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  1. I got this one, I absolutely love it with no neighbours behind or to one side and the lighthouse view!
  2. About to release a houseboat here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lusitania/225/182/27 16x32m
  3. I went with the Verne, but yeah the rooms aren't too easy to furnish with the curved window areas and small straight walls, but I like a challenge!
  4. I hope the Lindens see this or are already aware as i'd agree, that would be a problem for me also. Hopefully they are aware
  5. Thanks everybody . . . @Chad Marbach . . . @Sylvia Tamalyn is correct, I did mean which of the four to choose as i'm terrible with making decisions and couldn't decide! Thanks for replying though because that will help others who don't realise they can change their house style @Sylvia Tamalyn . . . that's a good point about clutter, I too like this so that has given me something to go on, thanks. @karynmaria I like the Verne for that reason too, the huge window at the front gives a great view and really makes it feel spacious @Marianne Little . . . thanks so much for letting me go to see your home! I saw the pool add on and was thinking of getting it, so am excited to see it before I do, if I go with Verne. Your home is beautiful, absolutely stunning, and such a fab location, i'm very jealous xd @Kelli Voom. . . Thanks, i'll have another look at that one
  6. Hey all I have finally found a Vic in a lovely location but am so indecisive as to which home to choose. I wondered if those with Vics or those who've had them, could give me pros & cons of each home; what did you love or not love about them pls? Pics welcome and apologies if there's already a similar thread
  7. The 5 home limit is soooo frustrating, especially when you wait for the one you abandoned to be claimed, try again and get ones you went to :(
  8. Ahh why didn't I think of Jian? Thanks, I will go have a look x
  9. Bit off topic, but it relates to home & garden . . . does anyone know where to get one of these dogs pls?
  10. Gave up a Log Cabin as it was close to water, but not great, and feel lucky to have got this one on the front row (Blue Lincoln)
  11. So, I added an upper floor music room to my houseboat, and now have a living room/kitchen, bedroom, small raised study area, bathroom & this. The entrance to it is just some steps up and then I walk across, because i'm not a builder at all, but I like it!
  12. And changed the sofa & inside wall to greenish colours, saved a ton of prims. I'm amazed 5 areas all fit inside this houseboat
  13. I for one would love to see please x Just added a garden to mine
  14. Last ones & the Log Cabin I managed to get . . . I got one fairly close to water but decided to give it up and try for closer, then this came up!
  15. And some of the interior . . . thanks to all making mods!
  16. So, I finally got Premium memberships for myself and my alt & found two homes I love. The first is my Houseboat home, which has no neighbour on one side or behind, and the second is a Log Cabin. Please excuse the spam, I got excited taking photos as i'm loving it here in Belliseria. Thanks to everyone making the add ons too, they have made my Houseboat a home. I'll post more in another post & of the Community areas I found close by
  17. Does anyone know if there is a way to see how many attempts we had for the day, or when we can start trying again please? (I always forget how many I looked at & abandoned)
  18. Where is the skirt from please? And I love the photo
  19. Hey, if you IM me in world, I can find you a Demon to descend you; as it's a roleplay game with a backstory, you can't just sign up but need someone to descend or transcend you. You *may* be able to get your own Horde, but not for a long, long time, if at all . . . the Hordes (which are the same as clans/covens) are all already established & getting your own means a good history in the game & has to be approved by the game owners. Anyway, if you're still looking, drop me an IM & let me know about this post/who you are, and i'll get you sorted
  20. I've seen Cats & thought it was good, but there's pretty much no storyline & if you're not a fan of the music, personally i'd wait. I haven't seen it in the theatre, so can't compare it to that. It's ok to pass the time, but not something incredible
  21. A&D is a lot of fun, but a lot of work too. Try going to the sims at different times, the Angel &/or Demon Greeter will be alerted that you landed & should IM you. Otherwise, check out their website (just google Eternal Conflict Angels & Demons), or message me any questions (Liana Wildmist) x
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