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  1. I interested in "full" from parcel point of view ) Just I need to check avi by sensor for specific attachment, but sometimes its too fast and return a wrong result because attachments not loaded yet when sensor work.
  2. Hello! Is there a way to check avatar fully loaded in the parcel after teleport? Full - I mean with all attachments.
  3. Thank you for your answers! Yea, I choose wrong term. I mean another object. For example, I would like the ring on my finger, knew my owners from collar on my neck. Without modification of collar code.
  4. But link_message means i cant get it if my script in another prim?
  5. Hello! How I can read for using in my script a lists of my Owners and Trusted, added via OpenCollar?
  6. Thanks for this trick with to switch a state! Nice and simple idea ) No matter distance, because prim attached to avi. Finally, I save handles of open listeners in the list and read it for dialog what i need.
  7. Thanks! I thought about this way, but decide to keep it as a last means if I cant find another.
  8. Hello! I want make for my project an access control based on dialog. When someone to touch an attached prim, owner will see confirmation window and can grant permissions for do something or deny it by simple clicking Ok or Cancel button. Its easy for one user: integer Handle; integer Channel; openMenu(key id, string text, list buttons){ Channel = (integer)llFrand(DEBUG_CHANNEL)*-1; Handle = llListen(Channel, "", id, ""); llDialog(id, text, buttons, Channel); llSetTimerEvent(90.0); } closeMenu(){ llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(Handle); } default{ touch_start(integer num_detected) { openMenu(llGetOwner(), "Don't ask, just click Ok button", ["Ok", "Cancel"]); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "Ok"){ llOwnerSay("Hello!"); closeMenu(); } else if (message == "Cancel"){ closeMenu(); } } timer(){ closeMenu(); } } Problem starts when another user (or users) touch this prim before owner react on first window... What the best way to do it? And i see another problem, if we will have a few listener open and waiting for owner reaction, we have only one timer, and can close only last listener by time-out.
  9. Thank you, Monti! I played around it, but Radegast can't start. Maybe in the next life I'll try it again, but now I closed this theme for me
  10. Hello! Anybody knows how to run Radegast on macOS? Latest version of this viewer to have a Mac/Linux pack, but no any instruction for installation. https://radegast.life/downloads/
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