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  1. I meant couldn't when I was searching for it by typing "What are we waiting for", the name Danny Rose never came up.
  2. It runs the first 3 minutes or so from the start of the video, mostly in background, cant find it despite typing the lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUMfFt76KIk
  3. I have this nice clunky freebie sailboat, its really slow but fun if used once in a while, only annoying part is it runs by keys, so wondering if it can do tthe same on BWind, how to go about it if possible, any tutorials online you know of The crew animation on it is of the standing type and turning the steering.
  4. I want these pets to walk by your side as an attachment worn, is that possible?
  5. As the title asks, and did you regret it? in my case I bought a panther avatar for an 1800L that I never use so just wasted, consideting I dont buy Linden nor work in SL thats alot to waste on a whim.
  6. Invest in a laptop asap, to be able to carry it to the loo is really awesome, I even have a stool in there to keep it on just the right level. However I think I may have dmaged something by not urinating on time.even after getting the laptop.
  7. And what if some one is dressed up all nice and yet has scum tattoos on their face in the photo, with some dangling flexi bits as well?
  8. Yeh and the tipping jars are like beging bowls, I never tip.
  9. What else to expect from peopele, who have no qulams about mocking their own prophet, are you even Christian? if so then shame on you for your hypocricy.
  10. Shame on those who mock others religious figures through these drawings.
  11. Male avatars need a bulge with appliers, that will pull clothing textures onto it, like some boob and ass makers have Space restricted boat cabins which cant have a bedroom only have couches, they need a couch that converts into a bed with a click slideable, pop out or foldable or a scrppt that will swap the ouch with a matching bed and remove whater else is in the way like a table or other decor thats taking up space the bed needs when it pops up, I have seen one boat with a bed in it despite the space limitation and thats an excellent idea by the creator, but the bed cannot be converted into a couch when not in use.
  12. You are winning back what you put in and if you're lucky then more, so if you put in 20 L you win back exactly 20 L nothing less or anything ranging between 21 L and more.
  13. Now a free helicopter is also gone, it had come with a yacht I had purchased. EDIT: found it in the yacht's folder, but it dosent appear in inventory when I type in helicopter or copter like it used to before.
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