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  1. Nope, you sensed that incorrectly. I read your entire post multiple times, and all subsequent ones after it before my reply. I stand by what I said. If you are aware of biases, then why are you not attributing them to part of the reason for your potential and actual search returns? You did a search, and came to the conclusion that because your results are not what you determine they should be, that you should apply a trait, an act, that is very human oriented to a program which is not. You went on to ask if those search results, google specifically, are contributing to racism, as that was your conclusion. You were wrong in your conclusion, because your results are as skewed as mine, or the next person's, due primarily to biases based on our existing activities. I did not get the results you did. Others have said they did not get the results you did. This means whatever activities participate online, sometimes specifically google related, are going to influence your outcome (as they do mine, and everyone else's). It's not racism, in the least. That is an individual thing, how we let other people, places, experiences, outcomes, etc.. affect us, on any level. How you let yours affect your acceptance of others is not going to be the same as how I do. If you use technology, you're being exposed to algorithms in some form, there's no way around that. The results one gets from a google image search are no more responsible for the effect than simply talking with another person about their opinion on any given subject. You skewed your entire post towards racism, as I said, and applied it to a non-human entity as if the entity was itself capable of such. It's not, only humans are, willingly more often than not, but sometimes even without realizing it. Your premise was that your particular search results seem to be the end all of what others also experience, but it's not. Like I said, I got completely different search results than you. My search results show roughly 1/3 white, 1/3 clearly black or of mixed race with some black heritage in there and 1/3 other race which I may not be able to determine from a mere photo (or would rather not guess, as that would be a rather asinine generalization on my part). But the results were relatively equal.....no racism, implied or otherwise. My image search also does not offer me any further bias or influence on how I see, treat, or accept others. Others' mileage may vary on that, but I think direct exposure (or lack thereof) to other ethnicities, races, lifestyles, etc.. has far more of an impact than a google search ever could.
  2. No The algorithms aren't doing anything you're not telling them to do. Your own searches and activities are biased, every human being has biases, realized, admitted, or otherwise. Algorithms aren't inherently racist unless they're specifically created to be so. While it may seem they are fully autonomous creations of their own ilk, they really aren't as autonomous as people may believe. They are still, at their base, programs, created by human beings, biases and all. It should make you realize that your own biases have more influence on the results you might garner than you're willing to admit, because it's a program, not a person like you. I'm not sure where you're going with this. Algorithms are not inherently racist, again, unless they are programmed or told to be so. So, these results you get, which will likely not match the results anyone else gets, are more a reflection of your own racist tendencies and biases, if you want to attach the term racist to anything here at all. Perhaps some personal introspection on your part, as to why you're searching for racism where it does not exist, why you're calling it racism in the first place, why your search results garner you what they do when you're actually expecting something completely different, and how you can change all of this. It really comes down to the information you're feeding the algorithms at any given point in time. You're telling it most of what it needs to give you the results you get. If those aren't the results you expect, or desire, you're going to have to change the information you're giving it, My results are nothing like yours, at all, maybe I have less racist tendencies and biases than you do...who knows. I do know that people who look for racism anywhere, will find it anywhere, and it will definitely diminish the severity of actual racism (and thereby make it very difficult to eliminate, eradicate, hell even explain) when you perceive it and spout off about it existing where it doesn't. Or perhaps you just don't know how algorithms work, I really have no idea, but it sounds to me like you don't.
  3. Introspection and self-awareness are very difficult things for some people to obtain, forget mastering. While I suspect that most can be taught how to best utilize them, there are some who can never be taught. Those people often don't want to learn, change, be better. They will forever look for someone, somewhere, some way, some place where they can lay the blame, or responsibility of all that has gone, is going and will go wrong in their lives. Like I said, I have friend who behaves rather similarly. The difference between her and some others is that she can and does on occasion, listen and learn. She has the capacity and desire, even if not always, and she is a remarkable person in so many ways that the effort afforded to helping her and being in her life is worth it. I hope someday you find someone who feels the same way about you OP and that you too, figure out how these things work better so that you can have a happier, better, more fulfilling life. Everyone deserves at least that. But this will be my last direct post to you as well, as I fear anything I say will go largely ignored, be misconstrued, feed into an ego I have little desire to feed, and perhaps even anger you which very well may be precisely what you're looking for. Good luck in life, I hope you serve it well!
