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  1. Scylla, though I understand your trepidation, show a little compassion for me. If she does get a bigger brain, there might be room for me to crawl back inside. I'm currently sitting on the window ledge, soaked and shivering. There's not much I can do to rein her in from this side of the glass.
  2. That's the only reason Maddy's here, Solar.
  3. I'll be interested to hear @Madelaine McMasters' views on this. You want to hear her views so badly you actually mentioned her? What the hell are you thinking, Quartz?! Do you know what's going to happen when she wakes up? She's gonna see her name in lights and grow her half of our head so big I'll have to step outside. Then she'll come here and bloviate. Marissa has clearly never met Maddy. Does anyone have even the slightest clue what she talks about? I sure don't. When she gets a bee up her butt, she prattles on and on and on until she sounds like the trombone "adults" in Peanuts cartoons. I really gotta wonder about anyone who asks for more of that. Seriously, what's wrong with you? Also... I'm perfectly happy to wear the only outfit in my closet, a referee's uniform. Maddy, however, looks at me and sees nothing but a mannequin. So, I spend half my time here standing around half naked while Maddy test fits outfits on me before sending them to her partner, who she keeps... half naked. I don't know why Nicole puts up with it, SL gets chilly. I'm not the only alt who's tired of being Maddy's. Dave23 (an octopus) now finds himself running "Dave's Laundry" on the ocean floor just off the coast of Maddy's little island. She tosses her dirty laundry into the surf every morning and expects Dave to return it, clean, the next day. At least he's got the chutzpah to hurl everything into the palm trees when he's done, forcing Maddy to shinny up there to retrieve it. The rest of her alts are usually sent to "The Far Away" to try to steal that damned locomotive. RootbeerDrinkingLampshade got caught in the act by AM Radio himself. Oh, how I wish I'd been there to hear that conversation, and to help Shady plead her case. It ain't easy being Maddy's alts. We'd sorely appreciate a little empathy from the rest of you rather than further encouragement for her.
  4. Being the tactician is pointless if the strategist is incompetent.
  5. Nugget? As in those things I find strewn along my forest paths and under the shrubs that have been chewed down to nubs over the winter? Follow at your own risk, Love.
  6. Thank you, Jerilynn. It is the end of an era, though I can't say I'm heartbroken. It's nice to have someone to share the frustration that is Maddy.
  7. I don't see any evidence of intention on the part of Earth itself, so I question your use of "meant". I hope that human intent can eventually figure out how to support us indefinitely. Absent in many arguments about green living is that there might be a maximum sustainable population. For all of human history, we've enjoyed the promise of population growth. Our children will take care of us. The greatest challenge facing us might well be the economic, social, and psychological impact of giving up that promise.
  8. Richard Feynman told a story of suddenly getting a strong feeling that his grandmother had died. Just then, the phone rang. He answered it. It was a classmate, calling about something completely unrelated. As an anecdote, that's enough to fully cancel one human's correct feeling that their grandmother had died. I've tried to keep track of the strong feelings I've had that something had, or would, happen. I've been wrong so much that I can, to my own satisfaction, cancel out every such correct anecdote I've ever heard from others. I also like to believe certain things. That doesn't make them true. I love laying on the grass on warm summer evenings, looking up in into the starry night and wondering if there's someone on a lawn way out there, looking back at me. I can't tell which is more awesome, the thought that might actually be happening, or the thought that there's an evolutionary advantage to imagining certain things that aren't true. Whatever the truth is, so be it. There is no shortage of awe for me. It's the same for you, Ceka. ;-).
  9. I quite agree there's no need to minimize. So why did you just do it? I'm reminded of this...
  10. I only visit such places with an alt, never with a mane.
  11. There are those that use mains to do nefarious things.
  12. Be thankful you have an entire brain to yourself. I have to share one with Maddy. When I send her half to the corner, it just sits there, glaring at me, drinking root-beer... and belching.
  13. I tried that with my partner. Meh.
  14. I'm torn between two responses, Jerilynn... "Trust her as far as you can throw her." and... "Trust, but verify."
  15. Uh oh, the cat is out of the bag. Maddy will claim that Katz Republic is an alt of mine, with a Caspervend account raking in tons of Linden cash from Teresa Matfield's alt. She'll never believe that Katz inadvertently typed her response into a quote of my post, deleting the my original content. It doesn't matter though, Maddy doesn't have the login credentials for my Katz alt, so there's no way she can get the money.
  16. Why oh why did you drink that stuff, Manoji? I'll get you a wet towel and some TUMS.
  17. Maddy would be an excellent choice -- but let's not go there, Lindall. I can almost smell the butt hurt and drama that would result if we start compiling a list of favourite forumites. It never ends well. I agree that compiling a list of favorite forumites would not end well. And it looks like it didn't even start well, though Lindal's seemingly kind gesture is brilliant. She's effectively given up her seat on the Titanic, dooming the other nominees to set sail on a massive wooden boat... with Maddy. Agreed, don't go there.
  18. Careful Eva. She also likes "Barry", and finds it aspirational. Surely there are better people for you to trust.
  19. Everything Maddy does here is for the reputation points, and only for the reputation points. Your world, your imagination. Her world, her imagination.
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