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  1. I remember making a camisole in those days that cost similarly and sold for $150 lindens. I think I sold 6 or 7 total, lol.
  2. I love this. A very succinct and insightful take on the problems (and rewards) involved. 🙂
  3. Agreed. I know I have to learn some Blender skills in addition to Marvellous Designer. It's just that right now, to me, Blender seems like a mathematicians nightmare, but in RL I can make a dress. Marvellous Designer allows me to take the same pattern for the RL dress and simply turn it into a 3D model. It's using skills I already know, it's faster, it's more intuitive etc. Being the super-picky person I am, I know once I start using it I will find that I will have to use Blender to "fix" the model before upload. The UV is especially important to me as I have spent a couple of years trying to texture other peoples mesh and a bad or poorly thought out UV is almost always the problem. Sylvia.
  4. I have all these same problems. I've just resigned myself to spending about a thousand lindens in uploads on everything I make. 🙂 I will *try* Local Textures (at least I keep telling myself that), but the texture picker in SL, and having to navigate that horrible inventory tree is so tiresome I'm almost ready to just keep paying the price. That being said, I haven't tried it yet so perhaps I'm talking nonsense. Sylvia
  5. I think perhaps you are a tad too harsh here. I've been in SL for ages and have met and worked with some of the great creators and it's always seemed rather obvious to me that the skills and qualities required to make good mesh are entirely opposite to the skills and qualities required to make nice clothing. It's not that the full perm mesh makers are lazy, or poor workers, or don't bother to make "complete products," it's that they would like to make clothes, and have the vision for what is required, but they don't have the skill set. Because the kind of person who's good at using a 3D mesh making program is not the kind of person who is generally good at design, colour, intuition, etc. Good mesh makers have an engineering mind set, not a designers mind set. In a way ... by introducing mesh but not providing an easy way for the average person to make it, Linden Labs has somewhat ruined SL. The idea that we are living in a "user-created" world has never been further from the truth than it is right now. There are no supported methods for making mesh "in-world" and there are no tools or utilities offered by Linden Labs to make mesh outside of SL either. A simple plug-in to allow us to export our prim-work as mesh and then re-upload it would be the obvious next step, but Linden Labs has shown no sign of taking it. You can futz around with that sort of thing if you use Firestorm, but the results are somewhere between dismal and non-functional. Long time SL residents like myself, who are expert prim-workers have seemingly acquired a skill that is now entirely useless. All we have left is our ability to texture things. That's why programs like Marvellous Designer are a godsend. They allow folks who don't have that mathematical/engineering mindset or simply don't have the wherewithal to navigate a complex, counter-intuitive program like Blender or Maya ... to make mesh in an intuitive way. What I've learned from this thread is that apparently they do also need to also learn a few basic cleanup steps in Blender though. good to know 🙂 Sylvia
  6. Thanks for the advice. There is indeed a boatload of badly made full perm mesh out there. I'm hoping to make my own soon simply because of the complete lack of any really good alternatives. I'm not sure why mesh makers don't make good full perm mesh for SL use, but they don't. - The few folks that make the good stuff are usually just making things for themselves and make only one or two items, rigged only for the body that they use. - The people making full perm mesh for sale, are typically amateurs as you say, and don't even know how to rig properly. Sylvia
  7. That explains why I've never discovered it ... I never use the texture picker. 🙂 One of the worst things about SL in general is the dreaded inventory and I learned long ago that one can make life more tolerable by reducing the times you have to navigate it to a minimum. I usually just drag and drop textures into the edit box. It's way faster and far more accurate. I'll have to make a decision on whether the extra hassle is worth the savings in Lindens I guess. I see that it works for the geographical meaning of 'topology' (which I wasn't thinking of, lol) I was referring to the mathematical definition (topological transformations etc.) which is almost opposite really. Cool. I will definitely check it out then. thanks again, Sylvia
