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  1. Today i lost my friend

    I guess it is the personalities that counts here. Whether u are mesh or non mesh, u are not hurting anyone by upgrading your avi. U are certainly not his slave that u need to listen to him all the time. I would say that u can happily dismiss this friend. R u sharing a skybox with him? If yes there is no reason not to use it. U can take it as a training for yr real life.
  2. For lonely people, just sign your name (and some info)

    Took a while for me to think about signing up here. Been around almost 6 months even though profile state 10 years plus. Cos I never really log in when I first created my account. Do not have much friends, interested in photography and decorations. Im me in world if u keen to know me more.
  3. Do you talk to your friends?

    It depends on where u meet them. If u guys meet up in the freebies event, then I would im them about free stuff. Anyway I do not have a long list myself, those that idle for a long time. I will choose to remove them.
  4. i need help creating a pretty region for people to visit!

    I am interested in the job. Pls im me.
  5. Would you inform the partner?

    It could me a fun meant for 3 person. Haha u never know.
  6. Looking for photography model(s) (women)

    I am very keen to try out. Will im u personally.
  7. Altamura Jenny Bento Head

    So how much is it? I know the Valentina is 300linden. Is this cheaper than 300linden? I remember previously Jenny was at 900 linden.
  8. 友だち募集中

    Slan, nihon go I chotto benkyo shimasu. Demo hiragana katakana chotto muzukashi desu kara. Romaji o kakemasu. Nihon go o renshu shi tai desu kara. Ishyoni benkyo shimasu to asobimasu mo ii desu ka?
  9. Have you been a Victim?

    It is hard to know about whether he or she is an alt. Not long ago my ex sl bf was into some kind of rp thing. This rp is he married an alt play by one of our common friend. Post all their wedding pictures and tell the whole world they are so into each other. On the other hand ask me to understand what they are doing. Hahahah so it is hold lot of different level of sincerity.
  10. How to Make Friends and Influence Avatars

    No. 5) I used to trespass random houses but never had sex on their bed. I find that is disrespectful. However recently I find things really annoying when I caught people entering my compound to change clothes! Bump into a couple of random avi. They just come in and treat it like their own dressing room. I find it odd as there are tonnes of sandbox and also hotel plus dressing room everywhere but to use others house as their dressing room?
  11. SL boyfriend WANTED!!!

    Admire your guts and honesty. Hahahah I am looking for the similar sl bf but never have the courage to post it out like u! Good luck in your search. Don't forget to update here when u manage to find one.
  12. Decorations

    I am not advertising about getting a job or anything. Offering help is different and notice that I didn't mentioned payment. It is more like a hobby and I am actually quite sick and tired of doing my own place again and again. I hope my work will be able to be appreciate by other people. Obviously if the owner or whoever wanted very low prim or high end stuff they have to buy the item themselves. Or did I posted in every group? Cos this is my first time posting, if that's the case I will take it down.
  13. Decorations

    I am offering help to decorate not asking help to decorate.
  14. I want Good Friends In my SL

    Lol... Sounds like a stalker statement.... Hahahhaha.. just kidding.