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  1. Ok, so there's a big thread in the general forum on Premium Plus, but rather than trawling through that for the specifics relating to Linden Homes, here's a summary: Plus price: 249L yearly, 29.99 monthly (24.99 introductory offer only when it's released, there could potentially be special offers in the future, but this isn't definite) You will be able to request a specific Linden home manually via Land support. Note: you must not already have a home, the one you request will have to be a home that is available during the request period, and can not be in an area the automated home system is currently assigning from. Estimated at 1-2 days for this process (not weekends). They are looking at maybe automating this process in the future. But for now support has to manually assign the home. This will be a great advantage during new theme releases, as you can request a home as long as it's not the region currently being assign from (I think). Part of the reason they are doing this is because they get a lot of requests for friends to be able to live near each other, so this is one way they felt they could enable that. I'm not clear on how this affect abondons - can you request one if it isn't in the queue? But how big is the 'queue'? Maybe @Patch Linden could clarify this somewhere. Included tier for Plus holders increases to 2048sq m . You can still only have one Linden home per premium account There will be 1 more new theme release this year catering to Premium Plus holders (there'll be more themes with the new 2048 size in the future) They are looking at ways of perhaps increasing the LI for homes at some point in the future (nothing certain yet so don't get too excited!) They are looking to increase in the number of home tries in a 24hr period (currently 5) - however I'm not sure if this is specifically for Plus holders or was just mentioned as something that's coming for all premium account holders. Hopefully this will be clarified. Patch also mentioned some general home stuff, not Plus specific: They will be starting to add additional home types to the existing themes soon - for more details see Friday's (24 June) Meet the Moles interview. They are looking at ways to phase out the old homes still, and will probably retain a few regions for history You can listen to the interview here (start around 25:00) Meet the Lindens 2022 - Patch Linden - YouTube
  2. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to request a lowering of the land that edges the river? I realise it is not possible for us to do it as they are Linden Homes. This should not imapct any scripts in the house. Our aim was to reduce the need for extra decks by bringing the water closer to the stilt house. Cheers Johnny Giotto
  3. Brooks (164,37,2002)- Moderate 8192m FOR SALE L$8500 OBO looking to sell FAST Message Squidrick or Maldraxx for more info
  4. My partner and I have been looking for a moderate home for us and our zooby son. The only option we have is linden home and we mostly use the prim baby zooby version to have our son for roleplaying purposes. Is it okay to have our zooby baby? We will only Rez him when we need him to be used via the hud system it has.
  5. Here are two of mine to start - unclaimed parcels only! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1149/161/120/64 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ulric/104/4/37 (currently named Linden Home)
  6. Hiya! I just moved into my new Linden Home this week. I haven't added a stick of furniture except for a pose stand. Tonight I was at a club, so I had the music turned on. When I teleported back home, there was music playing. I thought that it was a neighbor (I've already had to mute a constantly playing piano.) But the music is actually confined to my house. The minute I step off the porch, the music stops. I step back onto the porch, the music starts again. I can find nothing in the Firestorm Preferences. The only way I can turn it off is to shut off streaming music. Ive had other Linden Homes and this is the first time Ive had this problem. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've been enjoying my Linden home but would like to get some land to put a house I'm buying on. We get 1024sq m with the subscription, and my LH only uses 512. The new house would need 900sq M. Can I "get rid of" my LH thus freeing up land use so I can build the new one on 1024sq m? I understand you can get rid of "normal" land but I don't know if the same applies to Linden Home parcels. - thanks in advance, as I learn more about land.
  8. I have been cleaning out old inventory . I found items i thought were long lost!!!
  9. Hello, for the past few days I've been attempting to create a linden home for myself. However whenever I try to I get a message saying this: We're Sorry... The Linden Homes service is not available at this time. Please try again later. Secondlife.com | My Account Does anyone know if there's an actual issue going on or is it just my account?
  10. Hi! Linden Team, I do appreciate the fact that the team has come up with new Linden homes. They did a great job. It looks awesome and I am eagerly waiting for it. Just that every day, from office/home I am checking the update page nearly 3-4 times a day, waiting to see if any update after 15 April 2019 on releasing new home…. We all have office/personal/freelance projects in RL and we also have an estimated timeline for release to clients. It is perfectly OK to say, that the release may take a month or 2 or even 3. So, would be really nice if at least an estimated time frame provided for new Linden Home release. I understand there is quite a hard work involved and it’s not an easy task either. Just that a small n quick update would do Thanks, Diane
  11. I just got a Linden home and im wanting to allow someone im with to be able to control the panel and anything i can do in the house, I created a group and added them as an owner but nothing is working. i went to region panel and the acess tab is dimmen meanign i cant change anything. In the parcel panel inworld the acess tab allows me to add them but they still cant move anything i rez like a bed etc, they still cant control the panel etc. please help
  12. I know you guys are really working hard. Just wanted to have an update on the Linden Homes availability. Would be great if you guys can share an update.
  13. Ang3lkiss

