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  1. A Derail Thread

  2. How does your avatar look today ?

  3. Second Life is filled with petty and rude people.

    It's more complex than that, or no woman would have a second child, and those of us who learn by observation wouldn't have a first. ;-). Memories of pain can protect, paralyze or prime us. If you're excessively prone to remember pain, you're also excessively prone to perceive it. I wear rose colored glasses not so much to forget pain, but to prime me for new experiences. I trust that any pain I encounter as a result will be quickly forgotten. I did not come by this way of thinking through hard work, nor has my way of thinking been severely challenged (or if it has, I've forgotten ;-). This is just the way I am, so I can't really offer instruction on how to do it, though there shelves at the bookstore filled with attempts. Happiness is about expectation and gratitude. I don't expect life to give me more than I give it, and I'm grateful for what I get. I've lived a charmed life and have much to be grateful for, yet I see people around me who have much more and are still unhappy. You'll never catch me complaining about how the world treats me. It has no obligation to make me happy. That's my job.
  4. ..and I thought OctoPussy was a lot of..octopi. You might also wonder whether the company 23andMe isn't a facade for something more... nefarious?
  5. Second Life is filled with petty and rude people.

    For Pete's sake Qie, was that really necessary? Now Maddy's frothing at the mouth.
  6. That tends to happen when you vomit what you've scrambled to learn in just a few minutes on the internet in order to look like an expert. Yeah, but that doesn't stop Maddy, does it? At least I get to see her scramble.
  7. Almost everyone else. I could do without Maddy.
  8. Entitled people think instructions are unfair

    When disaster strikes, Maddy blames me.
  9. Physics randomly "jitter"

  10. How did SL gain its "bad" reputation?

    Maddy joined SL in 2008, you first became aware of negative coverage in 2009. Draw your own conclusions.
  11. Five word Story Game

    Thus began "Levi's 69s", inspiring
  12. Now you've got Maddy dancing all 'round the attic in her li'l devil avatar, inviting me to join her in hell. Well, two can play this game... You gotta admit, I make conscientiousness look damned appealing.
  13. how to get unmuted

    You also have a defenestration list? That's the one interest I share with Maddy.