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  1. They aren't free LI, but they are low LI. Only 1LI per box and I'm pretty sure that goes down if you link them.
  2. The window boxes are separate and will be part of the content pack available in the mailbox. So you can make your own arrangements
  3. No apologies are necessary. It just goes to show how something that seems simple often it really not simple at all. And while the length of the poles would not have any effect on the house rezzing, it would have an effect on the LI of the house itself. Part of the calculation of the LI of a mesh object is it's size, and making the legs extremely long on all the houses (something you won't generally see because it is buried underground) means the house would have to shed some complexity someplace else (which you would always see) to make up for the increased LI.
  4. If you mean change the mesh of all the stilt houses, send them all back through QA for the mesh, then QA again for the scripts to confirm they haven't been affected, then account for any LI limit changes and re-terraform all the parcels across nearly 200 regions, then QA all of the regions once again for the new terrain levels and all the content around them... Yes. It would. Actually changing the mesh of the houses to make the stilts longer would probably not take long, but everything that change would affect would require many months of rework and delay any and all progress on future themes and releases.
  5. The depth of the water in a stilt home parcel won't be any deeper than the length of the stilts because they need to touch bottom. The depth of a houseboat parcel is affected by the length of the poles for the docks around them, which also need to touch bottom.
  6. Many people assume its a Fluke, but it's Knot Atoll. Most of the Moles have a pretty Good Humor, if you Getmah Drift.
  7. We try to to be heavy handed in enforcement of the covenant, but please... don't push things just to see where the line is. This biggest thing everyone overlooks in the covenant is looking to follow the letter of the law and ignoring the spirit. That spirit is embodied in one phrase in the covenant "out of consideration for your neighbors." I always encourage everyone in Bellisseria to think less about what they can or cannot do and more about what they should or should not do keeping in that spirit. If the question you are asking is "Yeah, it says I can't... but is that really enforced?" you are probably not thinking in the spirit of the covenant. When we came up with the covenant for Bellisseria we really looked at the most common complaints about mainland and if we could create an environment as an alternative that mitigated many of those. Things like zero warning security orbs, ban lines, visible boxes floating in the sky, disturbingly chaotic or even outright ugly or obnoxious builds souring the experience of everyone around them... these were all things we wanted not to have happen in Belli. So, to answer the OP's question... If we're not saying specifically that you cannot do something, don't take it as assumed you can or should to whatever level you desire. If you do, try to make it look nice and within theme out of consideration for your neighbors. Also keep in mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If it is eyesore your neighbors could complain and if they do, one of us Moles or the Lindens might be asked to look and see if it needs to be returned to you. None of us really want that.
  8. I know exactly how many stilt homes are on the map at the moment. And yes, they can be compared. 😁
  9. It's very simple really. A release is a very involved process with multiple things that all have to come together and work exactly as designed and intended. Any delay or problem with any of those pushes back the time when the actual release can happen. Even though we have done these before, each release tends to have something unique to it that has to be accounted for, or something comes up that wasn't expected. So in many ways, "Soonβ„’" applies to us as well. We don't know exactly when it will happen any more than you do. We have an idea when we want it to happen or even a rough idea when we plan to have it happen, but until we get right up to the point where everything is actually ready... our guess is as good as yours.
  10. I always recommend not reading too much into the map. Things will always look and feel very differently at ground level when viewed from in world scale and perspective, and that is really what matters most.
  11. You can't see it on the 2D map, but the land there rises very high and the water level of that lake is 60m higher than sea level. So a waterway would be a canyon and wouldn't be navigable anyway. 😒
  12. It looks even better in the proper windlight. (there are free flashlights available for anyone who wants one)
  13. Well... if we're going to but many many months of development and thousands of mole hours into making I theme, yeah... it kinda does. There is still a place where creativity reigns supreme and anyone can live in whatever pops their toaster (even a toaster). Mainland. 😁
  14. We sometimes temporarily use SSP regions for projects other than Linden Homes. It's easier than bringing up a new region in a new estate. And no, that is not for the next theme after stilts.
