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  1. I'm thinking; it would make the remaining land capacity go further there are so many residents (or alts) using the old linden continent on 512 parcels so there must be a demand it would suit some very popular home styles, such as urban tiny houses, cottages or beach huts it would encourage premium members to use up 512 plots in regular mainland and so reduce abandoned land I know the 512 plots don't suit everyone due to the reduced prim count, but sometimes careful shopping shopping and planning can overcome that issue. Also, maybe the actual style of the campers doesn't suit everyone. What do you think?
  2. @Mercedes Avon I can't see the page myself, because I already have a linden home, but it seems highly unusual that they would run out of older homes as well. It's probably worth refreshing that page a bit later to see if it is a glitch.
  3. Sounds like a good idea if so, much better return on private regions. Watch out for the phantom land nibbler!
  4. I'm currently doing up a seaside 128m2 plot complete with tiny house, I have a 512 linden plot, and I'm wondering what I can do with my spare 400m2. @Mollymews is correct that odd sized land is easier to achieve backwards. 512 plots can be oddly expensive compared to larger pieces. You could consider taking over some abandoned land, as you could request any size you like then @eyecu2 Unless it is in a premium spot doing this is usually cheap and straightforward.
  5. End of an era! I'd be surprised if it was an actual end though. I suspect there will be more log homes, and hopefully some more of the others, plus some completely new ones (please!).
  6. Help, my name is Raspberry, and I am back in the Old Continent! (How does this keep happening? 😄) This is a Meadowbrook / Upper Skylight. The Bazar Roya kitchen by @Ria Bazar makes all the difference to me for decorating rooms which have so many windows, and much less free wall space, as it is designed as an island. (We have installed it in my partner's Windlass houseboat also for the same reason) I still have around 80 li to go., and upstairs is fairly bare so far.
  7. How long is it since you visited the Old Linden Continent? There are as many green dots on the map as in the new Bellisseria. There's a long way to go before before they close.
  8. What a beautiful area, and great photo Elena!
  9. Cross linking from another thread. This is another example of over-bearing / tall building on the water portion of the houseboat plots. The original thread which sparked this post had something similar but different (a swimming pool on stilts) So yes, something in the covenant which picks out the water part of houseboat plots for special treatment would be welcome (to me at least!)
  10. @PrudenceAnton one of my houseboat neighbours (on a past plot) left her virtual baby crawling around an open fire stove. I had the same degree of discomfort that you describe about the horses. With that, and her oversized (and overlapping) build on the water I decided to move. We might say breedables lag the place out, but it's that lack of emotional investment that sends out the bad vibes
  11. My thoughts are that if someone hasn't been able to get to their plot for quite some time to remove obviously seasonal items then they are being helped, rather than punished by an AR. I would be grateful if someone tidied up for me if I had a genuine RL emergency or lack of net access. By 'quite some time' I'm thinking a couple of months rather than one day over the limit! The useful thing about posting on a forum is it gets us out of our own heads and answers the question of 'am I being reasonable in my reaction?'. It also helps to clarify, not just in a particular situation, but in future, how the covenant is likely to be interpreted and acted upon by the governance team. We can tap into other forumites' experiences. I also believe that's there is sometimes an uneasy tension between the needs of residents, and the operation of a public arena which supports a business. (ie this forum). Whilst being grateful for the facility, I am also frustrated at times by the lack of an alternate venue where it wouldn't always be necessary to be wonder whether a free ranging discussion would set off official alarm bells. The answer to this has always been 'take it in world'. Which, to me, has been a version of 'be quiet and behave'. I also realise that attempts at alternate venues can been bogged down in drama, and clogged up with ex-residents spilling bile which becomes a huge burden for volunteer community organisers to deal with. Ah me, maybe I wish for utopia.com/forum!
  12. No, this is a distortion of what happens. This isn't about shame or ridicule it's about consideration for others. There are plenty of hideous design choices which don't get posted on the forum, even those which affect the street scene very negatively. This is about over building. If you take a houseboat plot and build tall structures in the water area it changes the look of the plot, blocks views and negatively impacts the experience of the neighbours in many directions. You are imposing your theme on others. It's a bad assumption that everyone can derender, and it is a questionable attitude to expect others to do this anyway. The design itself wasn't so bad in itself, it just wasn't fair to the neighbours to overbuild in a way which is hard to avoid visually.
  13. Went to visit last night, and this is a lovely build. The bubble ride was fun too.
  14. It's horrible. Try an AR and see what happens.
  15. I guess under those circumstances it might be strategic to wait, and not use the five goes when the region first goes live? Maybe sit and watch?
  16. For non logical reasons the log home release has got bundled up emotionally with the current world situation for me. I keep looking at that tally (log homes available) go down, and somehow hope we'll all be in a better place by the time things move on, and it gets to zero. For that reason I can't wait for this release phase to be over and to move onto other things. I know it doesn't make sense
  17. I used to get really fed up with this kind of behaviour as well, but now I think that these are the kind of people who, for whatever reason, shell out and keep second life going so I can slide in with my one premium account, enjoy the whole thing on a casual level, and on a much smaller budget. If it weren't for the whales, we'd be sunk.
  18. I think both are possible, to enter into an extended self, but also to empathically inhabit the world of somebody else, at least within the limitations of our imagination!
  19. Most of the time Raspberry and I are are in synch, except when she gets her **** in the way and I can't see what I'm editing! Decorating my partner's houseboat has been a revelation though. Or should I say, decorating the houseboat of the alt of my partner that I chose to officially partner with (there's a whole new topic in itself!) The way that he expresses this aspect of this alt character, and the way I am interpreting it turn out to be subtly different. It's as if his alt has aspects of himself hat are separate from both of us. I think this is similar to the way writers create characters. Those imaginary people will have parts of their creator, but the need to make them shareable as a whole consistent person means, that what fills the gaps can turn out to be something totally new. In second life, even if we are reclusive, we are sharing our avatars with the world. I know some will be plastic disposable dolls, made for a purpose, but others will somehow take on a life of their own. SL gives us the chance to imagine being somebody else, and in the process finding out new things about ourselves.
  20. People who find an otherwise lovely area, fill their entire mainland plot with a big black box, then run out of ideas and run off, leaving their obnoxious creation to carbuncle the general view.
  21. Fingers crossed for beach huts, or modern houses!
  22. @Evangeline Arcadia The planting and landscaping around the log homes is really nice, but I'm not excited by the homes themselves. Maybe because they do feel quite similar to what has gone before, and also the colour scheme of the exteriors are so limited. I'm guessing some would say that limited palette leads to more realism. I was really trying to work out what was going on for me, and whether current global climate was affecting my view, because objectively, the new regions are quite lovely, it's just I'm not feeling a connection emotionally. Maybe the region cloning, and the recycling of elements is simply a response to what can realistically be produced in a reasonable timescale. I'd love to be really surprised by the next theme though.
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