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  1. Yes, totally agree. I love this scenario! Sadly, I don't do demos. I like to make sure that everything fits absolutely perfectly, every time and that the quality of the clothing is far above the prices charged so, so far ... this hasn't been a problem. No complaints so far. I will move the chair though and I think perhaps a nicer version is in order. Good thinking here, but very similar to what I already have. I have three smaller vendors to one side for the "free" stuff and the low priced stuff and of course the vendors you are facing when you rez are always the latest product (or *would* be if they would recycle to the first page as I was worried about to begin with). A couple of exceptions here are that I don't do "sales" and I don't believe in sales groups either. I worked in the retail industry in RL for over a decade and grew very disillusioned with all the trickery and gimmicks and so on. So I prefer to just price things at a reasonable price, and everyone gets the same price. If something is free, it's a freebie to everyone who comes to the store, not just group members. I also regularly *reduce* the prices of all items over time; especially those that aren't selling at their current prices. But I purposely never (or rarely) tell anyone about it. I know all this is very weird, lol. It's a moral choice not a sales choice. My current vendors are really item 2 already, but I would say that my further scripting needs are: - making the vendors cycle back to the first item when not in use - "freebie" vendor (I've never been able to figure out how to make my vendor script give out something that has zero value, so I currently use $10L) - either a single item vendor (for the latest cool shiny thing) or ... ... a *display* of the latest cool product, in mesh, that you can also buy from. So ... essentially a 3D version of a single item vendor I've been thinking about the display angle because my clothes sell on the basis of the fine details and craftsmanship, so not being able to see the product before buying it is likely a huge hole in my strategy. Sylvia.
  2. Interesting, and I think I agree. I don't have that many items but I may be guilty of your "array of many vendors" rule, lol. I try to keep it simple so the store itself is only two prims. It's basically just a floor and a second (invisible) prim to keep folks from falling to their deaths. The vendors are three prims each and currently there is a couple of empty ones. A radio for music, a "boyfriend chair," and that's it really. I try to organise things by category/vendor, but I don't do displays really. Should I do displays? What do you think? (picture attached)
  3. This is what I was hoping the situation actually was (that it's not so serious) so I think I will simply not worry about it anymore. I make and sell things because I like it, and because I like helping other people out by making quality items. I have no intentions of ever being a "big store" and making tons of money in SL. I think if that's the intention, from my point of view it's going about it the wrong way. I was worried perhaps that the presence of a second avatar right-clicking to pay while the first avatar was scrolling through the items might "buy" the item using the first avatars money. that seems like it might be a problem, although again unlikely. If it's just a matter of the second avatar buying something they didn't think they were buying, then it's kind of their fault for being so rude in the first place, lol.
  4. I'm not going to yell at you, but all these ideas seem pretty horrible from the customer point of view. 🙂 I mean I'm not the best scripter and perhaps they sort of make sense from a scripting point of view but I do know customer service and I think these are things that customers don't want and would also be terribly confused by. I'm not trying to be negative and it's all terribly interesting but this strikes me as putting barriers in the customers way rather than giving them any kind of bonus in terms of help, sales, security, etc.
  5. If I'm understanding this correctly then I won't do it. If the downside of being able to reset the vendor to the first item is to have to implement a fourth state (operate) where one and only one "operator" is allowed and all that is checked and secure then it's really just too much fooforah for the relatively minimal payoff of being able to reset the vendor. I don't quite see why that would be necessary anyway, so likely I am *not* understanding this correctly, lol. I also see some discussion above about how a second party could buy from the vendor while the first party is scrolling through the items? and a strong implication that this is considered "bad"? But I don't understand why that would be bad, or how it's at all likely to even happen for the most part. I mean we aren't talking about artificial situations like Gacha we're just talking a standard vendor with an infinite amount of each item. I make my own vendors because I am a small store selling a small amount of items. The whole store and all the items in it is less than 20 prims. There isn't likely to be more than one person in the store at the same time, let alone multiple people champing at the bit to buy stuff from the same vendor. Sylvia
  6. Okay, apologies to all, I've been a bit of an idiot here. My vendor already has 3 states (not 2) making most of what I said irrelevant and ... well, stupid. It starts with the default state which reads the notecard, requests permissions, does the dataserver thing , sets the current item, hovertext, etc. This state also has a link message because there are two other prims (forward and back buttons) that have to communicate with the main prim. If the permissions are OK it goes into vend state which makes sure the current item and price are ok. Then there is a money function to cover all the possible money screwups, and another link message part (same reason). The last state is just state disabled (for obvious reasons). So, I'm guessing Rolig's very first suggestion: state sell{ state_entry(){ llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } touch_end(integer num){ if (llDetectedKey(0) != the customer who touched in state default){ llSetTimerEvent(0.0); state default; } else{ //Do stuff to sell things } } timer(){ llSetTimerEvent(0.0); state default; } } Would just go into my vend state, and probably cause no major problems? (as long as I do it right that is). anything to look out for in terms of conflicts? Sylvia