  8. This is the kind of fiddly nonsense I'm trying to avoid, lol. I keep hearing about "Local Textures" but I can't see the option in Firestorm, so yeah ... everything I make costs thousands in uploads. 😡 This "retopo" thingie seems like a gross misuse of the real meaning of the word "topology" 🙂 but that's neither here nor there. I understand that the sort of "post processing" (retopo) necessary in Blender *after* using Marvelous Designer" simply wasn't done here. Which is great for me because I'm a very detail and process oriented person who hates sloppiness so I don't imagine I will be making these mistakes when I make my own mesh. I will check out 3D Coat for sure, but I'm betting it's Windows only? (because I haven't heard of it). Painting right on the model has always interested me although for most projects it's not necessary. I like to use vector based tools more than bitmap ones though, especially given the extremely low res textures we have to deal with in SL. Here it is 2020 and most of the time our clothing is still only using 500 pixels or so of detail. Another reason why making your own mesh and your own UV mapping is the only way to go really. thanks for the advice, 🙂 Sylvia
  9. Interesting stuff. I should clarify ... I didn't make this mesh or have access to it in Blender or Marvelous Designer, I'm just trying to texture it and at the same time understand what's wrong with it so that when I am trying to make my own mesh I don't make the same mistakes. Sylvia
  10. Well, with your UV texture applied, it makes what's going on at the edge obvious, but any grid would do the same. I was actually hoping to see a more "tangled" result. What I'm trying to get at is what *causes* it, so I guess the answer is ... "not remapping the UV before upload"? Sylvia
  11. I'm still getting my head around "retopo" but I'm thinking this is something that could easily have been done in Blender *after* importing from Marvelous Designer.
  12. Well, I'm hopeful that it isn't as simple as blaming Marvelous Designer. That program is about 1,000% better at making clothes for Second Life than any other and I hope to buy a copy once I have the cash as part of my program to make my own meshes. My understanding is that even if you use Marvelous Designer that it's essential to import into Blender for many many "adjustments" before importing into Second Life so perhaps the "retopo" (still figuring that out, lol) should have been done there. It seems like the issues with this mesh *could* certainly have been fixed at that stage. Sylvia
  13. not helpful. I already suspect it's a crappy mesh as I said. I want to learn exactly *why* it's a crappy mesh and what actions in creating it, led to the problems it has.
  14. Ah, thanks. Of course. I feel stupid now. 😕 Although, why it's stretching right at the edge of the garment and not stretching a half an inch further in still bewilders me a bit. And I tested it on my own skinny self too, so presumably it will stretch even more on curvier girls. ... EDIT: OK, I know it's gauche to reply to your own thread but ... new information! Because I couldn't figure out why the image was only distorted at the mesh edges ... I moved it down (away from the edge) and the problem fixed itself (see attached image). 😮 So after a bit of screwing around I figured out that for some reason 18 pixels from the edge (not 14, not 16) the image is no longer distorted. Luckily for me I'm making something with alpha edges anyway, but seriously ... I'd like an explanation. This trick wouldn't work on a regular garment using this mesh. - Does anyone know why this mesh does this? - Is it just a poorly designed mesh? - Is there some (shoddy) technique that results in this kind of thing? I have never seen this before. Sylvia
  15. I've been making clothes (texturing mesh objects) in SL for a while now and came across something I don't understand. Maybe someone has seen it before and can at least explain it? (I'd like to fix it, but it seems like it might just be a property of the mesh itself.) I purchased a full perm mesh object and I'm trying to texture it with a decorative edge. WARNING: The pictures here are just rough tests so obviously it's not finished work. However, the problem can still be seen. The first shot shows the texture in Affinity Designer, and yes, there is clippling (it's a rough test!), but mostly the little balls along the bottom border are generally the same size, right? The second shot shows me wearing the test product in-world, and clearly ... the little balls along the border vary from 100% - 200%. The ones closer to the edge of the mesh are all squashed and shrunken, whilst the ones further from the edge are almost twice the diameter. Anyone know what (the F) is going on there?
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