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  1. Sylvia Wasp

    how can I tell if a string is empty?

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I found this one the most useful. I realised after I posted that something along the lines of this, and the negative version: if ( TEST_string != "" ) { } was what is simplest and what I want. The clarification (below) on the NULL_KEY was also most helpful Sylvia
  2. Hello, I'm trying to write some code that checks a string variable to see if it's empty. I realise this is a bit goofy, but I'd still like to know how to do it. LSL script library is of no help as usual due to it's impenetrable language, but there are two ways that seem to be implied: - it seems easy to check string length and presumably an empty string would have a length of "<1" ? - there are some vague implications on some of the pages of the LSL library that an empty string is equal to a "NULL_KEY" (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) ? or is it as simple as: if string == ""? I want something like: if (<string name> is empty) { do stuff; } It would also maybe be good to check the negative? Like "if string isn't empty"?? As you can tell I've become lost on a teeny tiny detail here, lol Sylvia
  3. Sylvia Wasp

    Idiot proof product box script - criticism wanted

    Well that's another interesting point, and you're right about that. I guess I don't see this as a problem for me in that I don't intend to sell no-copy objects. I want to sell mostly clothing & accessories and I can't think of any situation (other than Gacha) where a no-copy item would be appropriate in that scenario. Even though it's wildly popular I have to say that for me personally ... I don't really like Gacha. I think it's a bit of a scam in that it sells a false sense of uniqueness. The "secondary market" it supposedly creates is also a bit illusory IMO. To me, Gacha machines are similar to "one armed bandit" gambling machines and I assume the scripts for those have been worked out by people more talented than I am. This script is just about getting the shoes and dresses out of the box and giving them to the user with minimal interaction, and as automatically as possible, but yes it *does* rely on copyable objects for sure.
  4. Sylvia Wasp

    Idiot proof product box script - criticism wanted

    Interesting. That would work too. Very old-school to drop textures that way, lol. I tend to get confused over which version of "Product_name (box)" I uploaded last. At the end of the day I find that you pretty much need the product shot in the folder that the user gets anyway, which is probably why I ended up with this solution. Not related to this at all, but in the spirit of self-criticism, I think I may change this part: To: Sylvia
  5. Sylvia Wasp

    Idiot proof product box script - criticism wanted

    very good point. I do change the box texture about a dozen times before I'm finished though. so it helps for that
  6. Hello, I'm a very, very, sloooowwww novice scripter but after months of work (literally ... months!) I finally came up with what I think is a perfect script for product boxes. So before I actually load up the product I'm posting it here in case anyone else needs to use it, and also to see if any of the script kiddies that hang out here can find some egregious flaw that I missed. Seriously, criticise away! The basic idea is that you rez a prim, put a texture in the inventory (the box art), then chuck this script in and it formats the box and sets it up for sale. The box would be sold in a vendor and in MP. Obvs. you would add some product as well. Changing the box art in inventory leads to it automatically being put on the outside of the box. The intent is that it can be rezzed on the ground or attached to the HUD, and in either case, it gives you a folder of the prim inventory (minus the script itself). Mostly, this is to avoid that annoying "(ADD)" that most folks end up putting at the end of the title so that n00bs know what to do. Every default action that the user is likely to take would lead to them getting the folder full of inventory without any hassle or knowledge required. The only thing I'd (maybe) like to do, but couldn't figure out, is that it would be nice if the box when it's rezzed on the ground was a different size (larger) than the box when it's attached, but I couldn't' see a way to do it without some nausea inducing prim transformations after it's attached or rezzed. It didn't seem worth it (or very elegant) code below (hopefully, lol) Sylvia //============================== // Sylvia's box "Magic" (2018) //============================== list boxContents; string itemName; string folderName; box_SETUP() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS,[ PRIM_SIZE,<0.05, 1.0, 1.0>, PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES,TEXTURE_BLANK, <1.0, 0.5, 0.5>,<0.0, 0.0, 0.0>,0.0, PRIM_TEXTURE, 2, llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0), <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, 0.0, PRIM_TEXTURE, 4, llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0), <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, 0.0, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,ALL_SIDES,FALSE, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,2,TRUE, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,4,TRUE ]); } box_TEXTURE() { llSetTexture(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0), 2); llSetTexture(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0), 4); } default { state_entry() { box_SETUP(); folderName = llGetSubString(llGetObjectName(),0,(llStringLength(llGetObjectName())-6)); integer count = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); while (count--) { itemName = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, count); if (itemName != llGetScriptName() ) { boxContents += itemName; } } } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY){ box_TEXTURE(); } } on_rez(integer rez) { box_SETUP(); folderName = llGetSubString(llGetObjectName(),0,(llStringLength(llGetObjectName())-6)); llGiveInventoryList(llGetOwner(), folderName, boxContents); } attach(key id) { if (id) { llSleep(5.0); llOwnerSay("right-click to detach"); } } }
  7. Sylvia Wasp

