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  1. That's a very odd sort of graphics glitch, if that's what it is. Your script isn't doing anything that involves changing textures or alpha. It's just resizing and moving things, so I can't see how your viewer is ever being put in a position of having to "remember" what a closed or open blind looks like. The only scripted changes are all handled by the servers. The only thing can imagine is that somehow that odd blind is being resized and moved when it's not supposed to be. There's nothing in your script that should do that, but did you by any chance have a test object nearby when you were
  2. Pssst It's Wednesday Yeah, rolling restarts on RC regions are scheduled for Wednesdays. In any case, this is part of routine maintenance. Welcome to SL.
  3. Sadly, this situation often has overtones of "blame the victim". Linden Lab really can't control what someone posts on a third party site, and can't use prior restraint to prevent someone from taking inappropriate photos. The best we can each do is to either be sure that we wear underwear or develop a thick skin about how much of our avatar is visible to the general public. It's our own "fault" if we don't take precautions to keep from being seen naked. I don't see much way around it. Personally, I have developed a thick skin over the years, but that's a personal decision. YMMV
  4. I don't see anything inherently wrong with the script ... at least nothing that would cause that odd behavior. Unless you are planning to be able to open the blinds individually (in which case, you will put a separate script in each set of blinds and will control them separately with "open" and "close" messages on different channels), it would be more efficient to link them all to the house and use one script to open/close them all at once. To do that, you'll first need to grab their link numbers in state_entry and then you'll need to modify your two user-defined functions to loop through al
  5. Open your editor (CTRL + 3) and left click on the scripted object (or simply right click on the object and select EDIT). Then open the Contents tab and locate the script. DOuble click to open it. Then ... Click that little box that says RUNNING. EDIT: You could also select the object and then select Edit >> Scripts >> Set Scripts To Running from the menu bar at the top of your viewer screen EDIT yet again: Please note that you cannot set a script to running while it is in your inventory. It has to be in an object, so rez a cube first and then drop it in (or
  6. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_HUDs
  7. You're not the only one. In Horizons Polaris http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Polaris/146/133/23
  8. default { state_entry() { integer random_number = 1 + (integer)llFrand(20.0); llSay(0, (string) random_number); } } That's about as simple a beginner script as you can ask for.
  9. I arrived early in 2007, went through Orientation Island, and then somehow ended up magically at a Japanese bus station. I must have clicked something. I have no idea. I do remember that it was quite a surprise, because I hadn't considered the possibility of teleporting. I logged out and logged back in again, expecting to be back at Orientation Island, but was still at the Japanese bus station. It took me quite a bit of experimentation to discover how to teleport on purpose, and then a bit longer to figure out how to predict where I would end up. Once I did that, I looked for a library,
  10. That's not what Rolig Loon said. I never said anything at all about compression, so don't goad me into a fight with my friend Lindal. 😉 Read my post. The original question didn't ask about it either. I suspect that very few people upload images files as JPEG2000, because there's no particular advantage to doing that. The system will automatically reconvert the format anyway, so you don't gain anything by getting there first. Now, JPEG and JPEG2000 are lossy formats, so the automatic conversion from other formats will result in some compression. The whole idea behind those
  11. I agree. In fact, I feel the same way about hearing a person's RL voice. I have a mental image of each person I meet in SL. My mind fills in characteristics that the person's avatar appearance does not provide, much the same way that my mind fills in characteristics of characters in novels i read. I "know" what each person sounds like, and it's terribly jarring to hear a completely different voice than the one my mind created for someone. It's like suddenly learning that Snow White's voice really sounds like Donald Duck. For that reason, I avoid ever using Voice in SL unless I have absol
  12. I'm glad everything's settled. As Lil says, you can't delete a post. In fact, we strongly discourage you from trying to edit it out of existence too. You never know how many other people may later have exactly the same question and can benefit from yours.
  13. See the second check box at the top in this image from Preferences? Check it to use WASD for movement.
  14. I doubt that your "ruined" avatar is preventing you from entering SL. The servers and your viewer do not care which body you are using when you try to log in. I suggest: 1. Try to log in to a different region in SL. 2. Download and install a different viewer. Then try to log in with the new one. (Try the Radegast viewer , which does not download any graphics information at all. Because it does not even try to display your avatar, you will not be able to see anything in SL, but you should at least be able to log in.) 3. If you can log in, detach the Maitreya body and start again.
  15. Not only do you have PIOF, you have used it at least once, so your status in the system is PIU . Don't worry about it. You know that you have a registered payment method, and any script that asks can verify that (as I just did), so you're fine.
  16. Congratulations. You have discovered Bake Fail, a reasonably common annoyance that strikes us all from time to time. Here's the cure ... https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail Almost all the time, the suggestions in that wiki page take care of the problem. If yours persists, come back here and tell us. We can recommend more severe measures.
  17. Here's how .... https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using . Quite a lot of people use the free Google DNS servers, which are the focus on that site, but you can follow those instructions for installing others like the ones that Nick mentioned. You don;t need to remove anything that is currently in your router. Just add the new addresses.
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