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  1. Rockridge Constantine

    Multiple Marketplace Stores per Avatar

    I wondered the same thing. I currently sell PlantPets on MP and would like to keep that as a separate business from say reselling gacha items. i would rather not have an alt account for each business.
  2. Rockridge Constantine

    Experiences are overweight!

  3. Rockridge Constantine

    Looking for DJ position

    What is your music style/genre? Club Universe is all about People + Space + Music. Our team of DJs spin the best in EDM, Electro, House, Techno, Trance and Club Remixes. Come check us out . https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockridge Heights/134/44/22 Drop by the club and contact Rockridge Constantine if interested.
  4. Rockridge Constantine

    Need creator of radio spot

    aka DJ drop.
  5. Rockridge Constantine

    questions about Oculus Go i found this on bestbuy site

    I didn't think any VR gear was compatible with Second Life. The frame rates are better in Sansar to be more beneficial.
  6. Rockridge Constantine

    Check out the Place Pages Beta!

    Yes, let's keep this going with updates and let us know how things are progressing. I hope to return to working with the pages, but I need to see that work is being done on improvements. tyvm.
  7. Rockridge Constantine

    Check out the Place Pages Beta!

    Since place page parcel listings take the info from the in world parcel info tab, it would be nice if the limits were the same.
  8. Rockridge Constantine

    It made me motion sick, and other thoughts...

    It seems very strange that you got motion sickness "without" a VR headset. How do you manage to even use SL?
  9. Rockridge Constantine

    Tips for attracting retail business?

    I have a small shopping district in my region. There are also a few spots near the club. How do you attract/invite businesses to consider renting a space? What perks can I offer? I recently decided to add a few of my parcels separately so I can offer parcel control with the ability to add logo and keywords in the parcel description. I can also offer to list in search. Do you have any tips or ideas? Thank you.
  10. Rockridge Constantine

    Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Looks good on my dashboard. I can get 3 months of transaction history. Perhaps it's not quite rolled out to everyone? *shrugs*
  11. Rockridge Constantine

    What will cause SANSAR to fail

    The announcement did appear on several of my VR and business news feeds. It really depends on what you choose to follow and what your sources are. There are plenty.
  12. Rockridge Constantine

    What will cause SANSAR to fail

    That interesting, but I think it is way too early to even consider that. As for Sexperience, Adult content is not something that is invited at the very early stage if at all.
  13. Rockridge Constantine

    What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Obviously, if it is your own experience you will have to do what is necessary to get items imported into your experience. Yes, it is too early to say that there will be "apartment living experiences" within a larger experience, but as of now, there are already some ways to interact with an experience besides needing to "rez" an object. You will be able to "sit" on furniture very soon. So stay tuned.
  14. Rockridge Constantine

    What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Experiences are currently cached on the viewer side. I think Linden Lab plans to change that in the future. Some experiences are more intense in how they were created so those do take time. I have experienced this as well. A few attempts will eventually get you in. If you have little patience then I assume most will just give up. I have been to many other experiences with little problem. As for the Sansar Store, I need to emphasize that it is still extremely early to see where that is going. There are already lots of items in the store https://store.sansar.com/. Given time the market will eventually grow.
  15. Rockridge Constantine

    What will cause SANSAR to fail

    It really is apples and oranges on a much larger scale. Sansar is just an option for people to consider exploring. Some may want to venture into the space if they want to experience something wonderful and unique. Initially, I am not really sure what Sansar is even marketed for or the abilities it has down the road. While it is still very early to even begin to even imagine the possibilities, there are currently lots of changes and updates being introduced. I have been in Sansar several times albeit only in desktop mode (without the HMD gear), and I am amazed at the "shiny" creations creators have come up with. The bottom line for me is let's wait and see where it goes. With the recent announcement more things coming to SL, I will continue to enjoy what I enjoy in SL and occasionally check in on Sansar to see how things progress.