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  1. Not all water can be navigable, and not all navigable waterways can be navigated by all boats... but we try to make them reasonable for the size that they are. These waterways are good for small boats, canoes, rowboats, etc. (We once saw a battleship rezzed out in one of the tiny rivers and just sat there for a while thinking, "Really?!?!?")
  2. That's our new experimental theme: "Giant Rat Nest" Complete with droppings of enormous size for added realism.
  3. We considered that... for about half a minute. First we'd have to relocate the residents who still have homes there. Then we'd have to remove all the old houses, parceling, trees and everything else. Then there are all the behind the scenes things complications like removing the parcels from the LH assignment system, scripts that rely on the ssp region naming conventions... the list goes on. All just so we could get to the same starting point of having a new blank region.
  4. Whether we release them as they are done or in a bulk release the time it takes to build them doesn't change. Everyone just ends up waiting longer while completed regions sit there empty and waiting to all go at once, which doesn't make sense if you think about it. Doing them all at once doesn't increase your chances as much as it puts all your chances for an entire month (or more) in one tiny little window you can miss just as easily.
  5. Yes and no... but that is all I'm going to say about that. What I will say is that we are refining and improving our techniques and practices as we go.
  6. I don't owe you an explanation why we are not doing something the way you think we should be doing it. But when you post or say things publicly that seem intent on implying we do not know what we are doing, then I will correct you on that. This isn't an argument. It's not even a conversation. You're not a victim here. We've asked residents to let us work in peace and not be a disruptive influence in the work areas. Nearly everyone has done just that and we appreciate it very much. What isn't appreciated is someone hovering around us to take pictures of us working and posting them in order to lob yet another complaint that we haven't stopped everything we are doing to address their pet issue to their immediate satisfaction. If that is going to become a disruptive influence to our process, we can remove access to those areas. You let us know something has a minor flaw. Good for you. We are aware of it and will take it from here, thank you.
  7. You seem to be pretty certain how and when things should be done for someone basing everything on guesses and assumptions. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice. Never assume stupidity when ignorance will suffice. Never assume ignorance when forgivable error will suffice. Never assume error when information you hadn't adequately accounted for will suffice. Therefore, never assume malice when information you hadn't adequately accounted for will suffice.
  8. The "pickles" may be the same shape on the map (roughly), but that doesn't mean they will look or feel the same by any means when you are actually there. They would if they were a direct clone of each other, but that is exactly what we want to avoid. Seeing an area on the map is very different from experiencing it in world. Elevation, content and terrain makes a world of difference. As far as the name, Evangeline Arcadia, if comes from a discussion when we came up with the idea of using those regions as a basis for more houseboats. Since the beginning people have said they think Bellisseria looks like a baby dragon sitting in a boot eating a pickle (although some think it's a hot dog). So we started calling the regions making up that island "the pickle". Originally we were going to take those blank terraformed regions and cut out the regions in the middle and just "squish" it together. Thus the name "Squishy Pickle" for the project. Instead, I gutted the center and terraformed it so more houseboats would fit inside, but by then the name had already stuck. So when Glam made the gorgeous beach-side concession stand we faux branded it "The Squishy Pickle Bar" to cement the name in SL lore forever. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
  9. Are regions named and restarted before they are released? Yes. Does a region being renamed and restarted mean they are ready or about to be released? Nope. 😁
  10. Perhaps I can explain the thinking behind the release strategy and people will understand better. Consider for a moment that (and I'm just pulling numbers out of my little metal butt for simplicity sake) whether we make 30 regions in a month and release them all at once or make one region a day, the end result is the same frequency. So what is the advantage of doing it this way? For one, it put out homes and gets them into resident's hands as soon as they are ready. Also, it is in a constant flow instead of large chunks all at once. So instead of a mad rush Black Friday Sale style release, it is more like "The bakery that makes the world best baguettes runs out quickly, but at least you don't have to wait until next month. Come back the next day or the day after." The other part is that it allows us to work in a production line sort of workflow, which is all about the process. Once you get the process flow working and working right, speed and efficiency will increase naturally. The more you do something, the faster and more efficient you will become. We can identify bottlenecks in the process quickly and address them accordingly. All of which will hopefully lead to an increase in the speed in which we can release new homes to residents. Yes, they will still go quickly. That will be true until we can get enough of them available to meet demand. It's all about tailoring our process to better achieve that.
  11. At takes many weeks or months of work to make and release our houses. We do read and listen to comments. Often the things suggested are either something we already have planned but can't say or something we considered but abandoned for one reason or another. And sometimes it something we hadn't thought about and we give it some thought.
