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  1. Maybe the same plot I abandoned, had the same neighbour on the other side. Looks like garden trolling to me.
  2. It's hard to know how casual readers take things if they don't comment, but the alternative view could be that people here really care about Bellisseria. Unless of course that imagined reader were thinking of starting a floating whale farm, they could be put off the project by reading this thread
  3. I'm more likely to take a break from SL than the forum because I can only access SL via my pc, and other pages are available on my other devices. If there was still an actively maintained android lite browser it would probably change things. However, at the moment, it works to dip in and out of the forum, but that would frustrate me inworld. I prefer to enjoy a couple of hours there when I have the uninterrupted free time to do.
  4. I use it a lot! I'm currently trying out some new photography tricks so it's handy to know that I'm not standing for ages in the road outside someone's window in a stalkerish fashion while they are at home, especially as it will be some distant view I'm trying to capture rather than the secrets of their love life
  5. Oh wow! I land-marked to go back, glad I did as I must have missed a large section. This is the nicest surprise to get this wonderful space.
  6. A single example, floating to the surface on a river of campers!
  7. I got a floating Victorian, about an hour ago. it is only my second vic. I have decided to stick with it for a while, as the last time I got a victorian* I was worrying about the whole of Belli turning into Clonesville USA and I was too upset to play around. Now I've seen the wonderful custom stuff that's in the pipeline, and that gorgeous three region park I can relax a bit. (*it is the the exact same house, in the same position, in the same, maybe even in the exact same region which seems quite weird after a few weeks interval)
  8. I hope @Chloe Dolores is ironing them after they've been through the spin cycle!
  9. @MaisyDrew go to the Land Page, which is hopefully this https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php Make sure Bellisseria is selected under the choice of theme. As I look now only campers are available. You could get one of those as a try out if you like, as currently new homes are in short supply. Things should get better though. When there is more choice you will see extra icons for traditional, houseboat and victorian and you would select which one you want.
  10. Not a vehicle then? I wonder where it keeps the bowl of petunias?
  11. A trailer in Carnival (wasn't yet claimed when I snapped this).
  12. Oh wow, this is something special! I've really missed more open natural space without housing and this is it!
  13. ...and then there's more. I checked to see that this plot had been taken before I snagged a trad on the land page, and....it was the same one ugain! Must have been another speedy departure. One ex-owner still in the road from before, my guess is she's been caught multiple time with this one already. Reminded me of @Leora Jacobus telling a similar tale late last year. I guess we've become accustomed to the land page being flooded with property over the holidays, and now we are back to drought season. Not that I'm complaining, I prefer slow-grown regions over rapid rise clones!
  14. I snagged a Trad abandon in Silent Shores. It was a perfectly nice plot, but was claimed / abandoned so rapidly after me that owners started stacking up in the road (now stuck in maintenance, I wonder if that's a system reaction or a coincidence?)
  15. That's an interesting question. You are asking about expectations, maybe what seems reasonable? From my perspective if a relationship is confined to second life then it seems ok for people to live out their projected identity without disclosure . For instance, this is somewhere that a male or female can live out their alternate gendered self and explore those possibilities in an environment which holds less risks than real life. However if someone was padding out that identity by constantly lying about their real life to maintain a false reality then..hmm that feels icky.
  16. More houseboats available this afternoon, campers have been available constantly. I've had three separate houseboats, all in the squishy pickled, or the re-pickled clone. Two were nice positions, but one of those had a dodgy neighbour.
  17. I would really love to find more blogs with interesting written commentary. It seems to stretch the definition of the genre to provide a photostream with titles, and hopefully product links and call it a blog. Maybe it's a plog?
  18. I saw another houseboat, and a fast fleeing victorian but otherwise it's been campers all the way! @Arwanja they are building some just now, no idea about release date though.
  19. I can't edit my comment now, it was a reaction to the previous post which was later edited.
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