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  1. we also had eletric sheep from the cbs/ncis episode and even their own viewer for it (which worked better than what LL had at the time lol)
  2. I'm as confused as quite a few people are here, I love how infiroamtion spreads in SL, people dont come and verify it with the blog or the community forums, they just hear it in world and then come here like it's true and then most of us have to grab monty or some one or grab others and point out such about the information they "heard"
  3. @Klytyna whats so funny? because I want and need the extra security in this day and age? I'm not going to be accepting much less from any company soon, 2fa/3fa has to become a standard and used by every one even if they do not think they will ever need it.
  4. I'm not looking for arguments from other people on this, it's getting to the point where I need everything I 2fa/3fa, I work in a private sector that deals in certain items and we have several physical tokens to login with bio-metrics, I'm used to level of security and SL is my only social outlet because of the hours I have to keep, so I want every account I use to be super secure @Kristen Linden @Monty Linden any news on the progress?
  5. you are compermised, change your passwords, scan your computer with malwarebytes. since nobody is hacking SL accounts. they have your information to login to the acocunt and make changes.
  6. Remember to sell the sim and do the transfer, you have to do it through the support ticket system. Just transfering lindens around will not transfer the sim. just an fyi for people wanting to buy it.
  7. far as I'm aware every one has to end up being on the same shared enviroment and eep is it, as windlight is EOL.
  8. I just wanted to quote that andy there vaccuming makes me crack up so hard at times. crazy youtuber he is.
  9. over here chuckling at the 19.95 a month for a sim, well that's not going to end well for any one if they do that. Stop and put the brakes on for a moment, Sim sizes are locked to 256m, back end requires it, not easily changed, aws costs more to operator, per oz linden talking about it on lab gab, their physical presense was cheaper but they were using 10 to 12 year old servers and other equipment, which those costs are costly, ask me how I know... So it's nice to dream though but, there would require so much to do to make 256m goto 1024 or bigger, this is not opensim and is not easy to do.
  10. @Monty Linden is this still pointing to a url that's not in use anymore? before they file a support ticket, might as well see if we can get an answer.
  11. There is no hacking of SL accounts, you were socially engineered (phished) into giving the information out.
  12. Only for certain age ranges and people. Get old, you'll understand why it's not very funny.
  13. it's not going to affect any one I know personally, even the creators that I know whom were using it, they will adapt and continue their businesses.
  14. I had no issues getting in at all during the last couple of hours and I bounce between my alts o.o strange
  15. I wish Jack linden was still around, they had smaller prim sims for rent from the Lab directly, but people found out about said sims and started buying more than they could phyiscally handle server side, same would happen with their aws setup now, it's why the policy far as I'm aware has not been changed, aws is still more expensive than the old physical hardware was for them. but maybe at some point (where is oz... when I need him) things will change and they might decide to allow it? but if they do, they will have to limit it with a hard limit. maybe 2 per person and no alts, because they know whom are alts are lol.
  16. As long as people follow the rules and guidelines and does not skirt the rules, all it's going to take is one bad actor and out it goes.
  17. I suggest you read what LL is doing instead of yelling at me for posting the information they have released, you are suggesting something they are not taking action upon. I suggest you adjust your additude towards others, nobody is against you suggesting anything, people are here to help and I posted the relevant information. Thanks for understanding.
  18. windlight will soon be depreciated so people best get ready for eep full time.
  19. Q: How are breedables impacted by this policy change? A: This current policy change and deadline does not apply to breedables or other life simulation products. At the present we are working with external counsel on the subject of breedables. If any action is required we will make a separate announcement and have a separate timeline associated with it. right there for you to read.
  20. Legality of it is, LL wants to continue operating in more than just the USA, they have to abide by the rules of other places too when it comes to these such items. saying "NA" will cause way to many issues for the lab, the lab is within their rights to do just what they have done.
  21. Another listing right now that's confusing, Gacha Cute Stump Tree House 15 Objects*Bench*2 Prim So is it 15 objects that are 2 prims or what is it? *bench* does not tell me anything. to me that tells me " you get 15 items, plus a bench that's 2 prims" Yeah reporting it right now too I am. that's misleading and confusing.
  22. Fee's are a part of life in this day and age.
  23. mc.secondlife.com is LL's subdomain for MailChimp, which is a marketing mailing list service that Linden Lab uses. It is a lot faster than most internal solutions.
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