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  1. @Patch LindenI got one of the gardens to work, now I'm just hoping the empty ones will be worked on. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. @Adamburp AdamczykLike I said in my original post, Varna is the primary region with issues. The gardens haven't worked at any point I've tried them over the past year or so; they've probably been having issues since before then. @AlettaMondragonI will make a ticket and post the result here, if I get any. My previous experiences with LL support have been either no response, or ticket deleted with no response.
  3. @Prokofy Neva The support ticket system has the following under Land and Region: Community Gateway Application Group Land Region Offline Region Purchase Rollback Request Skill Gaming Region Order It doesn't have an "Other" or anything else I can use. Technical Questions only has Inventory Issues, and nothing else applies.
  4. The Linden Memorial Park scripts don't appear to be working properly. I can click on most of the memorials and they appear to give me the attached notecards/files, but some functions in the park, like the Flower Gardens in the Varna region, don't appear to be working anymore. Clicking on the flowers gives me this text: Orchid 19 whispers: Offsets Saved. Clicking on the plaques to dedicate a flower gives me this text: Flower Dispenser 76: Please type the name of the person to commemorate. The person must be a SL avatar name. Please take care to spell and capitalize correctly. Error Alpha: (name) Orchid 77 whispers: Planting flower... But the flower never actually appears, even in an empty garden. Some of the plaques don't appear to be functional at all. You can't interact with them, some of them can't even be clicked on. I've noted that this is persistent across multiple avatars (I've had friends test it) and multiple logins. In addition, some of the regions attached to this area are completely empty. There's currently no way to set up any new memorials, and the regions Winterspire, Monument, Highgate, and Derran Moor sit empty. I understand that these regions aren't being actively attended to anymore, but I believe the area should receive some maintenance to fix non-functioning scripts at the very least. If possible, the ability to dedicate memorials in empty regions would be appreciated, but I can understand why that might be a problem without active supervision. I was going to submit a ticket about this, but the Support Ticket system only uses pre-defined tags that don't fit the subject.
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