  4. I don't think most reasonable people actually believe that, though, even the ones who actually say it. I think most people believe that they could help, they could do more, they could do something. They cannot solve it on their own, of that I am certain, but more could definitely be done. Believing they can do nothing is as unreasonable as believing if I flap my arms fast enough, I too can fly around the world solely on my own arm power. Whether or not they should do something is where morals and ethics get involved, but they most certainly can do something to assist, and would likely have far more influence, and means, than the average person of average wealth. Yet, more often than not, the average person does end up doing far more to assist, than those of greater than average wealth. But, again, that's where morals and ethics come into play and we delve into something more complex. My own personal moral and ethical compass leads me to a different direction than it might others. I'm human, and I will, absolutely, judge those others, even if I don't necessarily want to or even notice that I am doing it. Though in most cases, I very well know I'm judging them, and I have no qualms saying so. I happen to believe that ridiculous amounts of wealth often do an individual little to no good, especially when used frivolously more often than it's not. I think all mankind should do more for mankind, generally speaking, regardless of personal wealth, though. I know what I would do with wealth, especially any (not always determined monetarily, of course) that is greater than my own current needs. I have a strong desire to see others fall in line with my ideals on the subject. It's highly unlikely, though not unreasonable, and perhaps it's not fair of me to assess the situation that way, but I do and I am 100% certain I am not alone. I don't consider it a character flaw, despite the fact that others might. There is nothing practical or reasonable about possessing insane amounts of monetary wealth while one's neighbor goes hungry. It's not a moral or ethical dilemma for me, it is for others, I recognize that.
  5. It is actually both a financial and policy issue. The right amount of money in the right hands, with the right people in place to eliminate piss poor policies that only serve to further feed (irony if ever there was any) the issues surrounding the sheer amount of food poverty around the globe, could and would, absolutely eradicate it. It isn't that the money does not exist. It isn't that the right people don't exist. It isn't that we cannot change or eliminate piss poor policies. The real problem lies in trying to gather all three in the same place at the same time, under the perfect conditions. So, until we can get that (and I am absolutely certain we can even if we never do in my lifetime), we, as a collective, ought to do what we can with what we've got. Unfortunately, this is where ethics and morals come into play and we all know how those rarely ever align with what's necessarily needed at any given point in time. They also don't always match up with one anothers' for that matter, so we get stuck in a weird rut of "he/she/they should do more, he/she/they can, why the hell is this not happening", while the he/she/they in the equation remains steadfastly oblivious to their own idiocy. As an aside, or, not really, I guess, lol. People want to praise Bezos for the amazon feeding America thing, without realizing it was not of his doing, it does not come out of his wealth or profit, either, it is not his money that actually paid/pays for it. His name is just on it. It was the brainchild of a group of people that have been pushing this egomaniac to do more, to do better, if only to improve his public profile. There were no altruistic motives behind it on his part, it just sounds good, so he said, sure people will think I'm awesome if I do this, let's do it! In many areas, and instances, those who do the work for this particular program are donating their time, money, resources, a LOT of them I might add. Meanwhile, Bezos is out there playing with phallic shaped vehicles and spending ungodly amounts of money (not only his, but the company's and investors' as well), because "Weeeeeeeeeeeee". I mean, I'm sure many of us enjoy a good ride now and then, but come the hell on, lol. I'm really not fond of the twerp, tbh, I'm sure it shows, I don't hide the fact, lol. I don't begrudge him the wealth he has amassed, but I certainly judge him for his actions, opinions and lack thereof both in the acquisition and spending/use/application of (money, actions and opinions, really), lol. Not an altruistic bone in that body, imo, and that is why regardless, he will remain one of, even if he isn't the, wealthiest men in the world. Well wealthy from a financial standpoint, poor guy lacks just about every other way one might measure it.
