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  1. My local MC club out here (multi national mix of people, I know scary) allow any one anywhere to wear their patches or their vests, but being since it's SL, wear one if you wish, nobody can ban you for it, LL is not going to ban you for it. a land owner might say no and ban you from their sim/parcel, but. there are so many other clubs in SL.
  2. the one thing to note, is people will not be able to buy or sell lindens through the site, LL does not allow 3rd party exchanges, so just be aware, you'll need to tie it into a new product for delivery and such that only works in SL.
  3. Let's repeat that. 8400GS, nobody should be using SL with bad hardware.
  4. Truthfully if discord was open and allowed it's system to be integrated with different types of platforms or back ends, I could see it being VERY beneficial to SL.
  5. I posted in the other topic about this, xmpp is not going to happen.
  6. They tested xmpp, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Chat_Systems that page was last updated in 2011, and here is a blog from nalates http://blog.nalates.net/2011/04/29/second-lifes-xmpp-chat-dies/
  7. I went and bought a new house and with the help of my better half, me and her spend some time putting the interior back together. yay? I guess.
  8. define ip? ip address is public information, intellectual property on the other hand.
  9. My bot years and years ago, used to have his own blog, where he would email his im's with people to the website for posting, had a few people get mad, but the prevision in the tos allows it.
  10. It's fine monty, I'm just in a bad state mentally, so it was just another point of add it to my list of meh. my job is just dragging me down, tired of factory life in small town with no way out. mentally eating at me it is.
  11. well I got my answer, shame, but oh well, I make no more suggestions from here on out.
  12. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-231156 I done did it, I really did.
  13. Thank you, after 14 years, ya'd thunk, I'd know that. lol.
  14. I love putting content creators on block for timed demos, you want to lose sales on items, this is how you are going to lose sales, I need more time to sit and tinker, sometimes I'm working on a ticket or remoted into a client working with their problems and I return and it's gone, I'm not buying another "demo" to have it happen again, we are done, but if it's like a certain other set of people in SL that think !QUIT still works, that tells me, it's a misunderstanding of the system or the paranoia that's come into some cultures in SL.
  15. I know of at least one creator that's refusing to remove any of their gacha's "it's legal in my country, the lab has no legal right to move them" is what I've been told. oh the fun begins.
  16. Nope, no copy/no mod items, I do not buy from anyone and if this is a crypto thing, I'd rather we'd not dive into that with SL, watching the markets, I'd rather not give the lab a billion dollars one day and the next it's only worth 3 cents to them, nono. not ruining the lab or SL's income.
  17. haha. no. well, I kinda go 2 places anymore. since there's not much for me to do, since most of the scifi RP places I used to go, only want hoomans now, I'm not going to change my avatar for them.
  18. I believe LL has stated what works and what will not and people are not going to be able to skirt that.
  19. I believe if she's doing the pornz like that she has to collect certain real pieces of info to do it legally, if she's making the money that's been thrown out here.
  20. I believe if she's doing the pornz like that she has to collect certain real pieces of info to do it legally, if she's making the money that's been thrown out here.
  21. Naming and shaming they can remove, but the sim should stay, I'd like to know where to avoid.
  22. Gachas are gone, LL said so, whats to argue about? LL owns SL, their rules are in play.
  23. I want to know the reasons, I think that should be transparent. but to each their own.
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