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  1. I have been having this same problem since last Friday. This is the also the answer I received - the internet is overloaded. Where I live our speeds are notoriously bad to begin with so the added usage has caused it to be slower than dial-up. I did clean out my inventory and used storage boxes; anything to help. Patience I have learned though, is a virtue I am sorely lacking when it comes to internet speed. 😠
  2. I filed a ticket on the losses I incurred due to this but but my ticket was closed with no response. I resubmitted the ticket and again, the ticket was closed with no response. I lost quite a bit of money on the disappearance of "no-copy" items. Why are my tickets asking about the refund being closed? Never mind, I missed that it is Product Listing Enhancements and not the loss of Marketplace items that is being refunded. But, not answering and just closing my tickets isn't acceptable at all.
  3. I am a reseller of Gacha's but I can sympathize with you. There are some reseller's who do not abide by the listing rules for the MP at all. But, I find the same to be true for non-gachas. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to search for something and not matter how specific I am, i.e, women's white pants; I have to wade through all kinds of items that have nothing to do with women's white pants. So, it happens with non-gachas too. LL set's up rules for listings but does not enforce them people list as they please.
  4. I have had people tell me that when they see me I am standing in T-pose or my eyelids are closed; even that my clothing is attached to the side of my body instead of covering it. I don't see these at all. I see my avi as walking-moving - not in a static pose, eyelids open and it is fully clothed. What could be causing this to happen? I have had two people tell me the same thing.
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