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  1. When at all possible I like to line dry laundry in the garden (it's cheaper and more eco friendly), so basements or upstairs machines would feel quite inconvenient for that! Not so easy if you don't have outdoor space of course. I guess patch is going to need to throw an extra clue in here, as we've wandered off into other topics Before that happens I'm going to guess **Colonial style** referring back to @Matthieu Quander's remark about grown men crying about the door knocker.
  2. Your solution did sound convincing, and also Quite Interesting (another uk quiz show ) I did have a niggle that it might be a bit too interesting, as in not quite fitting in with the current design philosophy, in that it would be a lot of extra work to create a convincing desert landscape, and hard to recycle existing elements. My model for Patch's photo shoots are this. He has ten minutes or less to do it, he uses whatever props he has available in the inventory of the alt that he's using, in this case Spookypatch Halloween (made up name). The props have not, so far, been relevant to the solution. My next thought is that the pipe organ is simply a large object which fills the space. It is probably wishful thinking, but I did hope there might be a window behind it, which would indicate a smaller dwelling place.
  3. Give them time, I'm sure you will see it again!
  4. I've been so absorbed in current affairs that I missed the development in this thread! Does anyone else think that this is heading towards joining up the continents with a sailing route?
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shoki/185/243/22 L$ 3450 Peaceful getaway or perfect rental. This plot is in a lovely, well established area, with interesting and varied neighbours, many featuring outstanding decor.. The plot is contoured to fit the curve of the river, and there are multiple intriguing sailing routes available for sightseeing right from the front door, with a different outlook round every bend. There is an attractive 'real terrain' beach to the front, and a similar small area available at the rear. The buyer may keep the decor and furnishings shown here, which leaves 5 li to spare. (the boat takes up 35 Li and I'm leaving it as decor, it will not be driveable due to creator permissions). You are, of course, welcome to return any items you do not wish to keep. *Please note: For my stay here I derendered one large decor screen in far distance, and the home of my immediate neighbour so I could get a wrap around river view (see comparison shots below). The view out of the front window pictured is 'as seen' in world with no adjustments.*
  6. @Milk Pixelmaid If this had been my favourite quiz show, Only Connect, then an answer that fitted all the clues would have been accepted, even if it wasn't what the question creators had in mind. I think Patch has suffered from earlier themes being too easy to guess and has now overshot in the opposite direction.
  7. @Nika Talajwell done for finding an interesting solution which fits many of the clues! It would be wonderful to get something different, such as desert landscape. However, I can't connect the house shown with anything which pops up on a google search for the area. Do you have any examples which look like Patch's home teaser?
  8. This is the weird thing to me. To hint a long while in advance that we were getting something very different, and then to go on to build log homes, stilt homes and whatever this is. It's about expectation management. If Patch had said, they will all be pretty much the same from now on with different planting themes, external finishes and mix of floor plans, then any variation on top of that would have been a nice surprise. I guess he could argue that these are all homes and what did we want, wheelbarrows with windows? I just don't believe that the formula is going to change that much now, and whatever we get there will be thousands of them, with some sort of cloned elements in the landscaping, because that's the only way they can do it with the resources available. The reason that this is disappointing to me, is that this isn't how they started out and I had, it turns out ,an unreasonable hope, that they would continue to produce very varied designs and (all) unique landscapes. It's absolutely inevitable that a more honed approach, with one eye on the budget, is going to produce less interesting, and more predictable results. It's like the mass housing estates we have over here, you can have the 3 bed Conniston with bifold doors with an orange roof, or the 3 bed Pennistone with grey roof, a study at the front and double garage. People want somewhere to live and it is very much ok, better than a lot of things, but it isn't fascinating. Patch can dangle things in any way he likes (ooh missus) but it is never going to be *that* interesting because it can't be. I know talented home designers will take whatever is offered and make special places, as in real life, some people are really good at that. The moles bust a gut making what they do pretty and good to live with, but I'll be frankly astonished if we get space ships, hobbit houses, or even, sadly, the kind of modern designs that would make a lot of people happy. It would take too much time to do and the margins seem very narrow. They know what works now, and that's what we will get, it takes a lot of effort, and they will do a good job of it. I just can't get excited (maybe I'm just a miserable s*d who knows).
  9. I tend to ignore Halloween stuff so I wouldn't have paid attention to this if I had seen it so thanks for pointing it out @Claire Atheria Who knows as to style? The chances are it will be some variety of American architecture. It does look like partly non timber cladding on the exterior walls, which is a welcome change, but the window and door frames are made in that dark wood that I wasn't so keen on in the log homes. I hope changing that will be an option (and not a choice between different browns!) The log homes were all large, so it would be good to have something single story as an alternative. The surrounding landscape, and plot placement has a huge influence on how attractive these will be. The new houses need to fit within the Belli landscape so they can't vary that much from previous releases which I guess limits how new and exciting they really can be to GOH veterans who have reached their limit on how many different ways they decorate a 1024 plot. @Marianne Little Maybe Patch's original vision of starter homes is playing out?