  12. Right. That might work on your spot, but another spot they would want to rotate it the other way... or all the way around to the other side. So we have to account for all those possibilities. Do we put docks around the entire parcel? That wouldn't work either. That is why (as I said) it gets very complicated very quickly
  13. If we gave residents the option of rotating their houseboats, this is what the end result will be in many cases. And if the land where the center of the root is near the shore it could push the boat up out of the water when it rezzes. And if they rotate it in a way that it tries to rez with the center of the root in an adjacent region... well, that won't be good. So even as an option, it would still require reworking all of the houseboat regions... and in some cases there may not even be a workable solution.
  14. Exactly. If Karl had a parcel where the neighbor and the open water were reversed, his dilemma would be reversed as well. At least in either case, he has two options that face the direction he finds more desirable. It's a matter of weighing your options and finding a compromise between which style you prefer considering the direction it faces in that location.
  15. Long ago, before any homes were even released, we considered a system that allowed residents to rotate and even move their homes on their parcel. Here are the problems we found: It's very simple to move or rotate a house on your own land. You are the owner. You just edit it, grab a handle and pull. But Linden Homes are not owned by you and don't count against your Land Impact. They do this by keeping the center of the root in the linkset over our land, not yours. You rez them from a rezzer owned by us. For that system to work, it requires that the center of the root in the house linkset must always: -be over land owned by the Governor and set to LDPW. -be in the same region -not be below grade It also must: -place the house where there is at least one clear point of entry -place the house where there are no tree branches inside the home. When we thought about this idea we quickly realized giving rotation or movement options complicated things greatly. In many cases moving or rotating the home broke one of these conditions. We already had dozens of regions laid out and built. Adding this feature would require essentially redoing most of them. In addition to that, we would also have to test each and every parcel for every possible condition. This would roughly double or even triple our necessary QA time due to the sheer number of possible configurations. It was decided that while this feature would be nice to have, the rework required coupled with restrictions on how parcels could be oriented and a massive increase in QA constituted a cost that did not exceed the benefit. As far as houseboats go, houses require an unencumbered access point no matter which model you choose and it is essential that we have a set standard for where a house rezzes so we can built to that standard accordingly. In the case of houseboats the doors were not always in the same location or on the same side. This meant they had to be surrounded by docks on three sides and a standard configuration adopted that made sense in a majority of cases. So in some cases certain houses will have better "views" for a location than a different model. In a different location, that situation will be reversed. And these are always subjective. One person may prefer the windows face outward and not care about access to the open water. Another person may have a preference completely the opposite. We went with a standard that tried to accommodate as many of those various preferences as possible, even if it meant choosing a different model house to achieve it. So in answer to answer the question "Can you give us the ability to rotate our houseboats?" the answer has to be "Unfortunately, no. We cannot."
  16. If you'd like to come to the area Marianne pointed toward you can watch us in the process of building new Linden Homes regions and see for yourself. (All we ask is that residents give us room to work unencumbered and without interruption).
  17. Those green boxes are what we use as a guide when planting trees. As long as the trees do not intersect that box, we know whichever house people choose they won't end up with a branch in their bedroom or something.
  18. The underlying question is and will always be, "Is the person hosting it making money off of it?" With something like 7 Seas you could have the server to fish, but could not have the vendors selling items for L$ (since I understand the owner gets a percentage). If you normally use it just to buy your own bait you could rez it, buy your bait and then remove it... or just go to the nearest place to buy your bait. But you couldn't leave it out for others to buy from or send them to where they would buy their own bait or upgrades. They would have to find that for themselves.
  19. The Linden Homes Covenant does not allow for changes to the landscaping for a two very important reasons. First is Land Impact. We only have so much we can use to decorate around parcels. In many regions if we added a fence we would only be able to do that by removing content someplace else in the region first. Second, if we started modifying the landscaping at residents request we would quickly become overwhelmed and doing nothing all day but moving hedges and fences and things. We realized some people might appreciate a fence or some hedges that do not count against their LI while some may not. The thinking is once we have enough homes in circulation there will be a surplus for residents to try for a parcel more tailored to their liking.
  20. The answer is: It is a legacy feature that was added when the first Linden Homes were launched way back in the day. People were indeed abandoning and trying again over and over to get a specific house in a specific location. The practice was overloading the system, so the 5 times per 24 hours limitation was implemented.
  21. Once a region has been released to residents for occupancy, it cannot be cloned to again. It would revert to the saved state of the clone. All of the changes to the live region since it was released would be lost.
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