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  1. So the name change competition has been announced ... see here In the terms & conditions of the competition the Lab have let the price slip. Under section 5 (Prize) item "A" Description of Prizes. One free Last Names change (estimated value at US$39.99 plus $11.99 to represent the value of a month of Premium Membership) on an account of Winner’s choice. $40 on top of premium membership fees to change your name ? I personally think that's a little steep ... i'll be staying a mimulus thank you
  2. Thank you Syn. Thought that would be the case, but wasn't 100% sure.
  3. Hi All, I have held a premium account in the past, but been a basic member for a long time now (at least 5 years). I have paid for that membership both Monthly & Quarterly (but never annually) I am currently looking at renewing membership at the annual rate and am wondering about the bonus 1000L$ Given that I have had a premium account in the past, will I be eligible for the bonus L$'s ? Many Thanks Jimbo
  4. Hi All, I am looking for some musical instruments that I can display on a stage. Drums, Guitars (acoustic) & Saxophone. It would help if the drums have modify rights (at least the outward facing skin of the bass drum) Obviously I have seen plenty of instruments for sale, but i'm not bothered whether or not you can play them, just need to display them. Thanks in advance Jimbo
  5. Thank you both, got what i wanted now
  6. Hi All, Not sure if anyone can help, but i'm looking for a skin that is (i don't want to say ugly) not quite as good looking as your average pretty boy skins. The sort of face that only a mother could love (if she'd had a couple of large whiskeys) Thanks in advance Jimbo
  7. Hi All, Not sure if anyone can help, but i'm looking for a skin that is (i don't want to say ugly) not quite as good looking as your average pretty boy skins. The sort of face that only a mother could love (if she'd had a couple of large whiskeys) Thanks in advance Jimbo
  8. More Junk. What happened to this ? http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/Back-to-Basics-Technology-Improvements/ba-p/668918 New Chat Service Coming Soon We’re finally going to tackle the group chat problem that has been a Resident complaint for a long time. Group chat can often be confusing, with “chat lag” causing responses to appear late, or sometimes not at all. You should start to see real improvements in this early next year. Over the last few months, we’ve completed a number of development sprints to prototype an XMPP service and have decided to move fo
  9. I've been SL partnered twice now (single in RL both times) The first time was for love/romance. There was even talk of me moving across the pond to be with her. The second (although i had great feelings for her) was more of a marriage of convenience. I always knew that partnering was doomed to fail, as she is married in RL. Her RL husband also uses SL & was fully aware of the relationship and even approved ..... I guess it helps that he is my RL best friend (but i digress) I've also had a couple of unpartenered relationships ... these seem to burn very brightly, but fade just as qui
  10. Hi All, I've been in SL for nearly 3 years & as of yet, havn't managed to find a place where other Brits hang out. I'm not really interested in the club scene (unless there's some good oldies playing) & pixelated porn (imho) is a waste of computer resources. So .... if you know of a place to chill, or indeed if you own a place that is frequented by Brits ... please either let me know here ... or if it's a secret, you could always drop me some cryptic clues to my IM box inworld :smileyvery-happy: Look forward to hearing from you :smileyhappy:
  11. Vogt Linden wrote: The new platform integrates Blogs, Forums, Answers, and the Knowledge Base into one powerful integrated system Translation: If one thing goes horribly wrong ... it's all knackered
  12. As customers, your satisfaction and input is critical to the success of Second Life. Certainly hasn't appeared that way in the past. There have been many times your customers have said ... please do not do this ... or please do not do that ..... only for the flavour of the month to be pushed through regardless. Our goal is not only to listen and acknowledge your feedback and ideas, but also to work more collaboratively to help build a better Second Life experience for the common good. I guess we'll just have to wait & see. although i can already hear the calls of ... heard it all befor
  13. Thank you Tolya. Knew it had to be something ridiculously easy
  14. Hi all, I think i've broken something ..... Does anyone know how to turn on (yes ... on) the thing (technical term) where you get group notices sent to your email address ? I have somehow managed to turn it off, but am now looking to turn it back on (and i forgot how i turned it off in the first place) Any help will be gratefully received
  15. preaching to the choir here. instead of adding new problems (sorry ... "features"), why not work on the existing problems. A recent blog statement revealed that LL are finally going to be sorting out chat lag ... i'm sure if they concentrated on that instead of new toys, they would have it sorted out sooner than their predicted early 2011 forecast. link for clarity http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/10/14/back-to-basics-technology-improvements
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