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  1. haha. no. well, I kinda go 2 places anymore. since there's not much for me to do, since most of the scifi RP places I used to go, only want hoomans now, I'm not going to change my avatar for them.
  2. I believe LL has stated what works and what will not and people are not going to be able to skirt that.
  3. I believe if she's doing the pornz like that she has to collect certain real pieces of info to do it legally, if she's making the money that's been thrown out here.
  4. I believe if she's doing the pornz like that she has to collect certain real pieces of info to do it legally, if she's making the money that's been thrown out here.
  5. Naming and shaming they can remove, but the sim should stay, I'd like to know where to avoid.
  6. Gachas are gone, LL said so, whats to argue about? LL owns SL, their rules are in play.
  7. I want to know the reasons, I think that should be transparent. but to each their own.
  8. after 20,000 dollars or there about she will be hit with tax forms for the irs, they are not opt-out unless she lives out side the US I believe, so some one is aware of her earnings.
  9. Only reason I bring this up. is because some one mentioned grid survey and it has the blotter posts from 2010 and I want this feature to return, even if it's something we have to pull ourselves from an api. would be worth it.
  10. @Monty Linden So I remember SL had a police blotter, as it was used for transparency to show Lindens did take action on abuse reports, this is something lots of of us liked looking at and seeing the enforcement that governance did, why was this taken away? and could we get it back? it's like checking the local police bookings in the mornings here, it's something I like to do.
  11. I've never seen even that high in SL's hay day. I remember 44k at most.
  12. I've not seen anything in a long long time, but this thread, I remember... watch the dating on them, it even warns you. Also nobody needs the service of a hunter. ban/mute/block. pretty simple.
  13. which is, yank and deny useage clause Amazon can use at any time. it's part of the schtick to using some one elses services you do not own directly.
  14. potřebujeme znát systémové specifikace počítače, který používáte.
  15. I only ran it during my start in 2007, it was nesscary as I was not getting full frame rates, but now I'm sitting here with 4 monitors and fullscreen SL viewer does not have a borderless window option, so alt tabbing gets awkward and funky.
  16. I believe english is not your native language is it? you can use your native language we can help a bit better once we under stand.
  17. which is their right if they find a violation of their terms of service, since they are a privately owned company, if one of thier clients is acting a fool, they have the right to yank them at any time for what ever reason they feel. This is all I'm going to comment on this one, since it will turn into a storm. but there it is, it's how it is.
  18. LL was using 10 to 12 year old Server equipment in their datacenter in arizona, LL moved to eliminate that issue, the side effect is aws is costing them more than their physical foot print, it's how it works until you can recoup costs and other factors, so knowing what we know, as Oz was pretty transparent in the video, I guess maybe at some point in the future they maybe can make adjustments, but they also want to expand with more aws instances in other parts of the world, so Their costs are going to be going up, unless they decide to only host it where it is now in the one aws site in Oregon.
  19. I suspect his and maybe they figured they can cut some costs on aws having to send all the data? but I've not got a clue what they pay, I'm sure it's a crap load less than my aws load.
  20. Hi there, this is how you contact Tilia's support https://www.tilia.io/contact#Transaction-Support
  21. This post was to announce the IoS version, a radegast thread can be made for that viewer if you want.
  22. Thank you, I couldnt find it, so I pointed out the faq.
  23. I've got stuff ranging back 10 years that I can never get replaced, some of those are because the products are not supported or the creators left SL, so their update system is dead, most used hippo back then and not casper. I wish LL had the intergrations for us to get redelivered of anything we've ever purchased in SL, but the problem is how do they knwo what is what.
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