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  1. Hello, I know how to edit second life pictures in photoshop. the basics editing.. shadow and highlights and soft painting. I'm not a designer like talented designers here but, i wonder if i can do something with what i know. Designers sell their work for l$2000 or more. My question is whether beginners like me can get clients? We have a chance?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a custom skin creator , someone who knows how to make realistic skin. The specific look i want is asian (i will give all the details with pictures). Does anyone here know a reliable creator who can be trusted. . ? someone is looking for a client (?) Please contact me. make my day. Thank you.
  3. Hi, inworld i can't find realistic asian skins. on marketplace there's a full perm head and skin, but i want to use with my bento head. . Where can i find a reliable person to do custom skin for me ?
  4. I would like to make bento animations for my catwa head. with bento hands I'm using with 'FATE Hand Poser HUD' and it works great. But i can't find something for bento heads. How second life artists making bento animation gesture ?
  5. My internet speed is good but today the loading stopped at "Handshake " The message said that could be a problem with my Internet connection or grid. fails even when I'm trying to teleport to another places. My internet always worked with second life .. what should i do ?
  6. "Often this means that your computer's clock is set incorrectly. Please go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date are set correctly. Also check that your network and firewall are set up correctly" I see this message and i guess that's because Firefox. i have an error "Your connection is not secure" I tried to fix the problem with videos and changed the date and time but i can't solve the problem. Please help me
  7. I try a few weeks to add to my paypal account here. i get "to use your PayPal account with Second Life, it must be verified with a bank account" I added to my bank account and everything seems fine but It is still does not work. I just want to add my paypal account to payout my l$. i don't want to buy l$. What should I do ?
  8. When I'm afk second life logging me off If I'm not playing a few minutes. It started yesterday after I cleared the cache. "Log off after being marked away" is always on 'never'. I need help
  9. I deleted all my old items a long time ago. and now 9 old items popped up again in my marketplace store. When i click, it loader marketplace main page all the old items are not listed or in my inventory. . How to fix this problem ?
  10. Before the latest update of firestorm i had 16x antialiasing. Now with the new update I have 4x .. the pictures very blurry with 4x antialiasing. i don't know why it has changed. . There is a way to fix it ?
  11. I really want to make a appliers for mesh bodies with my own textures. (Belleza, TMP, Maitreya) right now i could not find video tutorials and blogs and i have no idea how to write the script.. It's like learning chinese :matte-motes-dont-cry: is it really complicated ? Where can I find help ? :matte-motes-frown:
  12. Doing a great job, best scripter I've found in sl. :matte-motes-little-laugh: Make you be satisfied 100% Many thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, I searched a few days after sound script menu with 3 Options. (Loop, Stop,Volume). The only menu that I have, it with a menu to select sounds but without stop , loop and volume.. I need a sound menu to select any sounds and with loop to hear it over and over again , and stop button to stop the loop/sound. . and volume to choose how high it will be but the volume is not necessary. I looked everywhere and I could not find what I need .. when I try to edit the script by myself it shows an error. :smileysad: Can anyone help me ? I would be very happy if you contact me and work on
  14. Help Somebody Help Me . . ! :smileysad: I'm more than 4 hours trying to build a script for sounds but without success.. I need a script that showing up the menu with the sounds and Loop and stop (can be great with volume). all this together in one menu. I have no idea how to build this by myself and I don't find the exact scripts:smileysad: Where can I get script like this ?
  15. Thank you for your comment. But I need detailed information.. when i upload the pose i should set it "loop" and priority of 3 ? and what about the seconds below ?
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