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  1. nikita2004 Ashley

    Models for Photos (Free Photos in Return)

    I am interested. Will im u.
  2. nikita2004 Ashley

    Hiring Awesome Paid Hosts at River Park Club

    Interested. Will send im in world
  3. nikita2004 Ashley

    Daling with rl and sl partners...

    Well, I do not have any sl partner or rl partner but I do have a very close so guy friend. I see him as my SL bf but he is not at the same page as me. This is his theory not mine, he said. Sl is a social platform, "I" come in here to have fun. I do not want to talk about my rl or anything related to my rl. Sl is like a chilling spot when I want to have fun, I disconnect my rl and come here. Once I turn off the PC I am back to the rl world whatever I do here will be remain here. This is his theory, I do not disagree nor agree. I guess it is a very smart but selfish move but again is his sl and is up to how he wants to live. Right?
  4. nikita2004 Ashley

    Fire Company Looking for a Sim

    I already im u in world and gave u the sim location. In case u missed it contact the person In charge juppyj alter
  5. nikita2004 Ashley

    Fire Company Looking for a Sim

    I think the sim that I am staying at the moment is looking for one. Just im in world I will give u the URL.
  6. nikita2004 Ashley

    Free mesh bodies and heads

    Lol it is free anyway, can always get some free eyes elsewhere.
  7. nikita2004 Ashley

    Free mesh bodies and heads

    The woh women hunt is on, u can get the Altamira Emmanuel from there for free.
  8. nikita2004 Ashley

    Looking for a place to stay

    I recently rented in a roleplay sim. It is not much of privacy but it is very cheap 1 linden for 75prim per week. If u are keen just im me. I will share the location.
  9. nikita2004 Ashley

    Tamir Daisean

    Fishing is not too bad. U can try that too.
  10. nikita2004 Ashley

    Looking for new friends

    Sounds good, will look for you in world.
  11. nikita2004 Ashley

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    I don't know about catwa but I think they are extremely expensive. I manage to get the laq neve for 500linden consider as a lucky person.
  12. nikita2004 Ashley

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    If I am not mistaken Genesis lab is no longer active. Genus is coming out as most of the creator are from Genesis. It has a lot of confusion anyway but in terms of assistance I think genus will have people to answer your queries if u bought the beta head but for genesis is more or less a dead shop.
  13. nikita2004 Ashley

    Making Friends

    Tarot card sounds cool..hahahah.
  14. nikita2004 Ashley

    Mesh Head help

    Go collect some coins or go for fishing. At least u get some linden by doing it.