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  1. Whatever you do it will be a bunch of non-Romani playing dress up according to their stereotypes of other people. Count me out for sure.
  2. This is what trains are for. You may need to relocate temporarily to Europe though
  3. I guess if I came across someone complaining like that and they weren't interested in my suggestions, or an offer to go exploring or build something fun, I'd just shrug and move on. Their world, their imagination. My parcel mate has a fun rideable broomstick as a hunt prize though, so I'd probably try to get them to give it a go first.
  4. adds 'testing things to help worried people on the forums' to the long list of Very Good Reasons to have an alt. bring on the next anti-alt rant. i am ready!
  5. The Gandharan pieces never sold, except to a collector friend, so I felt I couldn't justify the prims or space when I had to relocate in August. A favourite Buddha is out back though. I can figure out a place to put some more if you would like to see them. Send me a friend request inworld if you like.
  6. There are limited quantity vendors inworld and I'm sure I've seen inworld auction systems. Relay for Life, I think, and also individual stores, though the latter was long ago. Would something like that constitute 'fun' for you? Then you could set it up however you wanted rather than hoping the Lindens got your preferences right in a new feature. Maybe you could find others to join you and make it a new 'thing'. I'd be surprised if they implemented it though, since most people do seem to prefer the unlimited method. I know I do.
  7. The Lindens aren't particularly involved with the forums. A few of them join in sometimes, but mostly it's residents helping residents and discussing things. If you take a glance through the rest of this section, you'll see that Linden involvement in this one is really just Alexa posting an occasional bit about new deploys or an upcoming web users group meeting. You didn't find a contact email for suggestions because there isn't one. The JIRA system is the official 'suggestion box'. Even when Lindens do read here, the advice for suggestions is generally 'open a JIRA'. It's a ticket type system, not a file. There are discussion threads in the archives about using the JIRA system. If you ask questions about that, may I suggest you be open to advice and much slower to attack when it's not presented in the way you're expecting? You're learning about something which is new to you after all. The town hall question thread kindly linked to above is another way to raise matters. This might be a more appropriate way to get your suggestion in front of Linden eyes at this time. MP does need a lot of work and several of its problems are discussed repeatedly by both consumers and merchants. Enough so that I'd be really surprised if they tried to implement your suggestion. They need to work on more fundamental matters first. Perhaps in time though.... From a technical point of view, understanding what sort of fashion you're into based on your purchase history isn't straight forward. You'll have better luck experimenting with different search strings in MP. Or joining inworld groups. Or finding SL fashion blogs and flickr feeds from those who share your preferences. Or are you wanting that instantaneous hit of buying more things immediately from your browser? And since the forums are for residents discussion things with other residents, my reaction to your suggestion is an emphatic 'do not want'. I'm really tired of that sort of thing following me across the internet and generally getting it wrong. I do hope that you're able to read the above as useful information. It's not an attack and I've taken the time to write it all out in hopes it might help. Either way, kind regards.
  8. Oh? I do tend to fail tests people set for me. I'm confused, but that's my usual state most days. Would you like some root beer?
  9. This is one of the reasons why my main is still system. I log into SL to talk to other people and see their creativity. Every moment spent fussing with my own appearance steals time from more interesting things. And the days I spent trying to find a mesh body which suited me....
  10. Use two browsers, one for each account and copy-paste for the item url. Works a treat.
  11. Value but don't trust? It's all a spectrum really, the extent to which any individual's opinions have proven reliable or not, or reliable in some areas but not others. I've known people who were smart and insightful but got off on using that in damaging ways. I'll give them credit where it's due and distance when it's necessary.
  12. Friends whose opinions I trust and value find me interesting, so for them at least, I am. That's all that really matters. ?
  13. My bucket collection is sadly beyond the pale (and the best one is no mod ) but I do have a lovely fountain. So which one of us has Maddy chosen for a hot forum date?
  14. alial Allen of Something Fishy and Fantasy China makes aquariums and great fish. She sells some FP. Prices are good and she's super nice. Worth asking her.
  15. I've seen several friends complicate difficult RL relationships with complicated SL ones and generally lie to themselves about the situation, so I'm a bit skeptical when people insist it's all good. But then, when it comes to relationships, SL does lend itself to getting caught up in a fantasy about what's going on anyway. For me personally, there are limits as to how low a priority I'll let myself be. Taking care of myself is why I won't get involved with anyone who has a RL or SL partner. It's just not worth it.
  16. Put a rotation script in it and call it a new type of lava lamp. It's a feature not a bug!
  17. There are at least two blogs which lists hunts (googling "SL hunts" should find both of them). If you want to try participating in a hunt or two as a creator, take a look at which ones are currently accepting applications. Depending on your genre, you might find more via related groups. Also, keep an eye out for posters advertising upcoming and current hunts at places you like to frequent. Unless things have changed dramatically in the last couple of years, there were always plenty to choose from. Take a look at the organiser's website or blog for the hunt to get an idea of how well it's run. If someone were to solicit me, that's straight where I'd head - an internet search on the hunt's name (or the hunt organisation, etc) to see how they were set up. Not that I'd be inclined to pay lindens to them but I would be dead curious what they were up to
  18. Are you honestly saying you believe I'm "in the wrong" because I don't act inworld? I really hope I'm misunderstanding something here. My avatar is currently running around in full pirate regalia with an octopus on her head but the conversations I have are as much of myself as my health allows on the day. There's no acting. If anyone's offended by that, maybe you should just block me or something because I don't have the creativity or stamina to live my SL differently these days.
  19. Didn't you say elsewhere that you like manipulating people into giving you things you want?
  20. No, at this point we do know that Quinn is a nutcase. A better question is what's going on in the mind of the person behind the forum persona
  21. Some types of RP have out of character discussion about what's going on. Might I gently suggest that this is appropriate for sexual and relationship 'RP' as well? Honesty in this doesn't mean a full RL bio unless that's wanted, but enough to know that all involved are on the same page.
  22. I know it's hopeless, but I wish more people were honest and upfront about what significance they give sexual and romantic activity in SL, both with themselves and with prospective partners.
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