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  1. @Chloe Dolores thank you, I've snagged the Fourze houseboat, love the lake views
  2. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant is it too late to fit this idea into one of the designs not yet built. I'm wondering how fixed those designs are now.
  3. Having surveyed some mainland properties, I'm not sure how good it would look to have either extremely long poles, or floating poles either. A floating dock would be more natural for deep water? Is it too late for that?
  4. Water depth off the Houseboat in Yorith is around 6.4m, and the dock legs seem to *just* touch the sea bed.
  5. These @Abnor Mole posts really lend some insight into how things end up the way they are. I do appreciate them. I've just grabbed a houseboat in Yorith, a millipede property which floats over a fairly deep sea-bed (somewhere off the south-west corner of the Victorian continent, the map is playing up for me so can't be more exact) I wonder if the stilt millipede houseboats might have a better water depth for Mer construction?
  6. Absolutely, I know there is some underwater stuff, but I would like more. The old continent has some weird and wonderful marine exploration spots (watch out for hazards though!)
  7. Playing with a Quad while we wait for stilts, still plenty of Li free.
  8. Just Americans having the holiday, it's a local thing.
  9. Let's not get carried away with fanciful notions, imagine instead what could be made with all the spare parts left over from previous builds and a bit of retexturing....
  10. @Evangeline Arcadia @LunaThyme I believe your points about recycling may be correct...this could indeed be a Franken-farmhouse!!! Which makes me doubt if we would really get a re-shaped roof, maybe a retextured one? Leading to the idea that these won't be *that* different to everything else....
  11. A rustic farmhouse look would be lovely, but you would not find the door in Patch's example in a countryside setting, it is a 'townhouse' style. That is what is so puzzling!
  12. Now is your opportunity to grab an old continent linden home and see what you can do with it!
  13. I can't resist fiddling with decor! I've added some bits and pieces. A reminder that I've derendered a neighbour's house for the photos (see original post for the 'before' shot). You are welcome to visit. Any questions welcome.
  14. @Daniel Voyager do you know if we can use these railway lines? I am a little confused about how complete they are.
  15. A secondary benefit of this approach, though probably not a mole consideration, is that it makes it much harder for mega-multiple account holders to dominate new regions. Imagine if an open coastal region were released, and a Sally Bigbucks with her many pcs and fast net connection, grabbed all the beach properties, then repeated the process for every further release. Unless Ms Bucks recruits staff, and sells her shares in the hand sanitiser company to fund the operation, she'll struggle to collect *all* the best homes for the initial release at least.
  16. The weird mix of styles is really puzzling me too. The door and knocker look like victorian town-house, the inner sash windows, also victorian, so ok there, but then the render looks like farmhouse, or a whole variety of things, but not the kind of victorian house which would match the door, and the window surrounds are rustic american cabin. I think, after too long spent staring at period door knockers, I basically repeated what you just said @Vihmakass! Maybe there are options for this home which match together better and Patch just happened to show us a random styling example?
  17. Don't forget about the fun available complaining about other people complaining! I'm not going to complain about that or we'll get caught in some sort of self referencing loop and Patch may choke on his popcorn.
  18. Not american, any fellow internationals recognise a local style? The external wall finish could be English cottage, but the brown natural coloured timber window frames don't feel right, cottage windows would be painted.
  19. It did float through my mind that they might actually hate us now I think that they have been put in an impossible position with pressures from all directions. All the design problems come down to one thing, budget. An open water buffer zone, costs money, reducing the density of houses and therefore lag, would cost money, moving further away from landscape clonification would cost money. It's frustrating for us, but it must be deathly for those planning this. The compromises will irk, and we are jumping on the irk while probably being completely unaware of background tech issues which will have taken untold mole hours to solve.
  20. Yes, a poorer view for the stilts, for the sake of creating the less popular 'centipede' style house-boat regions. Raspberry chants to self 'more sailing water, think positive!'. Oh it's no good, I can't help but think of centipedes covered in horribly textured home builds and misconceived, over sized non thematic add-ons which are then left to rot when the owners butterfly on to something else without tidying up after themselves. I'll go and download an inspirational poster and do some more chanting.
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