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  1. Stop and think about this for a moment, Scylla. Doesn't the Tilia introduction seem like exactly the sort of thing Maddy would engineer? As proof she's involved, you'll notice she's nowhere to be found in those forum discussions.
  2. Ain't it a pity that the first words that come to your mind are the last words that would make it through the forum filter?
  3. I hear that from Maddy. Doesn't work.
  4. I use mine for nefarious purposes*. * really, look at her forum title.
  5. She has been known to stuff her bras with painting rags.
  6. It hasn't been easy. I've been forced into the attic... and I long ago discovered that Maddy doesn't like being called an empty shell.
  7. a worrisome understanding of "fresh".
  8. Cute? Chemo didn't kill her, so you might want to try something more powerful than bug spray, like AM talk radio.
  9. ...starts looking through SL's Application Support folder for log-file evidence you did exactly that.
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