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Found 6 results

  1. Who else feels that afk sex places are just bots and hurting this game? I would love to hear your comments.
  2. Hello, So recently me and a friend have been facing harassment from two people we used to work for. They thought we were the same person using alts to ruin their organization which was complete and utter nonsense. Since I blocked them, and my friend the same, they've been visiting my friend's land and it just makes me worried they're messing with us. I don't want to get hacked or my friend to get hacked. What do we do to stay safe from these two loons?
  3. VallaMiller

    Harassment and Targeted

    ~ There is this person who is mad and targeting me due to I stood up to him for going against sims rules and his own bs. ~ He broke TOS and is sharing pms while adding false info! No I did not give him ANY permission to even give out the pms even if they where 100% legit, I can admit my own mistakes but I did nothing wrong! ~ He is trying to turn everyone against me and has now targeted me for him not being admin no more and new people have stepped up to replace said person. ~ He is sending is alts/bots to the sim that this all went down claiming their someone from real life or friends on the bot/alt to attack and start drama on the server. ~ He is also falsely reporting for harassment and attacking him when he attacked me on discord and here on second Life! ~ I will not show pms as I personally did not get permissions from him to share though he already spreading what he tryna pass as the real pms! ~ He is also targeting anyone who is friends with me on here and have NOTHING to do with the sim, as well as degrading people on sim while sim owner is away after already taking off admin list. ~ Any Advice or Second Life staff please comment or send me a pm in game, DO NOT ASK ME FOR PM RECORDS NOR SAID PERSON NAME IF YOU ARE NOT LL OR SL STAFF!
  4. BelindaN

    I have a new "alt".......

    Another step forward I guess. I must say that after my spell as swirling white mist last week, I was freaked out that it could all end just like that......... I know some of you have alts and up until that point I didn't really get it, but now I think I do. So yesterday I set up BelindaSalt.....geddit? She will stay as a system Avi. I'll get her a nice shape when I get time, but I don't want any competition hehe! I've friended her and she's now based in my apartment. It was really odd signing her on for the first time........ So if you happen across "Salty", say hello because it's me!! ??
  5. FeydaAnn Ferryhill

    Using Alts to create another marketplace store

    Since we can't open 2 marketplace shops, can I use an Alt to open a 2nd one? I make medieval clothing but also some regular street clothes. I'd like to make a 2nd shop for the street clothes. Can I do this with an alt?
  6. RoyBlakeley

    Alts Marrying

    Is it possible for two alts from the same person to marry each other?