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  1. I'm always looking for places to role play and meet people and this sounds interesting, except... You lost me at "fill out an application..." I'll not bother responding to the other "requirements" in order to avoid being negative.
  2. The best photographers will discuss price, etc, but should not get paid until after the work is done and you approve it. Were I in your shoes (with such a need, that is) I would place a request for quotes and part of that would be including a minimum of three sample images of the actual work to be done (not some flickr stream, etc). Because they can show you their pictures without passing them to you, etc., and you'll see actual pictures of the subject you want to be photographed. Then compare those sample images across all responses to the request for quote. That way you're not just basing your decision on price alone. The reason I suggest this is because most self-proclaimed "professional SL photographers" in SL: Are not. They are just looking for ways to make L$. The "best" ones rarely ask much, if anything at all because they do it for the love of doing it and when you love doing it you tend to be the best at doing it. Just sayin'.
  3. Yes, they are fine without me, that is true. Though I suppose I am directing that toward all those sellers who post in other threads about slow-down in sales and other things. Hahahaha. And since I wasn't clear in my own OP, which you quote, I shall do so now: I know this is my own opinion and that it matters not to anyone else and if such opinion causes any eye-rolling then it sucks to be you. Hahahaha!
  4. Have you tried working with it on another sim? Based on what you're describing it sounds like server-lag, actually.
  5. Thread has wandered off into boring la-la-land, so I'll give my feedback to any and all creators who want me to buy their stuff and I always have money burning my wallet: 1) I always shop Market Place first - it's just easier and more efficient. 2) I never, EVER buy anything that doesn't offer a demo - other than a rezzable (vehicle, furniture, etc.) that demo needs to come from MP. if you say "Demo available in-world" - no sale. I am not going to TP to your lag-invested, molasses-rezzing in-world store to wander about for 15 minutes looking for this one demo. If your MP listing doesn't say "Demo Available" in the upper right: I close that browser tab immediately. 3) Permissions: other than clothing, if it's no-modify, it's a no-sale. Seriously: your stuff isn't that good where I can't find a competing similar version from someone else that IS modify (in this instance: I am referring to rezzable stuff, not so much clothing). 4) If you sell multiple versions of the same item (usually clothing stuff): OFFER A FATPACK. I *always* buy the fatpack if one is available (and uses a HUD). If you force me to pick and choose with no fatpack option, chances are I'll just move on. I'm not going to maintain 5 separate copies of the same thing in different colors. One copy with a color-change HUD is what I want. Because easy for me; more efficient. In fact, doing myself a make-over: shopped MP like crazy: grabbed demos (and favorited) hundreds of items, then went in-world and spent the next couple days just going through those demos. Tomorrow (as I write this) I am expecting to throw literally almost 30,000L$ at all those things I've selected as "keepers". And of those 30 or 40 items, guess how many are multiple items from the same creator? Because THAT creator "gets it". A shame because there were a LOT of really great-looking stuff I wanted to try. Most never offered a demo and many were "Demo in world". To those creators, I can only say: Sucks to be you.
  6. Would probably have been a great idea to provide the sim name so it can be mapped, or better yet: a SLURL. Just sayin'.
  7. I will only say I have done stuff openly since before it was against LL TOS. Now I just do it in private. *snorts*
  8. OMFG I remember that. But not from LL - it was a JEVN Network Vendor plugin you could buy so you could create catalogs and pass them around. I hated those fekking configuration notecards for that JEVN, too. But JEVN was the SHIGHT! Sorry for not contributing anything useful, but I had to comment on that.
  9. You did really good, too. The upside-down pyramid has always made me do a double-take, often with a little snicker to go with it. Attention to detail isn't only about the shape of your face, it's also how wide your shoulders are as compared to your waist as compared to your hips and all the rest. Yah, you did real good. #eyecandy SNORTS OH, and I think the big thing most are ranting over with Giani and Slinks and also Adam, I think are the nipple placement looks to be too wide. I know there are RL men like that, but I think that's not the norm. But having decent shoulder-to-hip ratio trumps all that. Bahahahaha! ~Sneeks another peek at that picture~
  10. I've read the entire thread up to here and now. ALL OF YOU ARE FARKING ANGELS. I mean, really, so tame. I'd probably be not only convicted but immediately tossed into solitary confinement strapped into a Hannibal Lecter rack and gagged just for uttering the words to describe it. /me nods affirmatively with wide eyes and an 'uh-huh, uh-huh'.
  11. Ditto this. Aethstetic can look good as long as you actually try to make yourself look realistic, otherwise, it's just plain CREEPY. (And will need an entirely new head, else you'll look too much like every other". The Giani that I see so many whoop-whoop about isn't really all that. So, what they said (points up to quoted test): Belleza Jake also comes with some awesome-looking skin, too. Though you'll have to buy the applier for whichever head you get (if you choose to go that route, etc.) Slink is "okay" to me, definitely better than Aesthetic and perhaps on-par with the Giani. Obviously, we are all just throwing our own opinions around, so with that said: my vote definitely goes with the Belleza Jake. Oh, and easy to find good clothes, just search Marketplace for "Jake+mesh" and you're all set.
  12. Is this just a school or is there a community surrounding it (not literally, but RP-wise). I am thinking to pop by and have a look around. Though my in-world hours may or may not mesh with everyone else. As for classes, I'm in the market for learning how to be a professional Diva-Witch of the Popular Group, yah-know?
  13. Here's a little feedback from a non-creator consumer: I have the Eve, though I've been wearing the Belleza body for years (I just never liked the Matreya myself). I am heavily-invested in it. And in all that time there was ONE update. And now it seems a lot of the creators adding Belleza to their lines are going to the curvey models (Isis and Freya) and skipping the Venus altogether. So I decided on a make-over as I'm due. STILL don;t like the Maitreya (and besides: I don;t want to be a Doppelganger with 90% of the women in SL) - after looking and reviewing and trying countless demos I decided to go with the new Tonic. Technology-wise it's all there: "Smart Alpha" and "Smart Shoes" and all kinds of things that even Maitreya is still catching up on. ALSO: The Creator's kit is FREE and right there in the in-world shop next to the body vendors - so now if I have clothing that doesn't auto-alpha I can create my own (and way easier to set up than Belleza EVER was). But here's the kicker: Tonic Mesh Creators Kit is available in-store vendor for something like 100L (I could be mistaken, but pretty sure that's what I saw) So here's the feedback: I'm now in the market looking for Tonic-fitting stuff (and most of it I have demoed so far fits amazingly like a glove with ZERO clipping) - I have 30K L$ ready to throw at those creators whose demoes that made my "yes, gotta-have-it" list. This means I am now on the hunt for my short list of "go-to first" creators when I'm in a shopping mood. So go to Tonic store and grab your DEV kit now so I can buy your stuff.
  14. Do you mean road-side parcels of land? Way back in the old days it was difficult to find a place to rez your car. Owning a parcel next to a road was a benefit that you could rez (and park) your car, motorcycle, whatever then just plop up to the road. Of course these days there are a lot of rez zone all over the grid so it's not that big a deal these days. What everyone is looking for now is "protected waterfront" with direct access to Blake Sea. Even though every sim on the Blake has a giant rez zone on it. For some reason people want to live the rich-and-famous life: gigantic house with a yacht the size of an apartment building that they can jump into and head out without rezzing (though they rarely return to park it and just rez another). *laughs*
  15. Make-overs can be so much fun. I'm in the middle of such myself right now, though I'm going solo on it, which takes a lot of time. Good that you hire someone to help you if you're in a hurry and returning from being away (because just catching up can be quite daunting!)
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