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  1. That was always the bridge there. I temporarily rezzed a flat section to see if looked better but it didn't. Then I tested with the Mary Celeste because it's the tallest ship I know. I never tested with the flat bridge because it was nixed before I even got to that point, but the ship sails though with either version Edit: What I mean to say is, it's not that the ship would not physically fit under the bridge and be able to sail though, but that it looks better with the hump bridge for accommodating super tall rigged ships, which is important for that location.
  2. Watching Squishy Mole build rockfalls down the cliffs of SSPE2009, as Abnor turns big blue logo blocks into Stilt Homes, and Moonstruck cruises by occasionally tests road physics in her convertible.... 😉
  3. And ruin the surprise? 😱
  4. First Second rule of house hunting in SL going alllllll the way back to the beginning: "Never assume a void region will always be a void region" (sorry... the First rule is of course "Never get involved in a land war in Asia")
  5. There is variety within the theme of course, but in general they offer the most screening around parcels.
  6. Something to think about when choosing a theme is how much of a connection to the outside community you desire. One thing we wanted to do is avoid the penchant for residents to "wall in their gardens" like they often tend do on mainland. The Covenant is written in a way to dissuade people from building high walls and screens that detract from the overall feel of a community, but we also try to not give residents a reason to want to wall themselves into a prison of their own making by placing our own trees and visual breaks between homes where and as much as we can to break up direct sightlines between parcels. Trads are semi-private with hedges and things that help give a feeling of privacy. Houseboats not so much, but you are living in a marina, so it isn't something you would expect in that environment. Campers are meant to bring the feeling of being in a campground in a national forest. Victorians are a bit more open, but the view is generally pleasant and nostalgic. Log homes offer the most built in privacy with more trees and screening between parcels, taking advantage of views of mountain lakes where possible. Stilts are very open and geared toward open views of the surroundings (if privacy is what you want, a Stilt home is probably not for you). Chalets will be an amalgam of Traditionals, Victorians, and Logs with a more old world German/Bavarian taste. We try to give residents options. Each home theme is different, not just in the home itself but also the environment in which they are nestled in as well.
  7. "Residents must use one of the houses provided." -Linden Homes Covenant Linden Homes are kind of like defense lawyers. If you don't have one rezzed, one will be rezzed for you. 😉
  8. Gingir hit on the most important point. Context is everything.
  9. Yeah, if we had a nickel for every time we heard some say "My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who heard Patch say..." and we scratch our head and go "Um... that's actually not what he said." My advice is to give less credence to what anyone says someone else said and refer to official sources in writing; either in the wiki, the LH covenant, or an actual post in the forums from Patch himself. I know this topic has been discussed before, so it's probably worth doing a search to get it from the mouse's mouth.
  10. Actually I said the opposite. Most serious griefing objects will have that same work around, which is why locking scripts for everyone IMHO is more of an annoyance for visitors and members than a worthwhile security measure since you have to have the group tag active in order to run scripts on the parcel even if you are a member.
  11. The truth is there is not really a "default" setting, per sey. If there were it would be like when we release homes the first time. The parcel is set to allow scripts to run for everyone with build and object entry limited to group. Those settings do not reset when a parcel changes hands, so you are actually getting the land settings the way the previous occupant set them. Many residents seem to choose or have been conditioned to lock everything down on their parcel to themselves only (in an effort to counter griefing perhaps?). It's a good idea to limit build to yourself and a group or allow build and use autoreturn for things not in the group, but turning off scripts is probably the least effective method and most annoying for visitors.
  12. There are over 30 open water regions in a strip from Really Wet to Mellow Submarine. There aren't any around the outside because if/when we build more Stilt home regions, they will likely be placed there. And that is something to keep in mind that has always been true since the beginning of SL... If you are facing an "ocean view" of an empty space on the map, there are no guarantees that space will not be someday filled with something other than water.
  13. Boating was always a factor in the Stilt Homes design, with a focus on small or medium sized pleasure craft. It is one of the reasons we updated the covenant regarding objects extending outside of water parcels and why there are so many rezzing zones scattered throughout the area. Many of the pathways between houses can be fairly narrow, but we did try to make sure everyone with a parcel with a house on water has the ability to have a boat and be able to use it if they want. Those with a house on land shouldn't have to go more than a region or two away to find a place to rez a boat. The larger waterways will tend to happen where two of the 4, 6, 8, or 12 region "island" templates meet. It may take a little weaving between parcels to get to it, but eventually you can get to the larger bodies of water and even full sizes regions where you can sail to your hearts desire.
  14. There have always been a few very significant reason why we avoid announcing releases: 1. To avoid mass rushes of residents all attempting to secure houses or playing "Game of Homes" all at once, which tends to break things and overload systems. 2. If things do break or there are unforeseen complications (which often happens) it delays a release and those who anticipated the announced release are understandably upset. 3. It is fairest to all resident since no one has advanced knowledge of when a release may or may not happen, giving no one an unfair advantage.
