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  1. My LOD is 2. It's weird to me how sometimes things in the same set can behave very differently, I bought a sofa and passed on the matching armchair because they behaved so differently at a distance, yet to look the chair seemed like the same mesh 'squished' and retextured. My feeling is that tight curves cause a problem, see also the cushion (pillow) of doom scenario where a perfectly good couch is ruined by a ill considered accessory (which of course will have a baked on shadow behind it and somehow won't look right even if you swap the offending object for something better). I don't model myself, but from observation I think some creators are over ambitious when it comes to adding details and then over-compressing their model to get a low LI. I'm grateful for all leads given, it narrows down the search!
  2. Thanks Elena, I didn't realise that either of those did outdoor items, I'll give them a try!
  3. I've been frustrated in my search for outdoor items that have reasonable behaviour when seen at a distance. Some items seem to explode into triangles when seen from just outside my plot. I love taking photos, and the basic linden homes behave really well when seen from afar, and it's a shame to spoil the look with flickery furniture and plants. Not looking for miracles, or ultra low Land impact, but something basic which doesn't fall apart when at the slightest provocation. Any ideas?
  4. Good post! Hopping is a good way of exploring, and just when you think there's no chance...
  5. I buy demos to test for fit, and only bother with those things I already know I want, so 3 demos per 2 purchases on most things. Hair is a bit different, as I try styles out out to see how they feel, as well as how they look. I will sometimes reject hair even it fits well and looks good, if it doesn't seem to sit in the same universe as my skin and clothing. Hair could be 5 demos to one purchase.
  6. @Leora Jacobus Sorry , I got carried away there, translation = The look is nice, but it doesn't fit with the other boats. I doubt if an AR will work.
  7. I may like the style better than the surrounding houseboats, I guess this niche will be filled by the stilt homes? However, having said that, it looks jarring to me, and out of theme with the surrounding plots. Though as it isn't a starving breedable packed, yellow smog belching, floating plywood platform stuffed , siren blaring, porn and drug den surrounded by a region sized full bright animated rotating cube it could be tricky to motivate the governance team to intervene.
  8. @Alwin Alcott looks great! I guess there must be a lot of people who want to look good and buy their look 'off the shelf', and currently that's easier to do with mesh (once you have the hang of mesh!) Now I want to go back and work on my system avie
  9. @Chloe Dolores ooh, a lovely spot!!
  10. Congratulations @Mercedes Avon it's fabulous when you get what you want after you've almost given up!
  11. Yes, I was also wondering how aware the team are about this. If the pair are legitimate it won't do them any harm to be investigated.
  12. I love that too. I always look on the map first and try to guess what it might be like, and it's delightful when details on the ground make something that could be dull so much nicer.
  13. Ooh the continental looks good, I have a part decorated Alderley and I'm feeling tempted to change
  14. It's ok @Love Zhaoying I had the Meadowbrook Loftroom, and did all of the things I just mentioned so I know it works.
  15. @suckysuzzie If you get an animated swim tube, and place it on the water surface, when you sit on the tube, the animation will pull you down to partly below the surface. If the swim tube has swimming animations, you can also swim. It's also possible to add fish to the pools if you edit the height of their swim path. There will be 'sit on pool-side' type pose-balls available that would work as well, but I haven't tested them, and of course a floating pool inflatable could be used.
  16. I landed a cliff house in Ketran! Steps, steps, many steps! Woo hoo!! Ooh also sea view Previous owner still there for some time after I arrived, I hope it wasn't a finger slip abandon. She didn't respond to my IM so I don't know.
  17. Inspired by @Chloe Dolores I decided to go back to Elderglen and wrestle with the Wizard's Retreat. Creating a loft room platform under the roof skylight, turned out to be the most successful part. I have to admit defeat with the rest of the building, though it was fun trying!
  18. It was a lot of fun seeing the new regions appear, but now that there is so much cloning I can understand that they need to keep something back as a surprise.
  19. @Love Zhaoying I am responding to @Nika Talaj who was hoping to change the system to make booking more spontaneous, and was disappointed with the formal booking which will be required. Does my response make sense to you now?
  20. I'm afraid not. After a few miscounts I developed the habit of writing down the time, and region I'd been allocated on a piece of paper by my pc. When I come back the next day I can then see 'I get another go a half past two', or whatever time is 24 hours later.
  21. I guess risks outweigh benefit from LL perspective. Some plankton brained idiot creates a bot party neo nazi disco rally, and there's a press story with negative publicity. Josephine Public wanders past the plot and hears a live political rally with questionable views being broadcast, most people wouldn't think 'can I change the channel?', they are more likely to react differently, blaming LL for allowing hate speech. These trouble-makers might be a minority but as their whole virtual life may be focused on mayhem it will take a lot of effort to reduce their opportunities to express themselves. I would imagine that the collective memory of moles and LL staff include so many very unreasonable people that it affects how they approach things?
  22. That's a lovely description of why the trads are my favourite!
  23. Why not throw in a ten second reveal at the same time?
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