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  1. Dahlia Shamen wrote: the fact that i know bloodlines stuff is probably going to get me shunned or flamed here considering there are so many who hate it but here goes, i'm outing myself as a bloodlines vamp just to enhance your enjoyment of sl you should feel special.. giggle.. you don't actually HAVE to hunt. if you're not interested, you have three options that allow you to remain in the game:: 1. you can simply stop refilling your blood allowing it to run out and you'll become what is called "destroyed" which is an inactive vampire (note.. if you've collected any souls, you'll lose t
  2. Hi everyone. I have this long standing feud with someone in sl. I live on a private island which i keep very secret. But somehow this person manages to find out where it is, sneaks in to watch me and take personal pics of me which she then splashes on her profile. I have recently moved again for the third time. And just yesterday got a message that they are gonna find me no matter where i run to. I just wonder does anyone know how this is possible...or is there a way of hiding ur location in sl from stalkers. Thank you. Thanks you guys. Ive tried all those things. The very last incident...I
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