  10. What a lovely neighbourhood! In the UK the vast majority of homes are brick built, with some stone and concrete. Timber framed and clad buildings are rare and classed as 'non-standard construction' and it's hard to get a mortgage on them because they are regarded as high maintenance / short lived. Of course there are some, (and historic buildings too) but not in this style. I think that what you are saying is that Belli is a virtual representation of houses from the US, which of course is true. The style is unfamiliar to most from outside that country so Deja Vu will only be possible for those living in America (there are probably some exception to this of course). I'm not sure how it would be to see familiar building styles in Belli, quite odd I think, I'm so used to the American theme.
  11. @Elena Core it worked for me too, eventually The coastal victorian was still in maintenance last time I looked. it is in Knapping if you want to check it @TarraMcBain
  12. Sorry to do this when there are problems on the land page! Releasing a coastal victorian at the bottom of the log home region. A pretty road, nice neighbours, but it isn't what I want so letting someone else enjoy it more.
  13. I would be just as happy to get more availability for the traditional houses, and a stilt home release would achieve that. The lindens can't want this situation, any more than we do. I have been looking at mainland plots, and so many would be more desirable if different decisions had been made about the covenant in the past. There is also a lot of wasted space which has to be maintained and paid for, at the same time as we are so stuck for new land . I have to think that some mainlanders are living their virtual lives with their view distance set to 32m and a derender list the size of a encyclopedia listing. Anyhoo, having migrated here from a different grid that went belly-up I am still grateful that this particular ship is afloat, and if thumb twiddling while waiting for new developments is the cost of that I'll have to put up with it. I am also somewhat fed up though.
  14. My new plot in Port Laury, hopefully the Houseboat will eventually be towed into place by whoever answers the tickets. If not I'll get onto the chat. I like this place, feels laid back and the neighbours seem good
  15. As a single premium account owner I can understand some of the frustration expressed here, but experience has shown me that you can get great houses using just one avatar hopper! Maybe it takes longer, but it is definitely possible. There is a huge element of luck involved, but it is hard to be convinced of that while you are unhappy with your place. (negative thought cycle easily leads to 'there's no point trying') Maybe I am just a tightwad, but it does feel more satisfying to find somewhere nice using the minimum cash, feels like you are beating the system somehow. As a consequence I am very grateful to those who are willing and able to spend to keep this virtual ship afloat. I do hope that nobody is paying beyond their means for this, that would kill the enjoyment very quickly for them, and I don't want to have my own fun at the expense of someone else getting in above their heads because they got obsessed or out of control.
  16. It's a northern hemisphere bias, but August still feels like summer to me. Mid September onwards?
  17. I was referring to an old thread which you maybe missed, when the topic first arose. A belli resident posted pictures of the interior of her neighbours house, which was filled wall to wall with horses. One of the moles, maybe Abnor or Quartz said that this could be reported as a resource hog. I guess this covers the situation 'massive amounts of breedables?' I can't understand your second sentence, what are the useless subjects? Maybe you meant other things which may use up a regions resources, I don't think it's a waste of time to raise awareness of those, sometimes it is lack of knowledge which leads to issues.
  18. I was actually looking for a couple of outdoor pieces, such as a bench or a couple of chairs, which I would allow to be more primmy. This is more useful information Chic, I'm amazed how much stuff you know!
  19. It's the cold hard stare of a herd of horses crammed into a house which gets to people. You could start another thread if you want to raise awareness of other more hidden problems? It might be useful.
  20. Ooh who (and how do I search for that?) @Christhiana 'fading away nicely' is a huge bonus. After more furniture poking around I realise that disappearing altogether looks a lot better than creating photo ruining jagged triangles. I have one of your house shells btw, and it works wonderfully.
  21. I'm open to messages! Thank you everyone for the detailed information, it really helps to have more understanding. I didn't realise that this is what was happening! I saw a thread in the main forum that said correct behaviour for long distance / small objects was a flat image, and that would be so much better than the disruptive triangles. I bought an house addon recently which was nicely made, but the windows used (full perm retextures I believe) seemed to only have one short distance which worked properly. A flat image of the same window would have been SO much better. I would think a lot of content creators are at the mercy of whoever made the base meshes they need to get the look required.
  22. What a lovely find, congratulations!
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