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  1. it was banned because when it was compromised and the payment info was used to buy lindens and i reported my bank about the stolen money and i was able to access the account again it was put on hold just couple of mins after i got it back that was a year an half ago
  2. hello guys my 13 years account was compromised 1 and half year ago after dozen of cases they told me it was banned permanently however an agent asked me to submit a ticket from the email i used to create the account it took me a while to find it since its a 13 years account and i did file i ticket and i was ready to access it but they told me the abuse appeal was refused and the account was permanent banned but it wasn't an abuse appeal it was a reactivate an account case.. any one could tell me what to do because i am so confused and frustrated i will be thankfully
  3. thank you .. its not easy i invested a lot in it
  4. i verified all what they asked for from security question to the country and city i created the account and last logged in and my date of birth as well but the thing is they want me to submit a ticket as guest using the email used to to sign up the account which is impossible because that was 13 years ago and i dont have it plus they gave us a way to change the email address using email preferences and for sure i changed many through the time i spent in sl which is not a small.
  5. i verified my account ownership but they want me to submit a ticket i used to create the account
  6. hello i need help .. i have an account which us 13 years old and it got compromised and i managed to get it back and after couple of hours they logged me out and put it on hold ..i opened a case but they asked me to submit a ticket from the email i used to create the account and that is impossible because i erased it and used another email. that all happened a year ago and after dozen of cases i couldnt get it back .so any one can help me
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