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  1. Ok, it's something with the Belleza body update, they work fine on Maitreya body & used to on Belleza, Maitreya's CSR said either reset skeleton (done as Skell suggested) or that it's Belleza, so I tried them with the Maitreya body & it's fine. So, I guess update & break something else lol Thanks everyone for all the help x
  2. Just checked and no, the hands are left and right forearm, the body is centre, ty tho!
  3. Yep, just classic skin/shape/eyes, Belleza alpha/body and Maitreya hands. No nails, no tattoos, no AO or anything else at all
  4. Put new ones on when wearing nothing but the Belleza alpha/body & classic shape/skin from noob avi,still the same. Time to contact Maitreya!
  5. Thanks all. It's still doing it, even with hands at 100, 50 or anywhere at all Maybe I should noob myself and add them first lol
  6. I use the Vista Esther Bento AO They may well be, I will make them bigger and see!
  7. I think one place is mentioned on here that does (might be you that mentioned it lol), but I find using a skin with cleavage is a pushed up enough look so wouldn't ever use it now
  8. Yep, they do, even with a redelivered copy. I will ask a friend to check when one comes online
  9. Me too! I spoke with the Earthstones creator about this today, she said they need to provide a developer's kit and she'd asked before but not got anywhere. I really want rings and my tattoo so I can do away with other hands lol
  10. Thanks! Had just tried this as someone in a group suggested it, the hands kind've splayed out & went back to being deformed, maybe its just me seeing them badly
  11. Ok, it's happened again, but nothing suggested is working this time . . not sure if it's just SL. I guess I could use Slink but they don't fit my avi as well as Maitreya's (no idea why not, they are on the setting Belleza ask to be used & altering shape hasn't helped) Maybe it's just my old pc? Not sure how others see them as I haven't seen anyone to ask (Vin, log yourself in lol)
  12. Oh that worked, thanks so much! I think I only use my AO but who knows with me! ty
  13. They are automatically sending them, but it can take a long time to get everyone's out, so the TP & redelivery is probably best They did away with the LITE bodies, and anyone with one has had it upgraded to the full version. There's a mesh nipple show/hid button on the alpha slots now, and some stuff too technical for me to understand or use lol
  14. Hi guys, So, while these aren't the best photos, I hope you can see the problem I have with my hands It looks like the fingers have been chopped off, and reattached out of line (Maitreya hands) My Belleza & Slink look fine, so I don't think it's my viewer or settings, but I can't think what it is? The only other thing, is with the Slink, they looked the same until they rezzed in, but these seem to have done that & still look bad? Any ideas please?
  15. Yes you can so I will try this! Thanks
  16. I love it except I still can't wear my tattoo on one hand only, tho i'm guessing it's because the hands are still attached so not their fault
  17. Ok, so the Belleza update is finally here for Bento; I have moving fingers and would like some rings pls & ty content creators!
  18. Ah but i'm only right as you guys told me Ellen! lol (tho I did think it'd be something of Blueberry's)
  19. The hair is either Truth or created outside of SL by Blue, & boots are Foxy by Blueberry
  20. You'd think one of the guys could come carry the bags
  21. I told Lia she had to smile, it didn't go down well
  22. Sorry but this is really dangerous, and if a rl therapist you'd have plenty of rl clients if any good & would know that to do it in sl isn't a good thing (Unless all roleplay)
  23. Duck Nipple has gatcha resale ones, but they are like heels (as if stood on tip toes). If you'd like a lilac pair let me know & i'll send them over if transfer
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