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  1. Not really sure. And it is the same, from title to the end of OP. Talking about “keyframing” and referring to “exporting” is the same as if one would try to buy sandals asking for boots. When trashing animators, it would be nice one uses at least the right terminology. 😅
  2. There is a lot of misunderstanding of Location Bone keyframing around SL. Will try to clear things out. This is how things are working in Blender Avastar, and I have no doubt it is very similar in Maystar as creator has worked on Avastar too. Not only that Location Bone keyframing is not a bad thing, it is necessary! There is entire set of body bones that would be useless without it: IK Hands and Legs as well as COG. Avastar exporter has been created to deal with those and to export it in format that will NOT break your avatar. Keyframing Locations of the bones therefore is i
  3. Let’s first define tools: I am using Blender Avastar for creating handmade animations since 2014. Now, you are right, what I see is end result: all 3 animation files do have the same size. Whatever is going on under the hood of Avastar export process, that is the only option I have in Avastar and I have zero control over that. And if I understand well how you have made exporter in Mayastar, your users also have zero control over exporter. On the other side, scaling (dope sheet frame stretching) IS adding to animation file size, as number of frames is actually increased. Shrinking fra
  4. Actually no, FPS manipulation has no impact on file size it is always the same, as FPS increase/decrease is not adding more info to the file it self. At least with .anim files, I don't know if there is difference with .bvh files. It might hit the time limit tho and go over 60 seconds.
  5. Uncheck Apply Armature Scale and With Bone translation in Animation export window.
  6. To hide channels you won’t use in animation (or to temporarily hide them from dope sheet), hit T on keyboard to show Tools, than go to Avastar tab and click the bone groups under “Animation Bone Groups” you want to hide/show on dope sheet.
  7. 1. Keyframing is not enough to override default animations, rotation of the bone must be other than 0/0/0 rotation for x/y/z axes. 2. Priority of uploaded animation must be higher than priority of default animation, so try to upload with priority 4.
  8. From my point of view as full perm creator, having multiply store fronts would mean better visual communication with the customers, making them aware of the existence of restricted perms items. Every merchant had situation where problem occurred just because customers do not pay enough attention to the details - let's face it, many people do not read info! On the other side, it leaves space for manipulation attempt to those who are fully aware they are buying restricted perms item, leaving review "they thought it was full perm" asking for full perm version. Taking in account the price differe
  9. To mirror only one part of the body - ex. leftForearm 🔃 rightForearm, select that part of the body. To mirror entire animation deselect all.
  10. I am not using Quavimator for years now, so I don't know about newer versions, but in the version from 2009 there is mirror option under Tools. Correct.
  11. You have better chances to get your questions answered on this forum than in SL, animation groups are extremely quiet, animators are working in out - world programs and most of us are testing on Beta grid. In Quavimator first frame is reserved for T pose and animation starts on frame 2. So, never setup the Loop In filed in Quavimator on frame 1 but on frame 2, and never animate frame 1.
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