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  1. Has anyone else had the issue of gacha items disappearing when they are rezzed on the ground and never coming back to the inventory? I have had this happen a few times, the most recent time was today. I rezzed the music box and it disappeared. I cleared my cache and restarted the computer a few times and it never returned to my inventory at all.. The worst part is when I ask about it, people act like they don't know anything about the issue, I feel like it has not been a problem for anyone else. I contacted Second Life Support but I don't think they can help, they did not help me in the pas
  2. That is what I was saying, that I trust this mother to be able to supervise and protect her daughter on her own land ( perhaps on a skybox island far away from anyone else) with contact completely restricted . Making sure her daughter does not even know the password, to access the game. Letting her dress up her avatar ,decorate her house , and play with mom in the game. I just wanted to express that I trusted a mom's supervision. That was just my opinion. When I was growing up I played with dolls and had a dollhouse with pretty furniture. I think I would have loved the idea of an interactiv
  3. Maybe we should ask Linden to change that ? Do avatars still show up on the mini map if they are in a skybox high above their land ?
  4. You do bring up a valid point. When I was growing up kids played outside and that is important. Computers are too addicting but not just for children, for adults too..Isn't it strange to have this conversation on the Second lLfe message board ? Still with children being kidnapped these days we can't just leave them to go out to play anymore, we have to be there to watch and protect .
  5. I would certainly not encourage anyone to break the rules, but I do agree with Drayke's idea of opening up a new restricted second life area to children. They are very creativei and it would be fun to help them learn to create in the game , I think including them could bring a lot of fun to the game and take a restricted section of second life into a new child freindly direction.
  6. I absolutely see your point but I was thinking what if a mother and daughter are playing the game together on the same account? A mother is there providing protected supervision and not leaing a child by herself is that still a violation of the terms of service? You can set your land so that nobody can even see there are any avatars on there, or place it on an island skybox away from everyone and don't allow any contact .
  7. I was thinking maybe she might just stay on your land and you can help her decorate it, she can choose the house the furniture and decor items ( on the marketplace or from photos on sl seraphim from events), and dress up her avatar with appropriate clothing , maybe get her a dog or cat to follow her but not really leave your land? Then she is not seeing the bad elements in the game but still has supervised fun.
  8. I just wanted to let people know that as of this writing, 5/28/2020, the Little Bones lucky boards do not function at all. They appear normal but when you click on them they do not work, not for the lucky board itself or for the midnight mania. I joined the group thinking I needed a group tag to access them, but even then with my new group tag on they still do not work. I imed another group member who was at the store and she told me she has the same problem . We have both sent notecards to the creator about it but she so far has not attempted to fix the issue. Anyone joining the group to gain
  9. Yes the Williamsburg is the style I like .Can you tell me ,what is the camper pack ?
  10. Have you tried Junbug , Go! and Valentina E. ? They all have beautiful vintage clothing. Go! also has a large selection of gacha styles many with a vintage look . For hair I think many of the well known hair places will have at least a couple of styles here and there that work as vintage. I would try Analog Dog, Truth, and Stealthic for starters. Other posters can also probably suggest more choices.
  11. Thank you. I love the idea of being out in nature and the style I chose feels like it has just enough room.
  12. Thanks I was not aware at first but suspected it might be , and I searched around and saw the camp sign, clicked on it, tried the styles and went right back to the original one I had. I love that you can do that.
  13. Thanks. It is a spacious style next to water and I like very much It was interesting in that both a traditional home and a camper both came up at once. The traditional home showed a photo of a white two story with a big porch and while that is tempting,for me a camper was what I really wanted. Now I will no longer be competing against anyone and I feel happy not sad.I will start to decorate and join the community even more.
  14. I just got one I got a camper!! It is beautiful. I feel I have found my home. Thank you all for your help.
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