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  1. Hi i am wondering how you can make auras in secondlife is there a script or something else Also i am wondering were i can get full perm nails to put art on them for lots different bodies.
  2. Not really sure if this is right place to put it mostly is because i dont want to sell but to trade I have two Astralia - enchanted sky nails for Legacy and I am wondering if there someone who is willing to trade same nails but for Maitreya. This gacha is at the collab 88 at the moment.
  3. Hi I am looking for work I am a dj or more like working one place not going too wells so i am looking also willing to work in other things as long is doable for me. I like to play around with textures and in the past i have been a manger in a club before.
  4. Yesenia Zero

    Mesh nails?

    Hi i seen many mesh nails and i am wondering if there is any mesh mails full prems so i can textures them and ect.
  5. I am looking for a piece a land where I can put my breedables and sell them as well maybe a future store i like to have a good amount of prims so i can set up the place nicly and be able to display my breedables.
  6. Hi I am hoping that someone could help with this I plan to make small rental house comuinty on my 1/4 land i rent however there my things are up in the sky and want to restrict tanants on how high they can fly :3. Also if possiable someone can tell get a good rental script and also one that i can link the house to and set amount of prims to use.
  7. Hi I am a dj in sl i am currently working at two places however i would like to expand also I do pravite events or parties as well as a day hire or whatever I play a mix of music but most my music is rock. So yeah so anyone hiring let me know kinda looking for something new.
  8. thx guys this helped lots i will do that i just wait i am excited for the new homes
  9. So i kinda heard about new homes how do i or anyone get that do we need to cancel premuim and take it up again. to get new options
  10. Hi I am looking for a public land where I can set up snuffles and also seel my breedables items in the future as setting up a small shop near future as well
  11. well also 90% when I do buy a clothing item there is an option for most common bodies when you open the file they will for lara, belleza, slink and etc but i do not mind buying for both if comes but really like person i am quoting from it be a waste of money if somone already have the bodies .
  12. i like switch bodies time to time one them is freya and sl hg i wont be suprised if this body falls in the background like so many other bodies heck eve body has better system then them
  13. ok now i got curious about this i skim through this so I dont know much details. One things I do agree is the price and support is not so good. In the past i tried to look for help lets says could not find anything. Dont get me wrong the bodies are nice really nice. But like many said many thought TMP was dead even me included i am surprised they even released a new body at all i mean i waiting on Lara body the new update is being worked on at least what i been told by one peeps who working on the body. Is something i look forward.
  14. ooohhh that makes because when i did buy them long ago it fits now not so much like i said
  15. i dont know if just me or maybe someone knows but when i put on the hands and then the body there is a gap like there is a hidden alpha but there is none there so i tried reading the note but i dont see anything i can learn from. i mean is suppose work with most bodies so maybe is something i am doing.
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