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  1. ooohhh that makes because when i did buy them long ago it fits now not so much like i said
  2. i dont know if just me or maybe someone knows but when i put on the hands and then the body there is a gap like there is a hidden alpha but there is none there so i tried reading the note but i dont see anything i can learn from. i mean is suppose work with most bodies so maybe is something i am doing.
  3. wells about lame enc having bit of trouble with it
  4. I hope this is the right place to put this. I am looking to work either as a DJ or a model these things I have done in the past and would love to get back on the horse as some say. I do hope hear from someone soon and free a lot of the times so most likely I will be free. Contact me at Yesenia Zero by notecard or message.
  5. I need some help setting up, so can get some help so i can DJ
  6. Yesenia Zero

    mesh nails

    hello i am wondering if there is long nail mesh perm full to do art on them also how to make nice nails for mesh hands
  7. i trying create skins but when i test them their patchy no seamless is there a class or video about skins and textures also like to have some information on mesh building too as well bento head creation.
  8. hi how are everyone I am thinking opening a art store not like clothes but like art like avatar art in traditional way not like photo pic that there so much more and even more then that too I mean I looked into clothes like retexturing clothes but I feel I do not have the right tools something I like to look into if you guys have suggestion on easy use program to retexture the maps.
  9. thank you fall the responses yea seems to be the case that ipad pro wont do it
  10. hi I hope I am putting this in the right place my question is I thinking getting ipad pro one day my question is, is there a way to run sl on it or will there be something because a lot peeps says is like a laptop or MacBook something like that but down graded.
  11. I have looked it up but there so many and not sure where to go. So I thought I ask where would be best place to earn Lidens besides inworld jobs. :3 thank you for your time.
  12. thank you and i am very grateful to those who gave me so much advice -hugs and kisses to all-
  13. ok I have searched many different sorts of free 3d program to use for builing and animations and poses, i been told blender is good others says wing buts i am asking you people what is better recommened and better comapable with second life.
  14. thank you is very much for your kind offer :3 it would be nice to attend.
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