    how to detect the presence of a notecard in a prim

    Thanks Rolig!!! 🙂 I actually think you win the thread here. You answered my question both more succinctly and in exactly the way I wanted. Many thanks to Innula Zenovka also for the snippet relating to reading the notecard. Sylvia PS - Relating to the "snark" ... no offence meant to anyone. I just have a lot of experience over a lot of years asking questions here and what I described is exactly what happens about 80% of the time. And by "80%" I really mean 95%. It's not just here, it happens on pretty much every Internet forum ever.
  8. Hey, I've been trying to figure this out for a long time and I'm so desperate for time now (to complete my project) that I'm finally willing to subject myself to the inevitable bullying and showboating that will definitely occur here, because I know the answer is simple and I just want to get it done! I code my own vendors but I'm not the best coder. I use a notecard to list the items in the vendor and everything works perfectly except when the list on the notecard is empty. When the vendor is *active* but the notecard list is *empty* the vendor display shows that it has "1 of 1 items for $0" because even that empty notecard always has a carriage return. On the other hand, if I delete the notecard, then the script errors out. What I want to do is insert a snippet that basically says: "If the notecard isn't there, then (do something)." Just because it would be cleaner. Everything I've found when I've searched for notecard code is inevitably about how to *read* notecards, and the whole database request thingie which is super confusing to regular mortals and not a box I want to open again now it's already working right. I just want a snippet that examines the prim inventory and shoots back if a notecard is found. I know this is in the LSL wiki somewhere but again, for NON-coders, the LSL wiki is a confusing mess and I'm kind of out of time. Here's hoping someone has a quick, simple, easy to understand answer for me Before you get started, I'm NOT AT ALL interested in: - your advice on why I shouldn't make my own vendors - advice on why my problem is "stupid" because you don't see the reason for me wanting what I want - long complicated advice on how to *read* a notecard and the proper use of database request .... Zzzzzz ... - long bits of code on some completely different style of vendor that's "so much better" than mine - advice on how you personally would re-do my entire project etc. thanks, Sylvia
  9. So, Linden Realms, the game we all know and love to play has been ended. Sorry, in LL speak, it's been "evolved" I guess, lol. The problem for a lot of played this game is, we don't f-ing want to play this stupid new version of the game at all, but we still have Lindens in our HUDs that can't be cashed in, unless we spend a f-ing week playing a game we DON'T want to play, and DIDN'T sign up for. I'm going to take a logical, legal point of view here and just say that this is just outright THEFT. This is Linden Labs STEALING MONEY from you that was promised in good faith under the old game rules. As part of the old game, crystals collected COULD BE TRADED IN AT ANY TIME for Lindens. This is the CONTRACT that players agreed to when they played Linden Realms. This is also the CONTRACT that Linden Labs agreed to. Now, as it turns out, any monies accrued in the old game CANNOT BE CASHED in unless you want to play the (stupid) new game. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE PLAYERS AGREED TO. This is Linden Labs GOING BACK ON THEIR WORD (their contract!) and STEALING MONEY that they had already promised to pay us. It's obvious why they are doing this as if they didn't, almost no one would even try to play the stupid new game. Players are being FORCED against their will to play the new game (which still doesn't even work right BTW), in order to refund the crystals they farmed in the old game so as to artificially raise up the new game and make it seem like it's all that, when it isn't. To make it seem like they haven't made a hugely unpopular mistake by getting rid of the original Linden Realms. Linden Labs has every right to create a new game. Linden Labs has every right to CANCEL any game they see fit to make. They DO NOT however, have the (legal) right to stop us from cashing out the crystals ("chips" in other words) we made while working in the old game. And it was work! Hours and hours of WORK that was supposed to be rewarded with Lindens but now is not. If Linden Labs expects us to honour the end user agreement as "the law" WHY WON'T THEY HONOUR THEIR OWN CONTRACT? The only right thing to do here is to provide a location somewhere where users of the old game can cash out WITHOUT being forced to play the new game, which they didn't sign up for and don't actually want to play. The only conclusion otherwise is that Linden Labs only honours agreements when it suits them, or that they are just ok with STEALING YOUR MONEY. Sylvia Wasp
  10. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    You're being purposely obtuse and (aside from Patch Linden) are the only person on the thread spending time being MEAN just for the sake of it, so I won't talk to you after this. You obviously knew what I meant though. there is a difference between the mechanics of the game and the "story" and the "quests" associated with it. As I said, I once ran into a person who asked me about where they could go to find some silly thing which was "part of the quest." I had no idea up until that point that there WAS a "backstory" or whatever to the game and I have never before or since ran into anyone in Linden Realms who was actually playing for that aspect of the game. That's what I meant, and you knew it too. You're just focussed on how many silly Lion cartoons you can post.
