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  1. What are you doing today!? :D

    Classy? What the hell are you thinking, Donovan? Put Talli's artwork back up!
  2. What are you doing today!? :D

    I don't believe it when Maddy says it. I don't believe it when you say it. You're up to something and I've got my eye on you.
  3. Life Forward Anchor 1

    Women too, as Maddy proves daily. And this is one aspect of her character I don't think I can fault.
  4. The most useless Second Life item ever

    You don't have to live with her.
  5. My bad drawings of my worse avatars

    She is the kind only a mother could like. ;-).
  6. This topic is about SL: Forum crushes?

    You just couldn't resist, could you?
  7. If we're talking about SL, and it's a fire truck or a tractor, Maddy will know.
  8. Every picture tells a story

    Don't encourage her!
  9. Linden$ in exchange for writing

    I've learned to cope.
  10. What's with Reputation?

    Leave me out of this! You've got BillThePirate and RootBeerDrinkingLampshade to do your dirty work.
  11. A new and improved forum?

    Or ends one.
  12. A new and improved forum?

    That's because her head is as big as a stop sign.
  13. A new and improved forum?

    I know what you said, I don't know what you mean. You started with an idea and got derailed by a metaphor.
  14. Where do you live?

    Nor the better half of it.