll need to test voice-hearing with a friend later. My audio was otherwise fine last night; I could hear the local sound-effects.. I just couldn't hear my friends
  7. My settings in preferences look fine. What should I look for? I hope the recent update didn't ruin things for me.
  8. People were responding with nothing but jokes and this problem is urgent. I'm sorry for reposting the same problem. I will not duplicate post again.
  9. Last night I attended a get-together where voice was enabled and I was being told that people were talking but all I heard was silence. I have voice set to 100% volume in my audio settings. I would hear a few seconds of the people there talking to eachother upon first logging in or teleporting in but after that all silence. Why can't I hear voices? I hear the music and background sounds just fine but not my friends talking.
  10. Absolutely none of you guys were helpful. Not even a little helpful. I can't hear other people on their mics in sl. I hear the first few seconds and then silence from there on out. I cannot hear voices in sl. Please help me fix this preferably before my friends' next voice get-together.
  11. I personally like malls. It’s a way to find things I may not otherwise have found and sometimes people who can’t afford to have their own land rent a spot in a mall instead.
  12. I like to go exploring in SL and I too have come across empty bars, malls, and cities. It’s quite sad how unpopular this great site has become. Whole malls with nothing for sale, clubs that have been abandoned for years, entire communities with houses that are vacant. I was sick during the golden years of sl and now everybody’s gone to minecraft which I do not care for.
  13. Yes, this exact thing kept happening to me all last night. I also was unable to hear other people on their mics and I experienced a brief period of time where teleporting was ‘blocked’.
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