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  1. That's a bit obnoxious, it seems like the ability to modify is a big part of deciding whether or not to buy something, so it seems vital for that to display correctly... Is this the case with the marketplace and vendors too? Will certain modifiable items appear as "no modify" before you purchase them?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I figured new players come in and ask things like "what am I supposed to do?" all the time, so I wanted to ask about what the current players are into, in terms of what makes SL unique... if that makes sense? It has a lot of features you don't see too often, like the player run market.
  3. Nope, just new to SL and still figuring it out. I like reading through the forums to get a better feel for what people do on SL/use it for. So far, my personal ecperience has been little more than following my friend around as she shops, and getting kicked from places for my account age lol. I'll figure it out eventually.
  4. What are the most important features of SL to you? For example, is it important to you that SL has an interconnected land grid/world map? How do you feel about buying, selling, and renting land? What about the in-world creation tools? I'm curious to know!
  5. Yo, I'm new. A friend and I joined SL on a whim, and it's a bit overwhelming. I played SL very briefly back when I was a teen and my only memory of it is being bombarded with screaming spongebobs in a sandbox, so... Neither of us know what we're doing. Still, I want to give it another shot. I'm a guy, but right now my avatar is one of the default girls because the default guys aren't doing it for me. I haven't changed my avatar at all except for a party hat that I equipped by accident. I plan on changing to a guy once I wrap my head around customization and find something worth wearing. N
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