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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad I'm Maddy's conscience and not yours.
  2. Put the script in a root beer bottle, 0.1m won't stand a chance.
  3. You haven't met Maddy, have you?
  4. Lordy, she's worse than Maddy.
  5. ChinRey wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: What would I do without you two? Oh but you have so many other admirers too. Just ask Snugs for example! She knows better than to ask me.
  6. Hippie Bowman wrote:  Ugh! Monday again? Well grin and bare it! Peace! Maddy is sleeping in today. I expect she'll want me to glare at you. That's not my style. Here's the grin...  As for "bare it", I can't do that here. ;-).
  7. ChinRey wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: Don't ever try to simply things for me, that just makes me angry. That is understandable but keep in mind that this is not a private chat. It is a public forum and anything we write may well be read not only by the regular participants in our dicussions but also by people with lesser intellectual capacity. Maddy's search for people with lesser intellectual capacity has been, so far, fruitless. Did you notice how she spelled "simplify"? You will have (as I have had) better luck if she's near.
  8. Phil Deakins wrote: There wasn't anything so important in it that it must be read. That could be said about everything Maddy's ever posted.
  9. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: Soooo, was I married to Madelaine, or Snuggs??? :matte-motes-sarcasm: That depends on which of us is you, and we'll discuss that as soon as Maddy wakes.
  10. The other half is me.
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: Freya wrote, "Fear and a desire for control are some of the most natural, instinctive urges humanity has." You disagreed by saying that "Desire for control are actually the worst instincts and urges humanity has". Notice where you made the mistake. Natural and worst do not mean the same thing, so you didn't disagree with what Freya wrote, even though you thought you did. Humanity has some pretty bad natural "instinctive urges". It's hard for me to imagine what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors, but it clearly was a hell of a lot different than my life today. I know this because, day in and day out, I fight natural intinctive urges to do the most incredibly stupid things. And you all have probably witnessed a few times when I've lost that fight. ;-). A few times?
  12. Freya Mokusei wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote some nonsense: I'll take your word for it though. You're not the sort to lead me wrong! ... shakes her head.
  13. Hi Zepp, We're residents, just like you. We have no inside knowledge. Even if we were Lindens, we'd have no idea why you were banned. That's a question for whoever banned you. I've never seen a system message from a sim indicating I've been banned, just that I'm unable to teleport there. Perhaps there is a purchased security orb at the venue that's sending you a message before ejecting you. If the venue owners say you're not banned, then it perhaps they don't know how to operate the security system or simply don't want to take the time to remove you from the blacklist. Respectful dialog with the owners is the only method I can recommend, and if that doesn't work, move on. Property owners can ban anyone from their areas for any reason and there is no recourse. Fortunately SL is a very big place and there's always somewhere else to go. Good luck!
  14. Apparently, I'm even less concerned about my look than Maddy. This has been the sorry state of my wardrobe for the last six years...  My ARC is almost entirely in my hair. I suppose I could trade it for a helmet.
  15. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Back in January I made a resolution to myself to not be a smartass on the forums any more. Direct it at Maddy. She deserves it, so it won't count against your resolution.