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  1. I have to do this for the purpose of maintaining sanity! (see photo edit)
  2. A very aggressive schedule? I don't like the sound of that.
  3. I gave up my premium for this year, so won't be trying these. They do look lovely but I still get weirded out by Patch (or whoever) calling these Chalets.
  4. I reckon there will be plenty of these available once the half-timbered houses are released so I'm giving myself a break from hitting Ctrl-5. I've been playing the sims!
  5. I'm busy with holiday stuff right now, and wondering what's happening in-world. Are the stilt homes being released gradually, or has this stalled? It sounds like there are mailbox glitches, are these making things impossible, or are they just now and then? How easy is it to get a nice stilts location? Thanks in advance @hoppers.
  6. Happy New Stilt Homes Forum peeps! Not sure if I'll get the chance to grab one of these for a while but they look nice. I was worried that squeezing the extra plot in would impact on the feeling of space, or reduce the landscaping by too much, but I guess if you are going to do that then this is the theme to do it with. Open water / sand looks more natural than bare grass. I hope to try these once the holiday rush is over, have fun!
  7. That's cool to know, thank you! The word 'Fachwerkhaus' comes up with a collection of houses on google which are half-timbered, and which definitely could be a design inspiration for the not-chalets. It may be a mischievious thought, but I wonder why the german moles didn't simply take photos of german houses, in Germany? 'Yes Boss, those theme park photos are lovely and very useful, we'll definitely look at those later.' Dutch influence seems credible too after visiting the build. The end result is fairly generic, which I guess gives people a chance to see these as they would like.
  8. I'm not frowning at people having fun! (except when they do it loudly and drunkenly right next to me :D) I must admit that places like Disneyworld are a turn off as well, but I can stare at an old building (or a tree) for ages.
  9. It isn't that long ago that you mentioned this spot, that's truly wonderful Chloe!
  10. It's difficult to come up with a correct category, just do your best and make sure your links are correct so the team can find things.
  11. This is really lovely Elena! Such a cute theme
  12. I've always assumed that you must derender a lot of stuff, because you've mentioned it frequently before, especially as a solution to problems others may be having with neighbours. Maybe that assumption was incorrect and you really do embrace the chaos! I easily get overwhelmed with too much contradiction, low slung floating plywood platforms, glow in the dark trees, square patches of ground snow in an otherwise green neighbourhood. I theorise the reason that you are not finding the newly revealed theme puzzling, is because you share a culture with its creator, you understand the editing. You will not be eating your breakfast wearing a frown and wondering who did the marketing exercise that made such a strong association between half-timbered buildings and Bavaria that it led to a theme park being built in Georgia USA (there are a lot of places in Europe with half timbered buildings..why Bavaria..and if Bavaria why not their more unique buildings?) To me it is a strange and arbitrary as someone making 'american mail-box world' in say, Coventry UK, completely modelled on some random spot in , say Idaho, and then if a mail box is seen in second life, the comments would be 'ooh it's just like Idaho'. Part of the fascination, and opportunity of second life is in seeing things, the world, people, through the lens of their creations or style choices, and in attempting to see the world through another's eyes. It seems we have more opportunities to understand the culture of the USA through this theme, than the culture of Bavaria. I could understand a Bavarian being a bit miffed at that. For myself, I will most likely learn something and alter my own world view to fit the new information. Patch himself remains a huge puzzle, he would maybe think the same if he ever thought of me, which I doubt
  13. I like the Eidelweiss best too, because it is the model which looks most like the 1930s mock tudor houses which I remember from my childhood (in the uk)! What does the word *chalet* mean in American English? Is it just another word for house? I would think of a chalet style house like this below so the name is quite confusing. The new theme look like 'half timbered houses' to me (which even more confusingly literally describes the chalet below!)
  14. I think you have hit on an excellent strategy Loretta. See these homes as American mock tudor, I'm sure it is a closer fit stylewise than trying to bend them to become more European. The actual homes in SL are pretty on the outside, but I really wish they had the stonework featured in your photo. The insides feel like a rehash of the log homes, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to get around those brown window frames for interior decor. In combination with the victorian doors they feel like a trend that was popular here in the UK in the eighties. I'd just need some light blocking austrian blinds and a faux coal gas fire to complete the look! The landscaping around the houses is generally pleasing, I'm loving the spring flowers. The windmill is nice, no idea if it feels german or not. On google I can see preserved versions of american ones which look similar so it doesn't need to interfere with the Amerimocktudor theme:)
  15. Yeah, I've finally found an image of actual houses in actual Bavaria which have the timber framing! Once you split these up into smaller individual homes, flatten the roofs, simplify the colour scheme, take out 80% of the detail, and then for some reason add a Victorian door you do end up with something looking like the demo models. There's still no explanation as to why they have been called chalets though? It's not possible to avoid the issue that basing a theme on a pastiche is going to end up with weird results. Using original and authentic source material is a fundamental principle in design (usually). However, unlike some previous British commentators, I rather like 1930s Mock tudor houses, and this is definitely where my mind went when I first saw these models. This is an example of a house near where I lived as a child. They do need a bit of brick to make them look right though. It might be a tough task to design around those brown window surrounds, and if the neighbours have gone gone the full Disney there's a chance that nothing could be done to redeem the situation. Referring to what @Sylvia Tamalyn said earlier, 'Your World, Your Imagination'. Unfortunately that only holds if you have the modelling skills to create that, otherwise you are stuck with whatever you can find. It's a much harder task to make something which represents a culture lying outside the US, simply due to the demographics of the creators inworld. These homes, which are 'european through an american lens' are an example of that. As for nitpicking comment, @LittleMe Jewell, I'll put that down to lack of experience. Being an american in second life is like being right handed in the real world. You simply don't notice the aggravation because for you it doesn't exist. I'm not blaming you for that, just pointing it out.
  16. Actually, I'm not too worried about these being more american homes, it was the sheer brain fogging confusion of not knowing what was going on which bothered me
  17. It looks like a hybrid to me, Bavaria with a dollop of american hotdog sauce
  18. They look American, that's why it's been so weird. It's an americanised version of Bavaria, which is fine, it's was just so abstract though! (to guess I mean)
  19. SO THAT is why the teaser photo was so difficult to decipher, these homes are based on a town which is an American interpretation of Bavaria, and then on top of that they've been Bellissarily Second Lifed!! Hence the strange mountain cabin / victorian farmhouse mix of styles. All I needed was an explanation
  20. Not been to see these yet, I'll wait until it is is quiet. Ooh I just looked it up and Helen, Georgia is in America? So these are american homes? Very puzzled.
  21. Does he mean 'not the continent which contains North America?'.
  22. I may have gone the opposite way, I'm feeling a bit 'past it' now and disappeared back into opensim for a while to escape. Having landed that lovely Fourze houseboat gave me a dilemma, as I know how hard it will be to to get the prime stilt-home spots during actual release time, because of all the clickers out there competing. It really is nice to join in the rush but.... it may be easier and less stressful to get a great place later, and take advantage of an ultra-hopper letting go their excess catches. However we'll see how that logic holds out once the stampede begins!
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