  6. I will have you know my off the walls comments always have a basis in reality. It's probably not the reality anyone outside of my brain would ever understand, but it's a reality all the same! That aside, the conspiracy stuff got old a very long time ago, I try to ignore most of it. I'd rather not break my long standing record of having never actually used the ignore feature on the forums. So I have to actually put in some effort to skim right on past. It's a very weird game I play with my own psyche, and so far, I've always won (or at least I tell myself that). After a while you start to realize that your brand of crazy is not another's brand of crazy and odds are better than not that a war of wit will surely result in nothing but a bunch of losing sides with no distinct winner. It could also be that some brands of crazy aren't crazy at all they're just in need of attention, but really bad at actually asking for it. That's another game I play with my own psyche...guess the intention... I rarely ever win that game, but I give myself a participation trophy anyway, because I'm awesome just for playing. I also like derailing threads and now I'm forced to resort back to doing so with unnecessarily verbose drivel, if only to amuse my own self. It is rather amusing, especially when I confuse people or force them to use their dreaded wtf and scorn laughs, which serves to further my amusement (I'm fairly simple to amuse, I suppose). Then I declare victory having derailed the thread for the, I lost count, time, in a single post. I'm truly magnificent, at absolutely nothing, and everything all at once, depending entirely on which part of me you ask and at which time of day. I'm pretty hungry now too, I think I'll go make food.
  7. I agree, the motivations just play a role in perception, public profile, etc..It matters, but at the same time, it doesn't, it all depends on what we're talking about (including whose plan we intend to back, to so speak). If in the end we all benefit, I'm for that part, all for it. The proverbial ***** matches are just really hard to ignore.
  8. There are some differences between this stupid space race and the novella, along with countless other versions of the same ideal desire, space exploration. The motivation does play a huge role in the whole concept and an even larger role to how one might be perceived. The man in the story was motivated not only by his own personal desires, but exploration, science if you will, itself, which very much does offer something to mankind. Neil Armstrong, the majority of those who have ever joined NASA (astronauts aren't the only folks there after all), hell even Musk (and I'm no fan of him, for other reasons, lol), and countless other people are very much motivated and driven by not only personal desires (oooh space.. YESSSSS!!!) but also the betterment of mankind in general, for science, exploration, who knows how many other motivations that personally I think are awesome. The likes of Branson and Bezos, however, are not motivated by the betterment of mankind in any fashion, really. They are merely motivated by the idea of a giant game of "just the tip", just so they can say they did it and get that whole "firsties" trophy. That's probably got a lot to lend to why some think less highly of their ilk, and more highly of those with different motivations. Bezos didn't get there on the back of his own hard work (really, with little work at all of his own, though I digress), or with the desire to better mankind, even if some working on his particular program may have been or may be motivated by such(and thank the, whatevers, that those folks exist, otherwise Bezos definitely wouldn't have come back, lol). He just wanted to go to say he did it, and that's it. He's done countless interviews over the years regarding his success, or apparent success anyway, and a lot of his answers fall in line with "I did it because I could/wanted to see if I could". That's not really an inherently bad reason i and of itself, but it will likely change how the general populous perceives him. You can tell when his interviews or speeches have been more prompted or pre-written and staged (to be kind), because the verbiage varies and often includes some type of altruistic motivation This happens because even if he's too arrogant, perhaps willfully ignorant, to see it, folks around him know how things will come across to the rest of the world. Nothing he has ever done has been for the betterment of anyone but himself. He's not alone, surely, plenty of people take on this outlook in life, and I'm not one to quarrel about it, especially with them, if that's what they want to do. I just won't view it as anything more than it is, nor will I apply altruistic motivations to something that really has none. It is what it is, after all. ETA: What I mean by it is what it is... A business venture, that is exactly what space trips are to Bezos, outside of his simple desire to say he did it, it's a business venture. It's not being done for the betterment of space exploration, science, or anything else, but is purely motivated by a potential future business venture and his desire to say "I did it first". I'm not begrudging him that whole did it first thing, or even the business venture, just don't pretend it's for science, when it's really not, lol. He didn't even actually go to space itself, more like inside outer space, at best, lol. The whole "just the tip" game, and all that jazz. I do hope others can take things from his experience, and apply them elsewhere, and actually make good use of them outside of some business venture to truly help, for science, exploration, whatever have you. That's my actual hope about this weird pissing match they're all in. I love space, I love space exploration, and I love science. So, I am all on board if we can garner something positive from it, regardless of the motivations.
  9. I hope they put it back, everything looks naked and stupid now. Sometimes those titles are really amusing, I'm kinda fond of them.
