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  1. 其实是像 role play. 角色扮演,找些朋友大家聊聊天。 你可以在 in world找我。 看来你是新的玩家。
  2. Following this post is somehow comforting. I always thought I am the only person but when u found others just similar to u, u don't feels like a weirdo. I hope everyone here manage to find joy while exploring sl.
  3. I don't really like to spend time alone in sl. But I don't have that many friends, so I ended up exploring on my own. I enjoy sim decorations so that dont need any companion and also taking photos. I also do some fishing here and there for some linden. So after a while I sort of get use to it. Haha rather sad but it happens.
  4. Altamura Juliet works with many skins. Of course omega compatible, as usual always demo demo demo. I manage to use 6 different skin to take part in their photo contest. I would say so far it is worth to give it a try. I also recently gifted clodet to a friend. Maybe just need some practice and most csr in the group are very responsive too. I like their products.
  5. Same here... Im me if u feels like.
  6. Keen. I have a lo of heads. Will pm u in world.
  7. Yeah I like sim deco. Will look for u in world or u can look for me too:)
  8. Well, I do not have any sl partner or rl partner but I do have a very close so guy friend. I see him as my SL bf but he is not at the same page as me. This is his theory not mine, he said. Sl is a social platform, "I" come in here to have fun. I do not want to talk about my rl or anything related to my rl. Sl is like a chilling spot when I want to have fun, I disconnect my rl and come here. Once I turn off the PC I am back to the rl world whatever I do here will be remain here. This is his theory, I do not disagree nor agree. I guess it is a very smart but selfish move but again is his sl and is up to how he wants to live. Right?
  9. I already im u in world and gave u the sim location. In case u missed it contact the person In charge juppyj alter
  10. I think the sim that I am staying at the moment is looking for one. Just im in world I will give u the URL.
  11. Lol it is free anyway, can always get some free eyes elsewhere.
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