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  1. I used to know a sim that would let you cross travel many sims on SL through waters. However, that was many years ago, so I ask everyone reading this, is there a sim or starting location that will allow me to rezz a yacht or something onto water and drive that yacht through the water and cross travel through lots of sims? Maybe even park?
  2. I don’t care for 3D. All I want is just a app to IM people online. However it is cool you are working on 3D. All I wish is for a app to run in the background on iPhone without logging you off, to check and send IMs. Inventory for is good too. I remember downloading speedlight previously when I had a android and seen boxes for avatars. So I can say at least you are trying compared to MetaChat which seems like it has been the same for many years now. Either way, hopefully your app gets better before the lindens put out their version.
  3. Speedlight on iPhone is over $23 dollars to buy the app. Also I tested it when it was free and it’s the most buggy and awful app for second life mobile. Complete garbage and crashes and also the reviews all agree. MetaChat is somewhat ok tho it still force closes and freezes up as it has been for many years now. Sparkle was the only good SL app for iPhone. Going back to speedlight, 23 dollars wow, wonder what made these developers think jacking it up that high is a good idea? No one is going to buy it. I miss Sparkle. Hopefully the lindens speak soon on the companion app progress, I hope we
  4. Let’s talk SL mobile for iPhone. MetaChat has long been bad and not very good, however Android has had Lumyia for many years and you can still get it today although it’s off the App Store. I was following the updates for mobile but where do we stand? Is there a chance Linden Labs will put out an app this year? I heard they submitted an app to Apple store and got declined and then had to change things but that was over a year ago at this juncture. I wished we could have an official word from the Lindens on when we can get the companion app. Any ideas? Is there anything other than MetaChat for
  5. ipiccy.com for sure, 100% is my favorite. It’s very fast and very easy to turn a average photo into a spectacular photo. Just go there and try it out, it’s real easy. Also the website you can green screen, mask, add texts, and other advanced things and again it’s made easy. Other than that, I like photoshop
  6. Ambient music. Lots and lots of ambient music, check out the album from stars of the lid called stars of the lid and their refinement of the decline. It is amazing. I also love Dive by Tycho. I been listening to new but older rap music and have began writing lyrics myself. I am slowly feeling the creative juices and might make more tracks and instrumentals for my SoundCloud with the help of looperman.com
  7. I am currently writing some rap lyrics to turn into a small track. Been listening to instrumentals and ambient music lately and just picked up on listening to atmosphere which is the final spark for me to get creative and write. So currently at work and thinking up lyrics to finish this track although a friend might help. I am off today on Sunday so I wanna be productive.
  8. Linden lab isn’t good at design. Look at sansar, look how long it’s taken them to produce a phone app which still hasn’t been approved by Apple to go into Apple store. It should come as no surprise, they have bad developers and it’s only going to get worse once the new company that has bought LL out puts their mark on SL.
  9. Would prefer SL/RL. Looking for a female who is 30+ years old, 40s can be ok. About me, age 30. Likes games, movie watching together, talks a lot, makes movies, takes photos, can play everyday, eastern time which ism SL+3. Looking for something serious and would appreciate any IMs that come my way. Some photos of my avatar. I am looking to date, message WinTrain Resident please My flickr videos https://www.flickr.com/photos/184301006@N02/
  10. Well, worse case scenario... They shut down Secondlife within the next 10 years, and all the creators, and users go to Avination or some other virtual world that will be around.
  11. For Christ sake, It's getting shorter!!! Damn it Linden Labs get your game together, she's waiting naked on my bed right now.
  12. Same here, issue logging in, and grid status has nothing on this issue.
  13. They never put out quick enough in RP. No bam thank you mams, just a lot of wall text for an hour and no put out. This is why the RP sims all die.
  14. Want to edit a photo easily? Just go to Ipiccy.com and upload a photo and play with the effects! I recommend Orton effect:) Go to world>Environment and choose a sky setting preset to get a good sky setting, take a photo, then go to the above website I suggested and work. Should take only 5 minutes to get a good edit in, or less if you have a favorite effect you always turn to just like me.
  15. Yes, I'm showing support. I created a BLM tattoo for mesh heads using a OMEGA applier. Reasoning? Since there are a lot of brainwash sheep in this world, they might buy this tattoo for this one narrative, one sided race baiting, attention grabbing, tension rising agenda by the left, and democrats. More whites are killed by cops every year. That's a statistical study that was done 2015-2016.
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