  10. There is literally nothing progressive about adding limitations, which the removal of teleportation would necessitate. How would that be progressive and conducive to the longevity and continued growth of sl. What you're suggesting would actually be the opposite of progressive, because we would have to regress back to the drawing board and hope beyond all hope that enough people stick around to make such a change worthwhile, efficient and successful. That simply cannot and would not happen at this juncture of sl's lifetime. Perhaps a more well thought out plan could help to reduce the need for teleportation, but the mere idea of eliminating it entirely is preposterous at best, asinine at worst. It would most definitely cause the beginning of the end, and I'm not one that has ever suggested something like that before. I'm actually pretty judgmental of the whole sl is dying, sky is falling chicken little mentality people bolster about as if it's a nobel prize idea. But this idea, what the actual hell? I honestly agree that I don't believe you've thought this idea out very well. Although I may think it's asinine, I may be able to understand where some of the underlying idea came from. It's one of those things that might sound okay in theory (it doesn't, but I'm playing devil's advocate for a minute), but put into practice, it's worse than shooting yourself in the foot. At least if you shot yourself in the foot, you'd have a greater chance of living, even walking. Something like this would cripple what sl is and has become and would make it damn near impossible (imo, completely impossible) to recover from.
  11. I dunno, I run across newbies all the time, and some I suspect aren't really new at all, but, I try my best not to pretend I know. Sl is a lot more welcoming and easier to navigate than some might think. There are some steep curves with regards to functionality and there are plenty of issues a new person might run into, but not being welcoming isn't even in the top 30 on the lists of people I frequently run into and help. In fact, it's only been mentioned by one person I've helped since 2008 and it was because that person was doing stupid stuff that pretty much put others in the position to not want to help and welcome them. So it was totally a self-imposed shunning in that case. But sl is by far and large, pretty damn welcoming, even without the mentor program still in place. There is WAY more help available now than there once was, I know that for certain, because when I tried to find it for myself, I had to look for places outside of sl itself, forums really were the only option way back when (blogs were less present, youtube far, far less present), to find 1/100000000000000000 of the information people can find in sl just by asking questions in groups. It's crazy the amount of help and information available today that once wasn't and seriously had to be hunted down. Even with less people around today, and there is of course, the help seems far more abundant. As long as people are willing to look for it, of course, and don't pretend to jump ship when they can't or won't do that, lol. Way more tutorials, way more blogs, way more groups, way more people with way more knowledge. Maybe that's the tradeoff now, less people inworld, less likely to run across big gatherings of people or actual mentors in larger quantities, but the information is far more widely available than before. Seems likely and reasonable to me. It's certainly my experience, but I could be wrong, I don't think I am, but anything's possible. A lot of the places I have seen that do have the 30 day rule, have had issues with people coming in and causing a ruckus for no reason other than they can, usually alts and not actual new people. I had to implement that rule for about a month to stop some asshats (2 actually, lol) from doing what asshats do, because it was a major menace for other guests on the sim. After the problem faded, I got rid of that rule, I actually still talk to the 2 people that caused it, they've grown up a bit since then lol. A few clubs I know(I don't like cubs, not advocating for them lol) have this rule because they've had issues where they have to remove someone or have an ex employee or whatever that causes problems and then all of a sudden all of these new accounts come in one by one to cause issues. So, yes, it's a preemptive strike against asshatery, which some may not like, but they may have good reason why it's necessary. I still think the number of places that have this kind of rule in place are far fewer than some might think. I can only think of less than a handful I have seen since 2008, 2 clubs, my old sim temporarily, and a fishing hole that regularly had issues but no longer exists, lol. OP is just a drive-thru faux whinery and not to be taken seriously, imo, so I don't intend to do so, lol.
