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  1. I read about rainbow railroad on seraphim but I'm not sure where to go to donate lindens to it. I want specifically charity/donation events. Like what rfl did
  2. It just seems preposterous. It's pride month and day after day I can't find anything to do and I can't find any specific events aside from "Second Pride Festival 2021". Is there perhaps a big calendar of these events with landmarks somewhere?
  3. I want to support and give to the charities that are working in secondlife. Where and when are the events?
  4. Thank you, the shirt does look the same! The skirt however I think is different and I’m still looking for.
  5. https://www.connect.secondlife.com Especially this one. I really like the redheaded woman’s outfit with the jacket and black skirt. What is it?
  6. I don't like how curvy she is, I want my rabbit to look like an anthro rabbit, not a person with ears. Also I searched and there didn't seem to be any clothes for it.
  7. Ah, so some region owners might consider the Kemono to be a child avatar? That would be a problem for me.
  8. I know that furry avatars aren't allowed in a lot of places. I'm wondering about Kemono specifically. A friend of mine said something about Kemono being controversial and then she left sl before I could ask her about what she said.
  9. I want to get a rabbit avatar but some of them require the Kemono avatar. Yes or no, would I receive negativity for using a Kemono body?
  10. Thank you guys!! Her eye color was changed back. Is there a way to make her smile? I see a segment in that link for changing the look of the teeth but is there a way to change her expression?
  11. I opened my lelutka hud, clicked the teardrop icon in it, and my eyes changed to green. How do I change my eye color back to brown using the hud? Can I get links on how to use my lelutka hud? I'm using lelutka erin head.
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