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  1. While I realise this is just a fun thread, some are aware they are narcissistic or have NPD, even if they don't believe it. I can imagine how I'd feel if I came across a thread where everyone was taking quizzes to see if they had the personality disorder that I have. Not sure it's good to be posting all of this
  2. Yep, I am definitely concerned about it, but without laws being passed to force change, I can't see most people making changes. Consuming meat, dairy and eggs for example, is not only harmful to our health and causing horrific suffering to innocent beings, it's a leading cause of climate change, as are many more things I am less aware of. I think we ALL need to make any changes we can reasonably be expected to make
  3. Bit late but where is the 3rd home from, if you don't mind me asking please? Stunning!
  4. Thanks all! And yes, Legacy avi. Will check out the above. Have a few outfits that work well but had so far only found very small kids or adult clothes mostly, thanks
  5. I had this happen recently too, with friend requests not taking. At least one of those times the person I tried to friend wasn't online, so i'm sure that both being online, as suggested by others will help
  6. Liaa Nova

    Teen clothing

    Hi everyone! Can someone please point me to where I can get Legacy clothing, suitable for teens. I find a lot for very little kids or a lot that is too revealing Thanks for any help!
  7. Thank you! I'll definitely be checking that out x
  8. Is there an easy way to tell which continent you're on? Do you just scroll the map out or is there another way? Noobs need to know xd
  9. I have a teen alt and met my parents through a game we all played. If they aren't online much, surely you'd see that before agreeing the adoption? Real life has to come first after all. I think it's understandable to want a particular age or gender; maybe they want children close in age, or to roleplay having a daughter for personal reasons. You don't need to change, just accept if you're not human, the market is gonna be smaller. Maybe do things you enjoy, make friends and go from there. As for a room in their house, I agree with the above poster who says you're an adult. My parents are together and I'm sure they appreciate couples time not just family time and I can't see it'd be great to never know when the kid could appear
  10. I had my second Pfizer yesterday, so far so good with just soreness at the injection site if I lie on it or press it
  11. Did you recieve the email the above posters mention? If not, maybe you could ask them to send it again so you then know the reason
  12. I have been to two camper homes now that both had TWO campers on the parcel. One was the expected one, the other not a linden home (as in, you can't change which one etc) but belonging to a mole. Both were on different regions. What's going on, is this intentional? Put me off as I want some space outside.
  13. How long has it been since you sent in the tickets? It may take some time for the Lindens to look into things and respond, plus it is Ramadan and Eid in real life around now I believe. I doubt it is anyone in Progeny; yes, they can put in abuse reports but the Lindens would investigate, otherwise many of us would be banned for upsetting someone (plus LL don't deal with resident to resident disputes) It may have slowed things down that you sent three tickets in between you, one is enough. Did you link the others to the main ticket?
  14. That's literally all there is of it, nothing else to see. Found it now though so post can be closed/ignored
  15. Hi all Does anyone know where to find this skirt? It might be part of a set as it looks like it goes with what the model is wearing Thanks
  16. I'm suprised so many females are 7ft tall, i'm about 5'5 here and most friends and females I see are around my size or a little taller
  17. It is, tho not sure about the height limits as most of mine can't be set that way, but it isn't able to be set to not comply with the covenant, others are.
  18. Not sure if people are aware, there is now a security system that complies with Belli covenant, but has a drop down when people enter the parcel to add them to the whitelist or eject them (cannot tp home). Don't think I can post the name here (not anything to do with me, not my company etc) but if you'd like to know, IM me
  19. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some cool sims (even better if rez is possible, but not essential) to take some photos. Do any of you wonderful forumites have any landmarks or names of places that fit space themed, kind've mordern or futuristic, cyber (lot of the neurolab stuff seems to be some things we may wear) . . . it's not my usual style so not well explained, just some things mentioned are black holes, post apocalyptic etc Thanks if anyone can help!
  20. I know of someone from there here in SL, you aren't the only one
  21. Q-Translator WILL work in IM but *only* if both avatars are in the same region; it is an excellent translator and the one I use
  22. Hi everyone Not sure where to put this, so apologies if in the wrong place and please do move From time to time, some groups won't show in my profile, even though checked/ticked to show Any ideas why not? Thanks!
  23. I don't think the heads are priced too high at all; L$5,000 is £18. Remember the head is something you likely get a lot of use out of, maybe wear daily for a year or more (I had my last one for almost 3 years and wore it every day). I believe I saw @Skell Dagger say it took a YEAR for Catwa's latest head to be created! Think about it, a whole year of work and this may the the creator's rl income. Even if priced lower, there will always be some who can't afford it or simply don't think it's worth that to them
  24. Have you worn some neck fix? You don't need any if so. Make sure the Maitreya HUD neck is Type 1 (I have mine on 0), the skins match and a good windlight. Not sure beyond that x
  25. For furniture I like Dust Bunny, Tarte and Cheeky Pea. Skins Insol, DeeTaleZ, the Skinnery. Hair I love Stealthic, Magika and Doux. Clothes would be Nerido, Miss Chelsea, Pixicat, Blueberry & Addams
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