  12. Devil's advocate here... Gender plays absolutely no role in this whatsoever. Women can be and are just as bad at this as men, and anyone else as well. Just reading some of the examples people pass out to others as good advice regarding emoting will give you all the proof you need that some people are just not at the same caliber or level you might be when it comes to emoting (which is why I tell people to take those examples and that advice with a grain of salt-a lot of it is really bad, even worse when it's supposed to be a paid job or employment, etc..). The experiences people have will color their viewpoint on this matter, though. If you're a straight female, and most if not all of your encounters of bad rp sex involve straight males, you're likely to think that a whole lot of them in general are really bad at it. You're probably wrong though, it's just that is all you've experienced, so it's all you know. The same can be said for any other combination of genders and experiences. I have witnessed way too many really bad emoting sessions to suggest that men are any worse at this than women. How often do women decide a man is hard right from the word go, or the second she does this, that, the other? Even when they think they're emoting wonderfully, they could very well be wrong, and probably are. The assumption that guys get hard at the drop of a hat is as bad as the assumption that women get wet at the drop of a hat too. If the guy hasn't yet told you he's hard, you don't get to decide he is. My own personal experience (after more years dedicated to this topic than most would likely admit, especially outside the context of just sl) is that women are far less likely to be accommodating of another's particular style or ability in this realm, more likely to be judgmental about, and less likely to be vocal about it until they have an audience with which they can complain about others' inadequacies after the fact as well. I have no idea why to be honest. For some people better emoting skills, or at least what some might be expecting of them, may take them too far out of their comfort zone. I know a couple like that actually. One of them is pretty decent at it, while the other one kinda sucks (if one were to judge it anyway) but what's going on behind those words is worth more to the both of them than the words themselves. She can write novels, he can sometimes barely type grunts and one liners, and they've come to terms with this. It works for them. They've talked about it, he tries his best, but it's just not in his nature to type out everything going through his mind or playing out on the screen. If you need someone to type it all out for you, tell them, don't assume they're going to know what you want. Maybe that person's experience has been with people who emote as they do, so it's what they know. Help, don't hinder. If you're just there to get your rocks off, get your rocks off and be done with it, you probably don't actually need their input. If what you want is more of a connection, you're going to have to communicate that in some way.
  13. I would recommend this, or any of the other creators. As much as I love mine and am actually pretty attached to them too, it pisses me off to no end when this happens. It will likely happen to you more than a few times, as it does quite few of us. (we might be in the minority of pet owners though, as it's not really a very popular brand anymore, most of us seem to have them more because we've had them for ages lol). Eventually I plan to replace mine with a rezz room one, once I get the chance to. I have jian ones too (different breeds), but I'd really like a more hassle free version that closely resembles my lil buddy but offers more of the things I like about them. So far, I haven't yet found ones that quite behave the way buddy does, but, I'll likely have to let go of my idea of a more realistic pet and opt instead for convenience and less hassle, and cuteness. It's a damn shame too, I've had buddy for longer than I care to admit, lol.
  14. OKay, the zooby animal retrievals work the same as the babies, as in, they suck. That's the nice way of putting it. Now let me tell you how to get your dog back. It is both a combination of sim lag, and, there's no nice way to say this, *****ty scripting in the retrieval boxes/on Zooby's end/their server. Zooby has been experiencing this for the last couple years, they know it's a problem, they say they can't fix it and can only sometimes replicate it. But, we experienced in this issue know what the problem is, and where to place blame. (ftr, I still like zooby, still own a bunch of their stuff, even the babies. this is a sore spot on their ego, I think, though, so, it will get a lot of backlash from fanpeoples). You won't find much help in any of the groups and if you complain, you'll get scolded. Now, that all said, lol.....I know this works, I've had to do it multiple times. I also know it's frustrating and annoying and almost makes it not worth the hassle. There's little to nothing that can be done on that end, though, so, if you want your dog moving on.... Get multiple retrieval boxes, you'll probably need at least ten, I'd go for a couple dozen. Find yourself a mostly empty sandbox, get AWAY from your home location, and AWAY from anyone else in the sandbox. Since you're premium, you can use those if you so wish, just make sure wherever you go it's mostly empty, preferably entirely empty. I'm not premium but I have no issues finding sandboxes with a simple search. Make sure that when you get there you can use scripts-look up top to ensure scripts are NOT turned off, do not look at your ao or anything you're wearing to test scripts, some scripts will continue to work no matter where you go. Check your inventory even your trash, to make sure you have NO copies of sam anywhere. Do not just use search, but actually look, for whatever reason, it may not show up in your search but may be present in your trash all the same, it happens sometimes, I don't know why. Delete any copies you find. Now, take out your retrieval box and follow the instructions. Give it time to do what it needs to do. If it continues to give you an error, delete that box, purge from your trash, start again. Keep repeating these steps until you get your dog. Sometimes it only takes once, sometimes it takes a dozen. There is no rhyme or reason. It is primarily an issue on their end, but, I digress, not going there again, I've been yelled at for pointing this out before. It's an issue, a persistent and annoying issue, but eventually, it just works the way it should. Sometimes it's really just a matter of finding a sim running little to no other scripts. It's a pain in the ass, but it will eventually work.
