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  1. I'm torn between two responses, Jerilynn... "Trust her as far as you can throw her." and... "Trust, but verify."
  2. Uh oh, the cat is out of the bag. Maddy will claim that Katz Republic is an alt of mine, with a Caspervend account raking in tons of Linden cash from Teresa Matfield's alt. She'll never believe that Katz inadvertently typed her response into a quote of my post, deleting the my original content. It doesn't matter though, Maddy doesn't have the login credentials for my Katz alt, so there's no way she can get the money.
  3. Why oh why did you drink that stuff, Manoji? I'll get you a wet towel and some TUMS.
  4. Maddy would be an excellent choice -- but let's not go there, Lindall. I can almost smell the butt hurt and drama that would result if we start compiling a list of favourite forumites. It never ends well. I agree that compiling a list of favorite forumites would not end well. And it looks like it didn't even start well, though Lindal's seemingly kind gesture is brilliant. She's effectively given up her seat on the Titanic, dooming the other nominees to set sail on a massive wooden boat... with Maddy. Agreed, don't go there.
  5. Careful Eva. She also likes "Barry", and finds it aspirational. Surely there are better people for you to trust.
  6. Everything Maddy does here is for the reputation points, and only for the reputation points. Your world, your imagination. Her world, her imagination.
  7. She has ignorance nailed exquisitely. PFFFT
  8. Beth, would you please stop doing that? You don't have to live with the tantrums Maddy throws when you do. They're awful.
  9. Before SL, Maddy had inhabited several IRC chat rooms which withered and died in the face of other social networks. She maintained a friendship with one fella she'd met there, and with whom she shared engineering interests and an appreciation for hyperbolic banter. When she discovered SL, she created an avatar for him to flatten the SL learning curve with the hope they'd both find ways to get in trouble here. And so "Snugs Eisenhart" was born, cuddly but hard as iron. Unfortunately, she was unable to lure her friend in. He stayed behind in RL where he found and married a sweetie, leaving Maddy with an unused male avatar and no foil for mock sarcasm. She'd pull him out of the closet now and then to help arrange couples poses, but never really found good use for him until finding the forums, where she struck pay dirt. Upon her return as a McMasters, Maddy repurposed me as the angel to her devil. I've had to bear the burden ever since.
  10. Wipe that smug look off your face right now, Maddy.
  11. I think you've got a valid point here, JoiMarie. Madelaine McMasters is nearly 12 years old and has no PIOF. I trust her as far as I can throw her...
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