  15. The LDPW tries to build meshes to a high standard. We don't take shortcuts like sacrificing LOD so a huge tree turns into a jumbled triangle once you get more than 30m away to lower the LI for example. If it's going to be seen from 100m away it needs to look decent from 100m away, even at lower LODs. The same for houses and all our other objects. Yes, that tree is 119LI, but that is why you don't see more than 2 or 3 in a region and they are a featured focal point. Even if a staircase is 20LI... and you have say... 25 houses. That is 500LI, or in relative terms about 8-10% of our total LI budget for something that is not going to even be seen most of the time. And that is just for the staircases. It's a constant balancing act, weighing cost (Land Impact) to benefit (Visual Impact). Edit: It's the same thing residents do on their parcels. Weighing the look of a lawn decoration against how much of their LI it is costing. A bench you found might look grand, but if you need 20 of them and they are 10 LI a piece, that is a big factor. The difference is we look at it over a region and continental scope, not just a parcel.
  16. These are all wonderful ideas... and for the most part all ones we've considered at some point or even tested with full scale mock-ups of a region. Usually there is some mitigating factor that makes them less than feasible. There are some basic tenants of Linden Homes that can make a good idea for a home not a good idea for a Linden Home theme. -Parcels cannot touch or be within 4m of a region border -Parcels need to be a uniform shape so all of the house options will fit -Parcels all have to be 1024. Narrow parcels means it is long and skinny. It's very difficult to arrange enough parcels like that in a region and still have it look right over dozens of regions. -Enough common space needs to exist to support the LI of all the houses and deco content. Tall mostly false buildings with a single apartment would be hugely expensive simply due to size. How do they get to their apartment? Is there a stairwell and elevators for each home which means even more LI? -It needs to be scalable. How does a farm/rural theme work with 1024 parcels? So... the fields would have to be protected land. Building a region takes roughly the same time whether it has 2 houses on it or 20. At maybe half a dozen farmhouses in a region, and we need at least 5000 homes... *does the math and has smelling salts ready for when he shows Patch* -It needs to appeal to a broad audience. Underwater homes sounds cool, but how many people are actually willing to live in one? Those are just a few. There are many others. We do welcome the ideas though.
  17. You tell me http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firefly Ridge/242/2/49
  18. Yeah... some resident decided to get cheeky with changing the urls on the media screens... so they don't work as web browsers anymore. πŸ™„ The blue spacers mark off a 25m limit from the region border to our content, so boats can use it as a waterway. We are also adding in public boat rezzing zones along the way.
  19. Let's leave whether the practice should be allowed at all to another discussion some other time. Just know that for the purposes of THIS discussion, the use of such items in your Linden Home is not allowed.
  20. Any object that is consistently re-rezzing itself as a temp object (for whatever reason) is not allowed under the Covenant for the very reason stated: the constant rezzing of the object has a very significant impact on region performance. Edit: Not to be confused with an object the rezzes as temp only once and when requested. Those are ok. It is objects that re-rez over and over every minute or so on their own in an attempt to mimic permanence we are referring to.
  21. Just doing a quick fly through of regions looking for any objects named "security" it appears only maybe a quarter of residents have any security devices at all. Building it into the house would needlessly increase the numbers of scripts in the region, and many would still opt to use their own. I think it would send the message that "this is something you need, otherwise it wouldn't be there" leading to more people using security just because they think they are supposed to rather than because they've decided they want to. I'd rather have the idea of Bellisseria be that his is a welcoming community where you can have a security system, but you shouldn't have to.
  22. What you are describing is essentially a fence, just a transparent one. Fences are limited to 4m tall per the covenant.
  23. There is nothing stopping merchants from doing that now. Edit: By "that" I mean using that it is made to comply with the Covenant in Bellisseria and cannot be set in a way that breaks the covenant as a selling point.
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