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  1. What finally sold me on the mesh heads was the nose. I just could not get the nose right on the default avatar at least not in certain lighting . Especially after bento came out and I could change the head to my liking, but before that it was harder to find one I liked .
  2. Even after baked on mesh is here and everyone has it that will still not solve the problem , and different appliers will still be needed for different mesh heads?
  3. Interesting. I never noticed that setting.
  4. I guess Genus heads do take longer to rez . And you never know how you appear to others.
  5. Genus seems to be all the rage now. The nose is very pretty but not sure about it for myself have not decided. They do not yet have many options either. What really frustrates me about mesh heads is how all the appliers are separated by type ( catwa, laq, akeruka, lelutka, genus, logo, etc... ) I wish there was a universal applier so they all worked for everything. Much easier to shop that way. I currently wear a laq head and it is very hard to find appliers for it.
  6. That is what I was worried about. That the head would not rez and would look bad everywhere I went if it has higher rendering cost ( is that the way to say it not land impact? ) .
  7. I guess a better word used by Persephone is rendering cost. I think of it as land impact but maybe that is not accurate?
  8. Hi I was trying on the new genus mesh head and while it was pretty they have kind of an annoying set up at their new store where you click on the wall and the mesh head appears on your avatar in pieces sometimes it works sometimes not and if you tp away it disappears so you cant take it to a skin store to try on skins with it. I have an older genus head demo from them and I noticed the land impact was more than twice what it was for catwa and laq . I want to figure out the land impact of the newest one, but the way it appears on my avatar there does not seem to be a way to find out that information . I was wondering what happens with high land impact mesh heads in daily second life use? Are they slower to rez ? Does it make it harder to get into events that require you to have lower land impact? Why is there such a big different in the land impacts of some mesh heads over others? Thanks.
  9. Yes I have been scammed at times an item was not as described. I also bought something by mistake when the demo was placed right next to the real item so close together it was hard to separate them , and other times due to lag and the place was slow to rez and while it was gray( this was before I got my new computer ), and I was turning my avatar around I clicked on it and accidentally bought something it was a gacha item. Other times the demo does not show all of the colors, only one or two of them and I had to guess what it would look in the color I wanted only to be disappointed when the item was different. Also on the subject of skins if you buy the applier for the head you often need to match the body color with it but many creators do not offer the body applier demo so you buy it to match the head and if you do not like it you are stuck . Bottom line to be honest I do not appreciate the rudeness of some of the replies to me here . Not you above but some of the others are a little uncalled for. If they are merchants resenting the idea of a customer returning things they are only hurting themselves because like you say when it doubt do not purchase. I would purchase more if I knew I could return it not less. But the truth is SL does not care about this issue. It was only a suggestion. Moving on.
  10. Well I really think it is needed. Just recently I mistakenly bought a dress that I loved as a demo entirely because it had a gold accent hud and the dress looked beautiful with the gold option. I bought the dress not realizing that the hud was not included unless you purchased the fatpack. I was very disappointed, so much so that I stopped coming to the game for a while. Had I been able to return it that would not have happened. The experience affected my enjoyment of the game. I guess nobody cares about unhappy purchases, so far everyone seems against me on this. I suspect however many of you who are taking the time to reply to me ( which I appreciate) are thinking about it from the point of view of the creators and not the customers. I guess my only recourse is to purchase less items. Be more careful. It may be true what you say that Linden will not care .
  11. A return policy from the seller would show they believe in the product being sold and stand behind it. I like that, if not maybe second life can get involved? I will ask about it . Now just have to figure out how to file a " jira" .
  12. True the prices in second life are lower than real life but it could be argued that the uses for the items are also much more limited than in real life so that is justified. I guess my point for all of this is that second life is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not an unpleasant one and I think people would be more willing to take a chance on buying an item they are unsure of if they knew they could return it so it would help commerce in Second life not hinder it. When things go wrong like this for me it makes the experience an unpleasant one. And even though it is not a lot of money compared to real life I still take it seriously. I know not everyone agrees with me but I would like to see linden offer a return option if it is possible to create one. Or maybe the creators can offer it themselves?
  13. I see your point but what about marketplace gacha resellers claiming to sell something that is not actually included, or the case where I bought something by mistake? Shouldn't there be a way to return the item if it was accidentally purchased or if was a scam?
  14. I know it is getting complicated to ask this but is there a way to suspend the copy ability until the return period is over? Or maybe just have a redelivery of the item if you need a second copy ?
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