  11. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    More like, "let's re-do the textures so the griefers will be more comfortable" in Linden Realms.
  12. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    I actually don't play because I need the money. Part of the reason I'm so mad about it is that I actually liked playing LR a lot. In fact in recent months it's basically become my entire SL. All I do is log on to SL and then play Linden Realms. So it's like some twelve year old boy screwed up my entire SL with a lot of gharish, poorly done textures everywhere. To me this is really the point of what's happened too. The textures have been replaced for apparently no reason other than someone wanted to "refresh the look," so it's basically an act without any real reason at all. It doesn't change anything about the game, it just makes it look ugly while operating in exactly the same way. The textures themselves are OBJECTIVELY *awful* as well. They are full of so much noise it looks like someone just took the originals and ran them through Photoshop, meanwhile destroying half the information the texture files originally contained. They have an amateurish "overworked" look. I'm a creator and builder from way back and while I don't claim to be a texture expert, anyone can see that these are AWFUL textures that have been poorly done.
  13. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    Well, reasonable people might argue that you should have just kept the "6-7 year old content" (not that I believe that number), rather than changing everything into some kind of juvenile "zombie land" (without zombies!) See, this is what gets me as a designer myself ... You made it looks like some typical Zombie game, but there are no Zombies in it! You put burning fires everywhere, but they don't kill or hurt anyone and burn forever with no purpose. It's completely idiotic. You've also significantly reduced the number of blue and green crystals it seems. I say "inexpertly" because even in the 20 minutes or so I played the game, I noticed at least a dozen instances of places where the old textures were still in use, incongruously placed side by side with the new dark textures. So it's amateurish as well as offensive. Most importantly, the changes serve no purpose, and as per my original complaint, it both REDUCES the number of "normal" people who might play the game as well as ENCOURAGES the a-holes. AND it's a change based on the FAULTY heuristic that people want to "follow the story."
  14. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    As someone who plays Linden Realms every single day for hours a day and has since almost it's inception, I can say fairly categorically that no one actually cares about Lindens "creating content." I have literally only ran into one single person who actually even read the backstory or is playing Linden Realms "for the adventure." I remember it because it surprised me when they asked me questions about the "quest" which I was unaware of even after paying the game for many months at that point. People play Linden Realms to get crystals and then cash in those crystals. Pretty much ZERO people actually give a rat's behind about the "story" and "where it's going." Also, everyone in the game is always talking about the CHEATERS. If they were going to change anything, they should have made changes to make cheating less likely or more difficult. I have personally reported (I keep records) over two dozen instances of cheating to LL and NOTHING has happened. The same people using their scripted devices and weapons and shields are still cheating in exactly the same way as they always have. If you SAY anything to a cheater, they usually attack you. As a result I have personally reported roughly 20 or so incidents where another avatar attacked me (or several people), threw us out of the game, crashed the sim etc. and again ... NOTHING happened. NOTHING. There are several players in particular that run with scripted attachments that LAG anyone within two sims to a complete STANDSTILL, so they can then simply trot around that sim all by themselves picking up the crystals. This was the case when I first started playing, and has only INCREASED since then. These people have been reported to Linden Labs MULTIPLE times by MULTIPLE different people including myself. NOTHING has happened. We've even had to form our own group to track the cheaters and report them to LL because Linden Labs won't do ANYTHING. This has resulted in an increase in abuse and cheating reports, but said increase in reports hasn't actually had any effect on the cheaters. TO BE CLEAR ... this is NOT random cheaters coming and going, being caught and then being replaced by a new cheater. This is mostly the SAME cheaters, operating since the beginning of the game, who have been reported for cheating MANY MANY times, but still NOTHING happens. I could give you a list right now of 12 major cheaters that play the game, that have been reported many multiple times but yet still play the game. I can't because LL would ban me from Second Life for saying it. They are surprisingly good at shutting down anything PUBLIC that affects their image, but somehow less effective at stopping actual ABUSE. Sylvia
  15. Sylvia Wasp

    Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    Thanks for the reasoned advice (as opposed to the smarmy remarks from the Lindens), but I know how to change my wind light. It doesn't really alleviate much of the horror of the new textures.