  15. Since only certain types of humor are allowed here.... I think certain people shouldn't be able to use the forums, at least not post on them, only read. But, I don't think it should be based on their status as a premium or non-premium account. I think some people should be stopped from making a fool of themselves (I really don't know what to replace that with, lmao) before they can even start, at least once they've developed a rather curious, and not in a good way, sort of behavior. Some people do themselves, the forums, LL(singular) and anyone reading absolutely no good and they contribute almost nil as well. Maybe we should restrict those people, so that others who are merely reacting to ridiculousness with further ridiculousness, find no need to do so. Or we could kindly ask those being, whatever it is they're being, to stop reporting posts which are in equal proportion of ridiculousness just because they don't like it, lol. It's very strange behavior, really, but, to keep this on topic, maybe people who report posts they don't like just because they don't like them should be restricted to read only too, at least until they can find their big person panties again. Or I can stop being salty and go back to read only myself, which is what I think I shall do. (there, on topic enough?)
  16. I hear returnees and I think.. Okay, that said, lol..... My return was in 2008, so, not very recently, lol. But I've returned to sl twice now, and the second time it was mostly because the game I played with a ton of other people was shut down, bastards, so we all migrated over here. What keeps me in sl, though, which is what, for me, is more important, is the ability to do all kinds of things. I can explore, I can create, I can chat with people, I can help people find things, I can drive(quite horribly, for real, never get anywhere near me in a vehicle if you value your pixel life..you will die), I can climb mountains and jump off 5,000+m high places and fall to my death on unsuspecting people below,..okay okay enough, I can do a lot of stuff that I can't do in rl. In fact some of the things I can do in sl, which are pretty basic things most people in rl take for granted, are things I can't do in rl. I love that part, a lot. I don't shop, I'm not a shopper, so that aspect is pretty lost on me, though I am fabulous at helping other people find things they need, lol. I don't really care for clothing much, I usually wear the same thing for a couple years, or longer, before I bother changing. So, that's another thing totally lost on me, lol. Now prior to being able to do the whole rl thing, there were loads of aspects that lent a lot to my relationship with hubby, opened up avenues that were a little trickier to navigate otherwise without it. Having the rl version of those aspects now doesn't change the significance of what they can and did offer, though, so I'm grateful for those things too, even if we no longer need or use them. Mostly I just like that opportunities to do just about anything I want exist, and it's up to me to figure them out, explore them and go for it. I don't need an instruction manual or tutorial on where to go next, I just think it, and go do it. I'm probably wrong more than I'm right in my execution, but I'm not someone that much cares about doing everything right the first time. I can't even walk down my own hallway in rl without hitting my arm or hand on a door knob, frame, or wall, so perfection and continual success at all things si so far removed from my realm of reality. I'm rather fond of my lack of successful endeavors, the results are usually far more entertaining. (my door knobs in rl, however, would disagree with this failure to navigate being a crowning achievement, or at least the dents on them would suggest such, they're not the greatest at communicating)
  17. They do need to add new features, but there are some things that should always take precedent, no matter what. Those are the things LL ignores, and it's a big part of why new ideas aren't received as well as they might otherwise. Fixes are an ongoing thing for any project, in this case sl being the project I'm referring to. There will always be things that need fixed, things that can be improved upon, and cool/nifty/neat/awesome things they can add. I think there are a lot of great ideas floating around out there, LL just needs someone capable of prioritizing. New content and features won't do sl any amount of good with retention when basic stuff keeps breaking, or not being addressed. It's not as if LL is a failing company or struggling for financing here, lol, they're pretty damn profitable. They just have to break their cycles, so they can create a new track history. People would have way more confidence in new features, even sl entirely, if that happened, imo anyway. See, LL needs the people that have been around for ages and have experienced and seen their failures when they do succeed at something, because those folks will be the ones that help revive interest and provide feedback with the whole "see, they used to do things this, not so successful way, but now look at them, succeeding all over the place", and stuff. That's a big point of retention, and LL misses the mark by not listening as often as they should. Still love sl, and praise LL for all they have done, or I wouldn't still be here after all these years, lol. I just wish they'd improve in some areas that I personally think are key. But, I'm just a peon, like most folks, so what we have to say probably holds about as much water as a bottomless bucket, lol.
