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  1. If we're talking about SL, and it's a fire truck or a tractor, Maddy will know.
  2. Don't encourage her!
  3. I've learned to cope.
  4. Leave me out of this! You've got BillThePirate and RootBeerDrinkingLampshade to do your dirty work.
  5. Or ends one.
  6. That's because her head is as big as a stop sign.
  7. I know what you said, I don't know what you mean. You started with an idea and got derailed by a metaphor.
  8. Nor the better half of it.
  9. Maddy's "bed" is the locomotive's boiler, and there's room for only one body in there. Don't be that body, Talligurl.
  10. Maybe not. It's actually difficult to tell. There are times I swear she's trying to gaslight me, but you ask her she'll say I'm doing the same to her. It's a shame we aren't triplets, we could use a tie-breaking vote.
  11. If only you knew just how untrue everything Maddy says is.
  12. Alt
  13. Maddy? In the old forums, people could not delete questions that had answers. So this behavior is new. You need more sleep.
  14. Don't do that Mo. You're only encouraging her to ask for a "Love button".
  15. She lied. Want to tell her to stop?