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  1. Him: Hey I just bought some VAW (or something like that) genitals, you can test them for me Me: Oh that's cool, I just got the ***** but I hear it's pretty good, we can test that first Him: You're a dude?! Me: Only in rl, and what happens in sl stays in sl Him: Uh no way *poof*
  2. Not enough info . . male or female companion? What can you offer him or her, and what exactly are you looking for? What is your idea of sexy and romantic? Photo?
  3. This! I wish more guys spent time with their kids, and didn't work away and not be there. Kids don't care about money, they care about time with you. So nice to see a Dad who is with them
  4. Personal Trainer but only part time for now
  5. At the risk of making Skell even more unhappy, and having to buy up all the leather and sequins SL has to offer . . . I think we need to see the evidence, please ?
  6. I have three favourites, but one feels more like something for a wedding and I have no weddings to go to!
  7. Blueberry's Sammy boots are my favouriteb ever boots, so many combinations (ankle/knee/thigh & colours), and they go over her jeans at least. I warn you. Blueberry is a dangerous place! So many awesome clothes x
  8. I came here almost 12 years ago, with a group of friends who became family once we saw how things work in SL. Mostly I just login to have people to chat to, irl i'm Vegan & a Personal Trainer after years of struggling with how I look myself. Love photography, which i'm just learning (& once I upgrade the pc i'll do it much better than now!), exploring and hanging out with anyone chatty I do have a personality disorder tho which can't be left irl, sadly, so can find communication difficult, especially with those who don't understand it Still, it's not gonna stop me trying to live as normal a life as I can do, and making new friends in here/finding family!
  9. Try Next Gen Inc on Youth Quake (unless they moved)
  10. I have no idea which is best, because i've only used a female avatar. I guess it depends; if you like shopping then possibly a female avatar, or Skell's, is best. If you want to hang out or sit down without being pestered, a male one. I am kind've glad I don't need to walk around with my freenis stuck to my clothing though! RL, I love being female and would never want to be a dude, not totally sure why but it does seem there's more 'pressure' to not show emotions and be some tough guy. Then again, it'd be nice to have their strength at times as I am sick of having to embarrass myself asking neighbours to open pickled onions for me lol
  11. Some places are just ridiculous, everyone knows clothes take time to rez. Besides, just because there is a dress code, to me it's a bit much to be looking up dresses to enforce it whether she has knickers on or not!
  12. I'm keeping out of this one or Skell may have more than licking to worry about! (No, not *that*!)
  13. This! I get Hi . . How are you? (They can NEVER ask in one sentence) then the 'Where are you from?' q . . if I ask why they want to know they blame timezones (how would I know after speaking for one sentence if I want to login when he does, and I use SLT anyway as i'm on randomly) or they say language reasons, instead of 'Do you speak x?' One did admit in case I was close enough to have 'fun' with, err ok lol At least talk to me a while first!
  14. I meet people who are messaging me loads, chatty etc then as soon as I add them, they disappear & blame rl. I know people have busy lives that must come first, but personally I always MAKE time for friends whether rl is busy/difficult or not. I have one person on my friends list who barely logs in, and get sick of bugging people (if I message them always I feel that way). In the end I just take the hint & go. I feel like many only want friends when it suits them, but as soon as other stuff comes up they stop bothering, maybe as they don't understand we're real people not avs (or it's easier to treat online ppl badly than rl?) So while i'm really alone in both worlds & have an illness that means that is worse for me, i'd rather that than fake friends where I need to make all the effort
  15. Almost makes me wish I was a roleplayer! Good luck x
  16. Not sure what this means, the Belleza body doesn't come with Maitreya hands? I wear or would like to wear the Maitreya hands as the Belleza ones can't have my tattoo on, or bento ring sets yet. I use Slinks hands for now but the skins never match even with the same appliers & I prefer Maitreyas nail shapes
  17. I stay single in both worlds so it's not an issue
  18. Wouldn't graphics be above that anyway? I had this recently, not sure if clicking phys helped, i'll look when I login
  19. I guess the idea is to use their hands, but until there're ring sets & one hand tattoos available, i'd rather use others
  20. 100% as LittleMe says . . Belleza seem to have done something, the last body was ok!
  21. It's with the Maitreya hands, when used with the Belleza Isis body (when used with the Maitreya body there is no issue) It's the Vista Esther Bento AO Maitreya's CSR says it's an issue with Belleza, and thinking about it, before the update the hands were fine with the Belleza body, so it looks like something with Belleza going Bento The Belleza & Slink hands are both totally fine, it's just the Maitreya that do this for me & so it seems I need to bug Belleza, and we all know how long that could take (for them to address things in an update lol)
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