  7. Interesting. In fact, I already have two states in my vendor script, one for the start up and initialisation of the notecard etc. and then a separate state for the actual vending. This is because I was told by some people that it would be good to separate the vending part in that it would make it more secure, or less likely to be hacked, or something. Could I add a third state without problems? Or is there any problem just adding similar code to yours to the start of my vending state? Sylvia
  8. OK, so I have a vendor that I make/use and it's pretty standard. You can click through items one by one and right-click to pay and so forth. I'm always careful to load it so that the best items are at the top of the list (it works off an internal notecard list of items), but folks are always leaving it just randomly showing some item. What I want is for it to reset itself after a while and go back to displaying the top item on the list so that the next time someone uses it, they are seeing the best item instead of just some random third-tier item. Now I guess I make a timer and then after a certain amount of time it can reset the script somehow, but I can't think of how to do it without creating some kind of fancy indexed list and all kinds of complicated extra junk like that when it's never going to have more than a dozen or two items anyway. It seems like overkill. Right now it works off of a simple notecard as I said. Also, how do I detect when there is no one using it in the first place? The last thing I need is for it to reset to the first item in the midst of a purchase or something. any help? Sylvia
  9. OK, follow up. It seems that if you make the group as "anyone can join" then send the invites, they work. Then you have to change it back of course and eject everyone who joined while it was possible. So there is a clunky, less than desirable workaround ... but it's still a problem. Pretty much like everything in SL I guess, lol. 😀
  10. Hello, For weeks now, group invites have been failing for me (using Firestorm viewer), so basically I want to know if this is a widespread problem, or a bug, or how long it's been going on, if it's ever going to be fixed, etc. You know ...since groups are a central part of how SL works and Firestorm is the most popular viewer, lol. Specifically (in order of frequency): 1) Sending out group invites generally just silently fails. You pick a person off the list, send the invite, but get no feedback at all. The receiver never gets the invite. 2) Sometimes, it (seems to) work for the sender ... (notification that it was sent) but then the receiver still just never gets the invite. 3) Very occasionally, It seems to work for the sender (notification) and the receiver seems to get it (they get the dialogue and click "Join") but they still haven't joined the group. Before all the "whatabouts" begin ... I'm an experienced long time SL user, the people I'm sending invites to are actually on my friends list, they aren't banned, it isn't occurring in high lag areas, etc. I've been dealing with this for about two to three weeks although previous to that I was off for more than a year due to the deadly plague. 🙂 It's completely reproducible, with the exception of the there variations above. If I was to give rough numbers I'd say 1) happens about 70% of the time, 2) happens about 20% of the time and 3) happens the rest of the time. thanks, Sylvia
  11. I remember making a camisole in those days that cost similarly and sold for $150 lindens. I think I sold 6 or 7 total, lol.
  12. I love this. A very succinct and insightful take on the problems (and rewards) involved. 🙂
  13. Agreed. I know I have to learn some Blender skills in addition to Marvellous Designer. It's just that right now, to me, Blender seems like a mathematicians nightmare, but in RL I can make a dress. Marvellous Designer allows me to take the same pattern for the RL dress and simply turn it into a 3D model. It's using skills I already know, it's faster, it's more intuitive etc. Being the super-picky person I am, I know once I start using it I will find that I will have to use Blender to "fix" the model before upload. The UV is especially important to me as I have spent a couple of years trying to texture other peoples mesh and a bad or poorly thought out UV is almost always the problem. Sylvia.
  14. I have all these same problems. I've just resigned myself to spending about a thousand lindens in uploads on everything I make. 🙂 I will *try* Local Textures (at least I keep telling myself that), but the texture picker in SL, and having to navigate that horrible inventory tree is so tiresome I'm almost ready to just keep paying the price. That being said, I haven't tried it yet so perhaps I'm talking nonsense. Sylvia
  15. I think perhaps you are a tad too harsh here. I've been in SL for ages and have met and worked with some of the great creators and it's always seemed rather obvious to me that the skills and qualities required to make good mesh are entirely opposite to the skills and qualities required to make nice clothing. It's not that the full perm mesh makers are lazy, or poor workers, or don't bother to make "complete products," it's that they would like to make clothes, and have the vision for what is required, but they don't have the skill set. Because the kind of person who's good at using a 3D mesh making program is not the kind of person who is generally good at design, colour, intuition, etc. Good mesh makers have an engineering mind set, not a designers mind set. In a way ... by introducing mesh but not providing an easy way for the average person to make it, Linden Labs has somewhat ruined SL. The idea that we are living in a "user-created" world has never been further from the truth than it is right now. There are no supported methods for making mesh "in-world" and there are no tools or utilities offered by Linden Labs to make mesh outside of SL either. A simple plug-in to allow us to export our prim-work as mesh and then re-upload it would be the obvious next step, but Linden Labs has shown no sign of taking it. You can futz around with that sort of thing if you use Firestorm, but the results are somewhere between dismal and non-functional. Long time SL residents like myself, who are expert prim-workers have seemingly acquired a skill that is now entirely useless. All we have left is our ability to texture things. That's why programs like Marvellous Designer are a godsend. They allow folks who don't have that mathematical/engineering mindset or simply don't have the wherewithal to navigate a complex, counter-intuitive program like Blender or Maya ... to make mesh in an intuitive way. What I've learned from this thread is that apparently they do also need to also learn a few basic cleanup steps in Blender though. good to know 🙂 Sylvia
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