  18. It would be flawed logic if we were talking about a different group of folks, but we're not, we're talking about LL. They have a proven track record of being incapable of chewing gum, walking and talking on the phone all at once, despite that being exactly what they attempt to do all the time. As much as we can praise them for all they've done right, and I certainly do, I know others do too, there are some areas in which they fail, completely, every time they try. Adding new shiny pretties is one of those areas where they seem to fail more frequently than they succeed, especially as of late (EEP anyone?). Now in this case if they failed adding it properly, it might not cause much damage at all, considering what it is they'd be adding. But, it would be wasted resources on a project that could have been used on another project, possibly even successfully. I doubt adding such a system would break much else, should it go awry, that's not actually what I would be concerned about. Although it wouldn't surprise me to see it happen, I have doubts that it would cause much if any damage. I just happen to think it's wasted resources better put elsewhere first. As for the whole JIRA thing, they already know the flaws exist, making even more JIRAs about it solves nothing. There is no room on the JIRA for "fix the damn MP already". The MP in and of itself IS a system that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, it has since its inception and no amount of pretending to fix it now will change the fact that it needs an overhaul. This is something that can, and should be, worked on, while we use what we currently have. It's a bit weird to think that it shouldn't be. An entirely new system can be created, tested, vetted properly, etc... without making it go live. Then it can go into an alpha or beta phase, where it gets tested more widely, before going entirely live. It can even run parallel (not connecting, obviously) to the existing MP once it does go live, temporarily, to ensure that it's working to its fullest potential and LL can get a wider range of feedback. This is how new systems are added to things all the time, especially completely rebuilt ones. It can be done without breaking any other content too, with enough effort. LL already runs things similarly by using beta viewers while simultaneously having non-beta viewers. It's the same concept, just applied differently. But this goes back to their track record, as I already stated. I'm not shooting the idea down, I can see its merit, and I'm certain plenty would enjoy it. But implementing it would follow the same patterns of "lets appease them with something, so they ignore or forget about the other things they want/need fixed first" history. I think it's a good idea for LL to break that cycle, not perpetuate it, lol. Add the pretties, sure if there are extra folks/resources to do it, but don't take focus away from the areas that have needed work and CAN be worked on, in order to do it.
  19. Waves... nice to meet you, 13 years this year for hubby and I Of course, it's not pretend, so that probably helps a lot lol. That said, back on topic, lol. While I wouldn't shoot the idea down entirely, since I can see some merit in it. I don't think it's wise for LL to head down this sort of path again, or still, or, continue to. I think LL needs to fix some fundamentals first, because they're way more important to sl's longevity than shiny pretties. Shiny pretties have their place, no doubt, and without them we can't have people, so I definitely get that aspect too. But there's too much other stuff broken on LL's end that needs tended to first. I hate to see LL always seeming to put off this stuff in order to add some new shiny pretty that no one really wants, or needs, at least not right this moment. MP for example, is a poop show, has been one since LL took it over and, well, frankly, it's disturbing that it's remained a poop show its entire lifespan thus far, lol. It's actually embarrassing for LL, I don't know why they're not embarrassed by it. I probably shouldn't go into the whys and hows of that here, so I won't. But, there's enough left there in the realm of MP to fix that they wouldn't have much time, manpower or other resources to dedicate to pretty shinies if they put more effort into it, lol. I love MP too, don't get me wrong, but we all know it could be way better and LL had no business removing all other options while creating this weird barely functional monopoly, lol. LL lacks the ability to focus on more than one major issue at a time, we all know it. As much as we love LL and enjoy sl, and love sl even, LL leaves a lot to be desired sometimes. So, I'd rather they focus time, resources and manpower on things that fix broken stuff first. Then we can add all the cool/neat/fun/amazing stuff that will help with retention. Some of the most basic stuff that's broken would help a lot with retention too, but maybe LL doesn't realize that. I don't know, I don't have all the answers, and I don't like to shoot them all down, but I just think focus would be better put somewhere else, for now.
  20. Heh. I can and will speak words, but that thread I put all the memes in required such, because my words alone would've likely gotten me a ban. They were pretty colorful, and not of the varying hue variety, either. It was a rather ridiculous thread that was deserving of as much counter-ridiculousness as I could muster. It would've been more if it wasn't for that pesky moderator lock too! Lookin' at you lindens....
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