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    Viewer release issues for 5/31/2018

    I was able to solve the crashing issue on my one computer by reverting to a windows restore point dated before the versersion was installed. On the computer where the viewer was freezing up, I used the process of deleting the downloads folder mentioned by Kyle Linden above (thanks Kyle). In both cases the viewer installs the latest viewer at launch and everything works out fine from there on. Hopes this helps someone who might still be dealing with the loop issue.
  2. ExploreCAT

    Viewer release issues for 5/31/2018

    I too have a 64 bit system and the viewer crashes since the update. I've reinstalled and the uninstalled and reinstalled but the same problem continues...it doesn't even login before crashing. On my other 64 bit computer the viewer does work and I am able to login, but it continually freezes. When I try to contact premium support I get an error message: "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log.