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  1. Keen will pm u in world.
  2. Well, I have the ak free head recently. I am not playing male or acting like one in sl. But I really had a hard time convincing male to do some gay photo session with me. I did show some of my female friends how the male avi looks like and they got so turn on by it that they would buy me a dick. Hahahah. I personally encounter male play as female too. It is no biggie. I ask him why would he do that, he told me because he enjoys dressing up and gals have more freebies than guy. Hahaha.
  3. There are no specific rules about sl relationship. It is more on comfort. I shares a lot about myself and my rl but doesn't mean he will do the same for me. So there is a different set of expectations, am I expecting to take my SL to rl? The answer is no, I just want to feels wanted when I am in SL. Can I accept polygamy relationship in SL? Tbh I can't but because he wants to and he needs that, I will try to accommodate. It is all down to u again, I think we should respect partners choice, sometimes is not about what we want. It is their SL experience as well, workout the expectations together. Otherwise be friends, there will be someone out there somewhere that shares the same principle as u. U just got to look for it.
  4. I am also looking for jobs too. Enjoy deco and photography. In case she is not available just im me.
  5. 其实是像 role play. 角色扮演,找些朋友大家聊聊天。 你可以在 in world找我。 看来你是新的玩家。
  6. Following this post is somehow comforting. I always thought I am the only person but when u found others just similar to u, u don't feels like a weirdo. I hope everyone here manage to find joy while exploring sl.
  7. I don't really like to spend time alone in sl. But I don't have that many friends, so I ended up exploring on my own. I enjoy sim decorations so that dont need any companion and also taking photos. I also do some fishing here and there for some linden. So after a while I sort of get use to it. Haha rather sad but it happens.
  8. Altamura Juliet works with many skins. Of course omega compatible, as usual always demo demo demo. I manage to use 6 different skin to take part in their photo contest. I would say so far it is worth to give it a try. I also recently gifted clodet to a friend. Maybe just need some practice and most csr in the group are very responsive too. I like their products.
  9. Same here... Im me if u feels like.
  10. Keen. I have a lo of heads. Will pm u in world.
  11. Yeah I like sim deco. Will look for u in world or u can look for me too:)
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