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  1. @Patch LindenI got one of the gardens to work, now I'm just hoping the empty ones will be worked on. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. @Adamburp AdamczykLike I said in my original post, Varna is the primary region with issues. The gardens haven't worked at any point I've tried them over the past year or so; they've probably been having issues since before then. @AlettaMondragonI will make a ticket and post the result here, if I get any. My previous experiences with LL support have been either no response, or ticket deleted with no response.
  3. @Prokofy Neva The support ticket system has the following under Land and Region: Community Gateway Application Group Land Region Offline Region Purchase Rollback Request Skill Gaming Region Order It doesn't have an "Other" or anything else I can use. Technical Questions only has Inventory Issues, and nothing else applies.
  4. The Linden Memorial Park scripts don't appear to be working properly. I can click on most of the memorials and they appear to give me the attached notecards/files, but some functions in the park, like the Flower Gardens in the Varna region, don't appear to be working anymore. Clicking on the flowers gives me this text: Orchid 19 whispers: Offsets Saved. Clicking on the plaques to dedicate a flower gives me this text: Flower Dispenser 76: Please type the name of the person to commemorate. The person must be a SL avatar name. Please take care to spell and capitalize correctly. Erro
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