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  1. well even the script helped me, I need to tinker with it a bit more. but awesome!
  2. even if they blank it, it can be seen by staff/moderators. all forums do it this way now, so it's not possible to hide or delete posts even if the user has the option, all it does is hide the edit/deletion from view, it can be restored if LL choose to do so.
  3. I've used to buy soul bottles, a linden would pop up on the market with a soul bottle and I'd buy it lol. got quite a few of those. it's a harmless game. nobody can steal your soul.
  4. I am never sure how people that throw this kind of money around are not watching their account transaction history like a hawk, I'd be all over making sure that went to that person, and if it shows it went there and the person goes "I didnt get anything" I'm gonna have to call them on the smell.
  5. Going to guess, trying to find normal girl clothes instead of trampy is impossible?
  6. Okay attempting to redo an alt, just got her a legacy body (I know, I know, but love it) and now need clothing, I'm trying to avoid, all the tight skinned, overly sexual tones with it, so wanting loose fit, relaxed clothing, nothing super tight, boobs and butt areas and hip areas should not be the focus with the clothing, any ideas?
  7. looks to me from my outside point of expereince the certificate either went invalid (happens) or went expired (happens) it's not a very hard fix, just have to get it reissued and if they are using "lets encrypt" than that's pretty simple.
  8. Ive been using my alts name as my real name even in real life. a few know my first name and 2 know my last name.
  9. Phished, not hacked. people throw the term hacked around, when in reality it was phished, aka socially engineered and there are many ways it happens.
  10. Going from my home sim at 1024, to lusk, omg, lol. everything and their brother loads when hitting mainland. eesh.
  11. as Nick said, you can not hide from the server and the data is freely able to be had by lsl scripts.
  12. because, I pay hourly only, salary is never an option (rl). so 500 a week without earning it. is nope, 2 hours a day and at the end of the week they would still expect 500. see that's where I've seen and done the mistake myself, I was naive once, never again.
  13. what you expect and what you get are 2 variables about SL. only way you make 500+L a week is if you prove yourself and most people that employ others WILL be watching carefully. so just do not instantly think "I have this real life experience so I get what I want" I do not hire people that expect a certain amount.
  14. 45 days before you will get it, this is to stop the smash and grab scheme people would do, sorry this is how it works and will not change, and name change is an extra charge, it states such on the name change page too.
  15. No and it shall never be possible.
  16. get a can of compressed air and blow it out, or you risk losing the laptop all together. SL is not kind to them, unless you take 100% care of them from the start with SL and their usage.
  17. Hi, what are you wanting to do? I could not figure out from the question you asked, so if you could give us some details, we might be able to point you in a direction
  18. That's incoming, which I think some of the bigger mmo's use it, I know when I played ff14 the original we had to have one to get into it. still got that bugger some place around here.
  19. I trust LL, I trust google, I'm not on the microsoft fanboi side much anymore, since their windows 11 wont run on hardware that's beyond their specs... so once windows 10 hits EOL in 2025, I will be guess switching to osx on this unit or *shudders* Linux.
  20. always becareful with such services, they claim end to end, unless YOU hold the keys for the encryption you never know.
  21. sometimes I get very confused by SL users in general when it comes to matters of security and matters of hardware. but ya'll choices, so keep using them as long as you can.
  22. well it's going this way for a reason the bad apples have ruined it for every one and security measures are having to become common place in today's world and it's not going to go away, sorry. this is now life.
  23. it is industry standard, lots of games even use 2fa/mfa now, many big business, I work for a fortune 50 company and we do nothing without it, we've had some hold overs, but they too even came around, because we require it. the internet is going this same way and the ones that are not wanting to comply and move forward will end being left behind, like playing games on old hardware, there becoems the point where they wont work on systems and get blocked, I'm sorry, but things move forward.
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