    Premium account

    I am premium account holder, and I don't know how to get one of the new homes, nor if there is a special application that is needed. Also, I have gotten additional land holding, now do you get extra prim with that and how is it done. I would appreciate any help, thank you
  14. Anyone interested in having a dramedy group, focused on chaotically self-deprecating humor, related to residents (actual or wanna be) of Bellisseria? Think, lots of wine.
  15. olddom


    cannot log in to my linden home for past day
  16. Navigating the Bellisseria roadways can be confusing. As I am riding my scooter or jogging I tend to have to stop and look at the map to figure out where I am. Can the streets be named? It could even be done as a contest perhaps. I just think little roadway signs on the intersections would be a nice touch.
  17. I want to start off by saying, as a very long time Premium member, this was definitely a much needed & long over-due upgrade. The new houses are great & the fact you can change the house on that same lot without moving is even greater. I am already really loving my new Linden Home. That being said, there is something I would like to address/suggest. Although there are many interior wall options, they're all light & bright, mostly all bright pastels (even the brown is a "bright" brown). It would be awesome if there were also the same options of darker/duller interior walls available.
  18. I am sure many have asked this question... so here it goes. I just got a MeadowBrook home with a little pool in the front. I started decorating it, but I unlinked a two piece object before moving the object out of the water, so now I have one of the objects under water and can't get to it bc I either can't or don't know how to move the water that is part of the house. And I know I can't edit the house bc it's not allowed. So please help, my OCD is about to explode. It's that white square under the water that I can't get to.
  19. So after more than 10 years on SL, I recently went premium, saw the currently available Linden homes, shrieked in horror and subsequently won the auction on a bit of mainland and have been setting up my little home there. ...and then I saw the preview of the new Linden homes at the Linden Homes Preview sim and now I am enthusiastic about those! So now my question is this: How easy/hard is it to swap out my mainland for a Linden home, if possible at all? Of course, I realize that I would have to abandon/sell my current mainland parcel but is it at all possible to get a Linden home after I have had a mainland parcel? Additionally, what if I switch to a Linden home (assuming that's possible), but decide I want to go back to mainland anyway? Would I be able to switch back? I know that you can move some 5 times between Linden homes in a single week IIRC, but I have never found anything related to swapping mainland for a Linden home or vice versa, and I couldn't find anything on the forum either. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR: Getting a Linden Home after selling/abandoning mainland parcel (or vice versa). Is this possible yes or no? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. I cannot figure out how to see how many prims I am using in my Linden Home. I want to abandon it and get land and build, but am wondering how many prims I am using now.
  21. I'm getting a teleport fail, unable to find destination message every time I try to tp to my Linden home on Kogera. What's up? Temporarily unavailable? For two days? No longer exists? I think not! It shows up on the map. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kogera/
  22. What do I do with my linden home if I buy land? In other words, what do I need to do to move out and how much time do I have to move out once I buy land?
  23. My linden home isnt responding. i was wondering if anyone could help
  24. BryRenee

    Linden Home

    So I have a premium account and noticed my Linden Home is one story and is connected to three other homes. How do I obtain the two-story, single standing, Linden Homes that are also shown?
  25. I was adjusting the position of a rug on the second floor of my Linden home. I had accidentally made it however about a foot off of the floor, and was trying to put it back in the appropriate place. Unfortunately, I let go of the controls. Now I can't see it to move it all! I went to the first floor and looked up, hoping that it might be peeking through the ceiling. It was not. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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