  15. That's to do with the way LI is calculated base on how the physics of the mesh was uploaded, but it brings up another good point. Check the physics of the object linkset you create. Sometimes the linking/unlinking will change the physics of some of the links in your linksets and you'll find the bushes that had no physical shape before are suddenly keeping you from walking in your kitchen or the shadow prim on a rug is blocking your ability to walk up the stairs to the second floor. Edit: More specifically, if you link something that is set as phantom to something else that that is not, that linked object is no longer phantom. You will need to select those links in the linkset and set them as Physics Shape Type: None.
  16. Actually, anything that extends outside your parcel is technically against the covenant and subject to return. Also remember that reasonable is a relative term. Sometimes when we talk to a person who believes theirs is reasonable simply because (in their view) it isn't hurting anybody or blocking anything important (even though it may be) they will point to someone whose plants are just across the line and ask "How come they can do it and I can't?" There is also the consideration that when a new person gets their home who may not be aware of the covenant, they will see a parcel with things far outside the lines and assume it is allowed and perfectly natural to have decks or a dock or rocks or plants or any manner of things extending far outside their land into the surrounding water (a practice I have dubbed "landspreading" 😒) As far as enforcement goes, we understand many people may simply not be aware of the covenant (which is a big reason for my post, to raise awareness) and we like to give people the benefit of the doubt in most cases. Many people moving in over the holidays as also been a factor in being more lenient. If however, the practice becomes widespread and problematic more rigorous enforcement may become necessary. Please help spread the word and let people know that anything that extends outside their parcel could be returned without notice. 🙏
  17. Before anyone builds any decks, remember that if they extend past your parcel line they will be returned to you. "Any resident owned mesh or prim 'land' or other objects on Stilt water parcels must be completely within the borders of the parcel and not extend into waterways blocking or obscuring them in any fashion. This also applies to any vehicles parked or moored on the parcel as well as phantom objects such as rocks or surf. " -Linden Homes Covenant Edit: The posts at the corners are a visual guide. You can see your parcel boundaries by using the following keyboard shortcuts (toggle on/off): Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P = Show Parcel Lines Ctrl+Alt+Shift+7 = Hide Water
  18. Boardwalks and piers aren't meant for vehicle traffic. That is why they have posts blocking cars from driving on them from the roads. Wearables like bicycles should work, but most vehicles will have the same trouble you did.
  19. That is very beautiful. You may want to review the covenant regarding items extending outside your parcel though. The posts in the water mark the corners of your parcel. Anything that stick outside of your parcel is subject to being returned without warning. Edit : To see your actual parcel lines, pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P will toggle showing parcel lines on and off.
  20. I actually know nothing about the dashboard side of things. That's more a Patch question.
  21. Before you get too deep into any musings about suggestions, here are a few of the guiding parameters to keep in mind: 1024 parcels All parcel should be the same dimensions 20-25 parcels per region Parcel borders cannot touch each other Parcel border cannot touch a region border A parcel cannot encompass the center of a region Theme needs to appeal to a broad enough user base What does that mean? One thing it means is that any theme that relies on sweeping vistas for every home is probably not very feasible with 2 dozen parcels in a region. It also means urban environments are problematic because parcels cannot touch. Mountainous environments are complicated in achieving changes in elevation without significant space between parcels. Those are just but a few. In every theme we release there is always a new feature or design element that presents significant and often unintended consequences in our ability to meet both our requirements and your expectations. Even small feature ideas that seem simple on it's surface will have a ripple effect through the process that can essentially make a theme unworkable from a practicality standpoint. But by all means please keep giving us your suggestions, desires, thoughts and ideas. Most of the ones residents have presented so far have been bantered about in one form or another already, but we are paying attention. Just knowing what residents want is extremely helpful when we discuss the possibilities in weighing the pros and cons of what we can give them.
  22. The content packs for the old linden homes were only in a central locations. Putting them in the mailboxes makes it more convenient for residents living in those homes, but it means delivering the packs from a server. Limiting them to the mailboxes for that theme prevents the delivery server from being spammed and overloaded with requests from residents other than those living in those homes.
  23. Those are not ours. Please report objects like that if and when you find them please.
  24. The idea is that there will be alternate versions of the 4 homes with a more "open concept" design. Not completely wide open with all the interior divisions removed, but more like you would expect with an actual house where it had been remodeled at some point with a wall knocked down, some doorways opened, perhaps two small rooms turned into a master suite or the like. The exterior of the house is left unchanged. They will be chosen in the "mailbox" menu, so you'll have 8 options when you choose which house you want. Theoretically, you will be able to go from one home to that house's open concept version with the only thing that changes is the interior layout. Keep in mind the houses on the demo region are still WIP (work in progress) homes and may not 100% represent the final design.
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