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  1. Your region, as stated above, is main channel, right? The RC channels are, specifically, "not main channel." So, no, the RC roll wouldn't affect your main channel region.
  2. I'm thinking that's Starax Statosky, who was later known as Light Waves.
  3. I was one of the builders on that flower garden back when it was in a different region for a remembrance event in 2008 or so. I did the build, another person did the scripting. When the memorial park was built, the garden was moved to its new location, and I could not longer do any resetting of the build. I am sorry about that. As others mentioned, the support case issue would be Land > Other Land. I hope they are able to fix that for you.
  4. Would it be possible to get a couple of those regions open Rez (with auto return) so people can test aviation/aeronautical battles?
  5. The changes are subtle, but they're there! (Was even able to hit up the same location!)
  6. For me, the idea of a name change is pretty moot. I like this name. I picked it with some thought, and I've had it for more than 13 years now. I think the price is fair. If you want a fun and quick name, just use a display name. Easy-peasy and free. If you desire a full on username change, presumably a most involved process, then it's gonna cost. I'mma sit out the contest though, cuz like I said, I'm happy with this name, and the last names I'd want were used in the past anyway.
  7. So in the past, I've streamed music on the Mac using Nicecast, but it seems to be history now. What are folks using to DJ on Macs in SL nowadays?
  8. It's frustrating not having the information here, even if it's just "internal fixes."
  9. Everything old is new again: This was a complaint when Windlight was in beta all those years ago. Also, avatar appearance under Windlight was a Very Big Deal. SO much so that the facelight was born.
  10. Indeed. I hope I didn't come off as too demanding, simply making sure 🙂
  11. Any news this week, or are these on hold due to other network... work?
  12. I'm not trying to be snarky here, but you keep addressing EEP issues using a non-EEP enabled viewer. It's a bit like asking why your command key doesn't work in Windows.
  13. That's one of the frustrations for me as well. I want a sky that looks like the sky looks pre-EEP, but with the features EEP promises, plus, if possible, a few new extra. Kinda in that order. Oh, and yes, I would love better windows for 'em, too, but that's after the first bits.
  14. That is really a pain point for me, and has been since the last time the Windlight windows were updated, years ago. Because, well, we used to have these tight little numbers: And the others still at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Environment_Editor These were super, and thanks to their size, they didn't get as much int he way of actually seeing the environment.
  15. There's one big thing that Niran made me think of that has been nagging on me. I kinda thought of EEP as an enhancement. That is, we're taking things that exist now and enhancing them. But so much seems not enhanced, but rewrote/changed. The way the sky renders seems so much different from the previous sky, with different overall lighting, etc. I love the idea of finally getting inworld windlight assets. I love getting different sky settings at different altitudes. I'm even keen on rainbows and the like. Also, tinkling stars, even if they do seem to twinkle awful fast. But Niran has a point. So much looks so different. Things look Foggy. Skies seem dimmer. water effects are odd. Heck, one minor thing that bugs me is that when I logged in, I now have to wait for the moon's texture to load with all the others, leaving a floating box in the sky, while it used to just be "there." I want to feel like the project is done, but render-wise, it kinda feels like it's barely at the start.
  16. Beautiful work. I'll echo what many others have said. I think it would be wise, once some of these bugs are worked out, to consider some updates to the SL default day cycle utilizing some of what EEP will bring too the table. Nothing overly dramatic, because change is hard -- but our skies can be this breathtaking.
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