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  1. Hey, I have a question about a double sided meshs. I need upload a flag, and found a problem for upload. Sometime ago, I would upload a double mesh just making a mesh copy in blender and fliping face direction. It didn't work recently, because the SL viewer cant generate a mesh lower than medium, and lock the same value for low and lowest lods. The object would have a huge land impact. :( I found a solution, but not the best. Uploaded a object with face orientation in one side, and a object copy with flipped side (Not joined objects, 2 objects upload).
  2. Hi everyone, I need a script suggestion. I have a building with a sliding door, it open sideways and works perfectly. But I cant link the scripted door with building. The Door doesn't open and mess the building. For other buildings I used normal doors. Some good scripts did the work. Any suggestion for a good sliding door script for linked building? If someone know too, I would like suggestion for a script you can touch a prim, and select if the texture will get 100% transparent or no. (This one is for a water object) Thank you.
  3. Yeah, its a good idea ask the client if he got, or was other option in payment I didn't use script, just the SL purchase content option Ohh no.. none gift card too. I will ask the client, when I have a answer I post here.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a product for sale in a fair. So far all the sales show as "Object Sale", they being sold for 100L. But today I notice has one sale from same object for 50l, instead of "Object Sale", it show as "Payment", just 50L. I don't know how this happened, attaching a pic.
  5. They selling just the AO Would like to discover the clothes, very pro looking.
  6. Thanks all for help! Anna post did solve the mesh permission problem. This topic was very helpful to find this solution, I will look the answers again if I have another problem, but all fine now.
  7. I made the test to my main account and uploaded mesh to main grid, only in beta I cant.
  8. Ty Rolig, I will look for it, I always wanted know more about scripts, this is a good start. Sorry the late reply.
  9. Hello SL friends, I have a question about Beta Grid. I know there the inventory and profiles are outdated, in this forum I saw in a topic speaking if you change your SL password, it would force the betagrid to update your inventory and info. My question is about the right to upload mesh, in normal grid I did the IP test and can upload mesh, but in beta grid it says I cant. The only way for I get the right to upload mesh in beta grid is changing password? I did it months ago and it didn't work. When I upload to beta grid I use my alt, but I want use with
  10. oh.. I found a new script to test. But if anyone want comment here feel welcome. Its good to compare the scripts
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