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  1. I have no idea where to go to find good skins for older men, much less fantasy skins for something like a dark elf. (Bluish/grey skin tone.) Does this even exist? It would be okay if the aged skin is a tattoo layer worn separately. I'm assuming that's what I'll have to do to get this look.
  2. So can you name even one of those sims? Because every roleplay sim I've visited in SL so far uses their own HUD.
  3. Hey, since making this post I realized Cheen Pitney was actually the artist I was looking for, but I'd been confusing the two in my memory. Starax is great but Cheen Pitney is on a whole new level imo.
  4. You are still required to have the last name Resident. I have to see it every time a scripted object talks to me. I'd have rather had the choice of a real name than be forced to have the name Resident and then be charged for something that used to be free.
  5. That's really *****ed up that they removed last names, then offered them for $40.
  6. I thought everyone gets the last name Resident now. Is there actually a way to pick a last name?
  7. Are there any groups on SL that send out notifications for all sorts of events/activities happening on SL, but rather than letting anyone submit whatever they want, the list is curated? Because general events groups seemed to filled with "come to my DJ set" or "new club opening" kind of spam. I'm looking for activities on SL that are really unique or interesting.
  8. Are there any roleplay sims on SL for pure text-based roleplay without HUDs that keep track of skills and such? Or any place where paragraph roleplayers can search for partners? I'm mainly looking for PG/story-driven RP. I'd appreciate being spared essays on why this style of RP isn't "real" roleplay or that it's a bad idea. I'm simply asking if this exists, and if so, where.
  9. What are some stores that sell system fabric clothes that are still high quality textures? Either with sculpt prim attachments or the type of mesh parts that you can manually adjust. I have an uncommon body type so most mesh clothing doesn't fit me. In particular I'd really love some high-waisted shorts but I'm not holding my breath...
  10. Well I joined the 5 or so that I could find in search that had a decent amount of members and all of them were dead. No past events in the notices and when I asked group chat they all confirmed they were dead. So I was wondering if there are any that are actually active. I'll check out the one you mentioned.
  11. And I mean for actual dating, not sex hookups. Are there any groups that have regular events like singles mixers where single people can meet up and hang out?
  12. This is it!! Thanks so much. I really wanted to see their work again.
  13. It was around 2008, 2009 that I first encountered the prim sculptures if an artist who, I think, at that time had already quit SL, but was one of the most famous artists at the time. His art was mostly statues of people, incredibly lifelike, and marble textured. I know this isn't much to go on, but does anyone know who I am thinking of?
  14. This is great, thanks! I am interested in books. Art is another thing I'm quite into. I don't play mmos. I wasn't looking for anything gamey like that, although I'm not against trying it out.
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